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  1. Not my best visit to the granite city!

  2. Last game of the season,boohoo. 'Mon the Caley Jags!!

  3. Come on TB. Put us out of our misery!!

  4. Just found out BT Sport is free for all till Monday.....Bring on the Highland Derby. `Mon the Caley Jags!! :) :) :)

  5. Some things never change....the A9 is still frequented by plebs, my Granny still makes the best soup in the Highlands, Runrig still put on a concert that makes you jump about like a 20 year old and the Caley Jags are still top of the league!!

  6. As Fred MacAuley once said........Fuckin` Booooooooooo!! Cause sometimes boooooooooo`s just not enough!! :(

  7. Yuletide Felicitations to one and all. xx

  8. Cheated but not defeated!! The trebble is still on!!

  9. I'm cold and wet, got shin splint from walking too fast to catch my train. All in all......a fantasic night!! ‘Mon the Caley Jags!!!

  10. John Lewis Christmas thing on telly all night !!