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  1. Hearach

    ICT Travel Club

    We will be in stadium car park today selling raffle tickets for Belladrum. Also taking bookings for Cowdenbeath and Hearts buses as well as completing memberships for 2018/19 season.
  2. Hearach

    Music for the team to run out too

    As long as it’s not that Titanium crap.
  3. Hearach

    ICT Travel Club

    Cheers Rig. Sorted now.
  4. Hearach

    ICT Travel Club

    Fares for coming season £10 under 16s £15 concession £20 all others There will be special offers for Travel Club members throughout the season.
  5. Hearach

    ICT Travel Club

    Cowdenbeath bus 15.45 Caley Club 16.00 Stadium. Hearts bus 10.45 Caley Club 11.00 Stadium
  6. Hearach

    ICT Travel Club

    Buses for Cowdenbeath 17/7 and Hearts 29/7 booked. Departure times to be confirmed. Book through Facebook or on 07462218717
  7. Hearach

    ICT Travel Club

    We will have a table at the stadium on 10th June selling our raffle tickets for Belladrum, renewing memberships and taking bookings for buses for League Cup away games. The games will be announced on 4th June and buses will be booked immediately. Hope to see you there.
  8. Our Annual General Meeting will take place on 19th July 2018 at 7pm in the Caley Club.
  9. Hearach

    Special General Meeting - Rescheduled date

    No longer relevant thanks to Italian air traffic controllers. My friend will now be attending the meeting.
  10. Hearach

    Special General Meeting - Rescheduled date

    A friend of mine may be away on date of meeting. She asked CJT for proxy form and was advised it would be sent. She has texted me her proxy vote as requested paperwork not received. Will this be acceptable?
  11. Hearach

    Robertson Out

    Or Mrs Miggins pies even. So Robbo is staying then. End of discussion.
  12. Hearach

    James Vincent Interview

    Very interesting interview. He has certainly had an interesting career so far.
  13. Hearach

    ICT Travel Club

    We are running second bus for Morton. Limited seats left. Text 07462218717 with names and preferred pick up point
  14. Hearach

    ICT Travel Club

    Yes we do courtesy of Hastie & Dyce, one of our generous sponsors.
  15. Hearach

    Special General Meeting

    Thanks for that Davie. Just don’t want any confusion with Izzy (shortened or not!) the Vice Chair of Supporters Travel Club.