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    • www.footballtipsil.com ABOUT THE HOST Demoles – 39 – Tel Aviv   Demoles is a Big freak of the Minor leagues football in Israel. 7 years ago he started visiting Minor league venues. Following his cousin’s club. His cousin already retired. However, Demoles is still going on a weekly basis to minor league matches. He reads all the important news about these leagues. The combination of his knowledge about Israel football. in addition to his experience in Online Marketing and his passion for podcasts. Eventually, he formed this unique podcast. for these reasons, Football Tips From Israel is the best prediction site about Israeli football.   The best prediction site about Israeli football     The idea of the podcast “Football tips from Israel” is a Real-Time podcast that provides in each episode betting tips about the Israeli Football. We understand that the purpose of the podcast is to provide straight forward information and tips. For this reason, all the episodes are around 5 minutes long. In view of this, the listener can use the tips and the information to bet where it suites him. This podcast is for people from both genders that are 18 years old and above. All the Betting platforms that are mentioned in the episodes are regulated platforms only. Unique information The information that we provide is about Minor leagues that include 3rd and 4th divisions, Women football and even betting tips about 1st and 2nd divisions. Therefore, This is the main reason why this is one of the best prediction site about Israeli football. The information that we provide is unique information that you can not find on the Web. The Minor leagues and the women football in Israel have almost ZERO coverage on the web, and if there is a piece of information, it will be in Hebrew. We provide information about suspended players, injured players. We even provide information about changes in the manager position. Additionally, we take in our calculations on how the team performs in the last matches. In order that YOU will have more information to bet smarter. in the hope that you will have more chances to win.
    • And how many people are wearing face coverings over their mouths only with their noses uncovered! As Kingsmills says, the guidance is very clear. 
    • I'd say defence and possibly striker is what we need to prioritise first and foremost.  I'd still like to see some of the younger guys such as McGregor, Harper and Mackay get a shot in the first team
    • Robbie Deas appears to be a sound bit of business. 2 or 3 others needed in my opinion.  Wondering if Daniel MacKay can fill Walsh's boots? Was he played as a winger at Elgin?
    • Should be decent coming thro celtic youth ranks hopefully a good signing Robbo can pick defenders tbf