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  1. Hope, that after the great start, that we stay top 6. Maybe need a striker or a midfielder on loan
  2. Summer football. If you want to play on the beach at Nairn!! Club pitches are ploughed fields from mid March at best and it's only due to the brilliant groundsman/women and the clubs that we can play till the end of May. The only exception to this would be Ross County!!
  3. Take the circumstances into consideration Terry. Poor night weather wise. Should be acclimatised by now!! (Spelling!!) Better quality footie on the telly, Champions League, and where we could be warm and refreshed at our leisure. Inverness does deserve ICT but things have gone pear shaped since the Barnsley offer. Fans are cash strapped , three aways in two weeks don't come cheap. We are trying hard to support the team but sometimes household finances dictate if we can go to a game or not.