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  1. Got my hopes up there, Thank you 👍
  2. Yeah there’s loads like that from all the games from Scottish cup 2016 run for hibs. After the real copy but no one is parting ha
  3. Thanks got there in the end!
  4. Still struggling, not giving up 😆 Must be someone of here who has one lying spare. We are in dignwall today, 0-0 half time! Hibs don’t travel up north well so not expecting much. Can’t believe the price of Ross county @ home 4/1 seemed massive Kind regards
  5. Yeah hard one to find, you never know. The demand is crazy from that season for us lot. Fingers crossed
  6. Hello, Been searching for the programme for this match to complete the set (hibs supporter) If anyone has one spare lying around in return would kindly donate a sum to your club or to this forum and cover postage costs etc Kind regards and all the best
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