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  1. Mark Ridgers speaking to the P&J Fans’ favourite Ridgers told The Press and Journal he feels he has played the waiting game long enough, but would still be willing to sign an 11th-hour deal to continue his stay with his hometown club. “However, no one approached me and some other players to just say: ‘We want to keep you, but don’t know yet what we can offer you’. You would then at least know where you stood. “The situation has dragged on and I now don’t have a club. No one from Caley Thistle has contacted me. “I have to make a decision based on what’s best for my family. If that means moving away, I will, but I am at a crossroads...
  2. How about one from Savage Gardiner, that might be appropriate...
  3. He will now be known as Carlisle Harper.
  4. Hopefully we can move forward now.
  5. Scot Gardiner has Resigned The Inverness Courier have revealed that Scot Gardiner has resigned as CEO of Inverness Caledonian Thistle, but remains at the club to work his notice and try to resolve issues after the clubs relegation. Maybe we can now move forward together as a club. Massive news coming out of the club (Inverness Courier) this morning. More to follow>>> Sandy Sutherland from the Wyness Shuffle posting on X: The damage done to the clubs reputation, finances, fanbase, community efforts, relationships within the town, recruitment and league status has all been pushed to the very edge and so much of that is on him. He should never be allowed into football again Achfary on CTO summarises thus: I'm surprised by posts saying 'fans/trust got what they wanted'. Over the last seven years, Graham Rae, Ross Morrison, Yvonne Crook, Scot Gardiner, Battery Farm rejection, Concert Company Ltd liquidation, Statkraft withdrawal, Kelty cancellation, Company House accounts overdue, Billy Dodds, John Robertson, Duncan Ferguson...and Ryan Christie having to buy footballs, it's the fans who get the bill because they expressed outrage alongside Duncan Shearer, Ryan Christie, Alan Savage, Roy MacGregor, Richard Gordon, Tom English, etc.? Don't distract from all that just because of a contrastive expression! ICT Supporters Trust statement: CLICK HERE Now more than ever does the club need everyone to stick together to move the club forward. If you are not already a member, joining the Trust is easy. CLICK HERE Membership is only £5 (£1 for Under 16s). Remember, the Trust is independent of the club, and has worked hard to ensure that the concerns of fans are heard and addressed. We have made good progress this season, and are grateful for everyone who has attended the successful Fans Meetings or contacted us with issues they wished us to raise. We will continue to work on behalf of our members.
  6. ??? ADMINISTRATION ??? The Board of Directors are in discussions with potential new investors into the club and remain hopeful of finding a new investor or new owners. However, in the circumstances we currently find ourselves in following the loss of the Statkraft contract at Caledonian Stadium which was worth 7 figures to the club and given the new financial position of the club, it is also prudent to approach a suitably qualified insolvency practitioner to advise on how we may proceed should our efforts to find new investment fall short. For clarity, on the football front, we have decided to remain training at Fort George for the foreseeable future. (can someone message Kelty to let them know) After all the cloak and dagger secrecy going on in the boardroom at Inverness Caledonian Thistle since relegation was confirmed on 18th of May, the club chose to have a three day media silence before Chairman Ross Morrison spoke, revealing nothing. Another three days passed before they announced this little gem and exclaimed their delight in a 'training deal' they had allegedly brokered with Kelty Hearts. This one stirred the fans somewhat more than being relegated. However, stubbornness and alienation knows no bounds and Scot Gardiner still lurks around the club, defiant til the end. Morrison then resigned his position on the 3rd of June, using the local press, citing his belief that the Kelty Hearts move was the only way forward. In keeping with the current trend, the official site has just given lip service to address some things, however, no mention of Morrison, Gardiner, player contracts, do we have a club etc etc. Their transparency is invisible. What an omnishambles! How can we go from SupercaleygoballisticCelticareatrocious in the year 2000, to Scottish Cup Winners in 2015, playing in Europe and just 9 years after lifting the Cup; Administration. Mismanagement and our demise was hastened by the appointment of Scot Gardiner. Ever since then, ludicrous decision making has seen our stock plummet whilst 'shady' dealings were investigated. The failed Concert Company, the Battery Storage, the Statkraft contract have all ended badly leaving the club facing insolvency. That's another fine mess you've got us into.
  7. Chairman Ross Morrison resigns Nothing official from the club as we speak, but the Inverness Courier are running with a story that Ross Morrison has resigned at 18:00 tonight 3rd June. More to come as this story develops, but most fans are looking for more heads to roll. Speaking exclusively to The Inverness Courier, Mr Morrison said he is leaving now because of the aftermath of the Fife move. “I believe it [the move to Fife] is the best way forward and I have to stick with my beliefs,” Mr Morrison said. “This is the reason I'm stepping down now.” Reflecting on his time with the Caley Thistle, Mr Morrison said: “My six-year tenure with the club has had some great and some not so great times but through everything I was immensely proud to be the chairman of the club and clubs I’ve supported for 50 years - I was a Jaggie by the way. “I would ask the fans to rally round the club at this time and show their support by not only purchasing their season tickets but also getting involved directly with the club to see how they can help. “Hearing fans saying they would prefer administration to training the first team in Kelty sent a shiver down my spine. Administration is a desperate thing to happen to a club and must, at all cost, not happen to ICTFC.”
  8. And the video is available on betamax from blockbuster
  9. Latest fan reaction to the Proposed move to the Kingdom of Keltydonia..... and this is how we we will get rid of the fans!
  10. Apologies but I have come down with a nasty bug since Friday and won't be able to attend in person. Unfortunately I cant attribute that to the CEO or Chairman, but if they were both to leave I'm sure I would feel much better. Register my disgust at how they are treating loyal fans, local businesses, sponsors, youth players, the City of Inverness and the Highlands. We are now a complete and utter laughing stock.
  11. Tranmere join the race for Cammy Harper Turns out Killie are favourites. Cannae blame him for jumping the sinking ship.
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