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  1. Ive been trying to get hold of an old home top for a while now with no luck. Just wondering is anyone has got any of the home tops between 1996 and 2004 that they would be willing to sell? Preferably in a medium or large 

  2. 1 hour ago, Moogthurso said:

    Sorry and i know i will take a lot of flack for this but talking about the issues does not deal with them. 

    We had 120 fans there and approximately 100 of them let this behaviour carry on.

    They did not personally challenge the behaviour, identify the individuals to police or stewards or get them kicked if the bus for the return trip. Fans were removed from the stadium were the ejected from the return bus or allowed back on?

    This is the equivalent to walking by a mugging as you dont want to get involved or watching a girl get plied with drink and not making sure she got home safely. 

    Responsibility means we have the ability to choose our response and not just observe and bitch afterwards. 

    Was at a game down south in 80s when a fan threw an object from amongst  about 400 people.  To a man everyone behind him pointed at him and identified him to the police. 

    The poor  behaviour is a breach of your personal standards and if you do not directly stand up to it at the time you become complicit. 


    Can i break the red card record with this post?

    why should other fans get involved when the police/stewards has already taken names of people that they believed to be causing trouble and ejected them from the stadium?

    I agree that people caught with smoke bombs should be punished accordingly but several posts on this site seem to be singling out fans just because of their age? just because someone is a certain age it doesn't mean they go to football to cause trouble. (That is more a general reply to a few posts I've seen on here)

    Also, I don't think leaving someone in Brechin (especially a child) would achieve anything. Two wrongs don't make a right

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  3. 1 hour ago, Caman said:

    As I stated in the Supporters Club thread, they should grow up. Their singing (mostly) is positive, but smoke flares etc is pathetic. Those who are known to be in amongst it should not be allowed on to the supporters bus in Inverness in the first place. The same numpties who were playing up at Dunfermline were in the thick of it again at Brechin from what I could see.  About six of them appear to be the main culprits. Stay at home, watch CBBC and burst your zits, instead of annoying us who just want to support our team. 

    Laughable that you stated that they should 'Grow up' when you went on to say 'stay at home, watch CBBC and burst your zits', a rather childish and condescending comment.

    however, I do agree regarding the smoke bombs, I don't think that the people that bring in smoke bombs realise how serious the punishments they could face are.

    what happened at Dunfermline? Wasn't at the game

  4. 11 minutes ago, ICTRoughi said:

    I have been reliably informed that the whole bus haven't been banned. As I previously said the number in the OP is over exaggerated. 

    well the text stated "we have decided to deny the right to travel on our bus to motherwell to all persons on bus 3" and when asked why the reply was "end of discussion "

  5. I was on bus 3 and I don't really know why 30 people were banned, there was singing on the way down and the driver complained about it and there was no singing the whole way back. anyway I don't really care I will just get the train to away games from now on.

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