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  1. Bus for first league of the season at Tannadice 3/8 leaves Caley Club 0.30, Stadium 10.45. Book through Facebook or on 07462218717
  2. Betfred Cup Buses Peterhead 16/7 Caley Club 15.45, Stadium 16.00 Dundee 28/7 Caley Club 10.30, Stadium 10.45 Book through Facebook or on 07462218717 Fares £20 or under 16s £15
  3. What he said was entirely inaccurate. And money or lack of it had absolutely nothing to do with it. And I don’t think it is silly to defend against a post that is incorrect.
  4. Well said. if we won the league, the Scottish Cup and the League Cup there would still be people who would find something to moan about. CMON INVERNESS.
  5. see ICT Supporters Travel Club page for real story.
  6. it's not that D & E won't give another bus. they have bent over backwards to help out. Their drivers are fully booked on Saturday and as we would be late back on Saturday they simply can't provide a driver. They are providing a 61 seater. We are disappointed we can't take more fans down. However it makes a pleasant change for us to have a full bus. And we look forward to more bookings for the final and for next season when we visit Aberdeen, Glasgow Motherwell etc.
  7. Bus to Tannadice leaves Caley Club 2.45pm, Stadium 3.00pm. Book through Facebook or on 07462218717. Or pop in to see us in Sports Bar on Tuesday night.
  8. Too little effort. Only turned up in last ten minutes. And Nathan Austin should take a long hard look at himself ranting at Anthony McDonald the way he did. Gone down in my estimation.
  9. Tuesday night against Morton very important game in our season. Bus leaves Caley Club 1.30, Stadium 1.45 with pick ups in Aviemore and Pitlochry. Book through Facebook or on 07462218717
  10. There are 7 buses leaving at 7.30. The 8th is leaving at 7. If you text us on 07462218717 we can tell you which bus you are on.
  11. All our stadium buses are leaving at 7.30 apart from one. Do you know which number bus you are on?
  12. Only seats left available for semi final are on bus leaving stadium at 7am. Book through Facebook or on 07462218717
  13. We will be in Sports Bar as usual tonight pre match. So if you haven’t booked your bus pop in to see us. or contact us here ICT Supporters Club
  14. ICT Supporters Travel Club