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  1. Ace, thanks for the advice. I'll contact the club and see if we can sort anything out for a little walk around. I hope you're good start continues and we look forward to our visit.
  2. Hello! My name's Gareth and I'm a 32 year old Stockport County fan. I'm doing 8 days in Scotland for my partner's 30th birthday celebrations. We're stopping off in various places on the way, but basically heading up to Isle of Skye from Glasgow and then looping back down to Edinburgh. We're staying one night in Inverness on Tuesday 26th October and as luck has it you guys have a match. My missus will be having a quiet night in with our 10 month old lad, but I've got a footy mad 5 year old daughter who's joining me for the match. I regularly do home and away games following Cou
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