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  1. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    I was referring to the travel club losing a group of fans that would not use their bus, not the football club. I know now the truth of what happened. However I feel this is getting nowhere. We have similar view points on fan safety/travel concerns etc but can't agree on how it should have been handled.
  2. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    I take onboard what you have said, and if you check my comments I have not defended the actions of anyone on that bus, it's the reaction to it since and how the travel club have tried to hide behind D&E for banning folk from the bus, some of which they know fine well didn't do any damage. Anyway, nothing will change and they will have lost a group of fans now for good
  3. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Putting it on Facebook 10 minutes after I called you out on it 👍🏻
  4. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Don't recall seeing a bit in the paper saying he had banned them, I don't condone the mess but not exactly worthy of banning orders, perhaps all 30 of them broke the fan?
  5. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Facebook post says it takes effect from 9th. Which is it?
  6. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    This is nothing to do with what happened in the ground
  7. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    All I know is that over 30 people got banned by the travel club (not D&E) with no proof that single one of them caused the damage. For what it's worth I don't approve of driver abuse etc but very poorly handled imo
  8. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    How long will that last? Think my point is still valid, banning that many people cannot make good business sense.
  9. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Is this code for "we have banned 30+ members, so we need to make up for our self inflicted losses"?????