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  1. Is it down to the type of people in Inverness? what i mean is from the outside looking in Inverness is beautiful location, Billionaire C.E.O's tend to move to the highlands, and Inverness has become sort of a mini London type so does the town lack a kind of close knit everyone knows everyone type of vibe, is it a little bit sterile? It's just something that really interests me because you get some towns with seemingly nothing going for it but through football you can see a buzzing proud bunch, Portmouth being one of first to come to mind, Leeds another,why do some towns have massive fan bases and some absolutely zero Blackburn won the prem and are always in and about the top flight, good set up nice stadium but the stands are empty, it baffles me
  2. LOL thank you i think i have that feeling it's what i was getting at that once the dust settles and the new wave have found their roots maybe in 10-20 years Inverness could be a power house, i know that sounds mental but apart from RC you have all of that catchment area to yourselves, ultra optimistic i know but just need to weather the storm, and it's a monsoon at the present lol
  3. Haha that's the pair, Harper and Mackay, Don't know if you lot are aware but there is a CB Morrison plays for Dunfirmline and ha been called up to U21s, Die hard Caley fan apparently need to keep n eye on him
  4. Thanks i will have a look at that. Yes it's not just scotland you notice that most nations outside the big league's seem to operate as a cyndicate where you have the one or two big fish who suck up all the talent and sell them abroad and thrive while everybody else struggle to exist. It is a bit like society in general i suppose where people moan and accept there lot but if every one banded together at once things probably could change but most can't be arsed, My point is that take Millwall for example, say what you want about them i get they aren't most peoples cup of tea, but as a club their natural is probably league 1 but they have always over achieved because there is a hardcore fanbase and mindset within the club that demand certain standard so fancy dan players who want an easy ride won't play for them because the fan won't stand for it, so it's an example of how the fans can literally drag a team on and have a close knit spirit, same as Portsmouth, everyone from there support pompey because that's where they're from and who they are whether in Prem or League 2, you don't get to pick and it's shameful. Heard a Cockney Liverpool fan on the radio saying 'us and 'we and it's just weird. Another question, the three hot prospects you have Roddy, the left back can't remember his name and Mckay. what do you think is their ceiling? Top end SPL? International?
  5. Hello folks i am from Bristol and take interest in different football cultures from around Europe, i find it a nice tonic from the Prem where everyteam and their fans are basically sellouts who are happy to go along with the circus so long as their team is profiting. I have delved into Italian,Spanish and few others because you find in those countries there is still a big sense of regional pride and they have strong vocal if smaller supporters and even the players they sign tend to be local and have the same mentality. So i started to look at Scotand and Inverness came on to my radar and i was imediately attracted to them, the main reason being that you are so far away from the rest of the teams geographically. You are not just representing a city but an entire region, i then googled the the stadium and thought it was really tidy with the sea behind a nice little backdrop, ive later learned it's in an industrial estate in no mans land with sub zero tempratures But then i delved deeper and read about the merger and how alot of the originals have never taken the new outfit so the club has lost a large portion of fans, also the atmosphere is dire although to be fair most outside the top 5 are not great, also been on a few general SPFL forums and the general consensus from other fans toward Inverness is indifference or at worst a plastic non club. After winning the Cup a couple of years ago and having a couple of really good seasons you would think that would galvanize the fan base but it seems to have withered a bit and that would alarm me. Inverness seems to be as a City a bit like the Club they have they seem to have had this really ambitious idea of rapid growth and alot of people from outside have moved there with no connection so maybe it will take 5 or 10 years to settle down for people to want to attatched to their new local cub, i don't know My question i this, do you ever see things changing? i mean as i said not just Inverness but everyone in the Highlands should count them as their team so in theory you have a huge pool of potential fan, same goes for players. What are the other main problems? is it the spit? is it a wealthy city so you have a Fulham situation where you are never going to get passionate hardcores? I am very interested to know Also the Liam Polworth thing was not cool, he was a really talented player who loved the team he should have been adored and your talisman but was hounded out it seems, it I just think on paper Inverness has so much potential it's like Naples in south taking on the establishment in the North, that should be your thing, sticking it to the South but when you have more Rangers fans than your own somethings not right, so fair play to the core how stick with your team it's not easy having an ugly wife but shows good character in my opinion, just need few more of you