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  1. Apart from the fact that we won the commentator alone was worth the £10. Comedy gold.
  2. I am delighted to see Neil McCann coming in to help us out. Things can only get better.
  3. Great to be back. Brilliant performance by the whole team. Fantastic 3 points. Home to thaw out with a lovely Isle of Harris gin.
  4. Got a ticket. South Stand but I don’t care. pure dead brilliant. Cmon Inverness.
  5. As football has been suspended until further notice there will be no buses running. Stay safe everyone.
  6. Arbroath on 14th is our last away game before Cup Final. Book through Facebook or on 07462218717
  7. Not at the moment unless we get enough bookings to cover the cost.
  8. We are already taking bookings for Challenge Cup Final on 28th March. If you want to secure your seat then book through Facebook or on 07462218717
  9. Sorry have I missed something but I don’t think this has anything to do with hating Rangers. An incompetent referee made a totally incorrect decision and this was compounded by an incompetent SFA appointed panel who agreed with the referee. Nothing to do with who we were playing. Hopefully all will be well and justice will prevail.
  10. Scottish Cup Quarter Final now taking place on Friday 28th February 7.45pm. Supporters bus will leave Caley Club 2.45pm and stadium 3.00pm. Book through Facebook or on 07462218717
  11. Two night time away fixtures. Dundee United Friday 21st and Dunfermline Tuesday 25th February. Buses leaving Caley Club 2.30pm, Stadium 2.45pm, Caley Club 3pm, Stadium 3.15pm respectively. Book through Facebook or on 07462218717.
  12. Apart from our one goal the best bits of the day were Peat and Diesel pre match and at half time.
  13. Next buses Alloa 18 and Ayr 25 Jan. Book early to avoid disappointment. Either on Facebook or on 07462218717
  14. Dundee bus on 4th January is free for Supporters Travel Club members. Book early to avoid disappointment.
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