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  1. Any decent pubs next to rugby park?
  2. Cheers, anyone recommend a good pub in Kilmarnock for pre match?
  3. Just wondering if anyone knows whether Kilmarnock will be giving us an away allocation for the game next week?
  4. Just wondering where everyone is heading pre match on Friday?
  5. Me and a couple of my mates are wanting to go to queen of the south away from Edinburgh (which is proving to be quite challenging) i was wondering if anyone else was heading from Edinburgh that could help? cheers
  6. Fair enough, it does seem that most people that have them aren’t willing to sell them which is fair enough given how hard they are to come across?
  7. I’ve had a look on eBay but they only tops on eBay are more recent tops than what I’m looking for.
  8. Ive been trying to get hold of an old home top for a while now with no luck. Just wondering is anyone has got any of the home tops between 1996 and 2004 that they would be willing to sell? Preferably in a medium or large
  9. why should other fans get involved when the police/stewards has already taken names of people that they believed to be causing trouble and ejected them from the stadium? I agree that people caught with smoke bombs should be punished accordingly but several posts on this site seem to be singling out fans just because of their age? just because someone is a certain age it doesn't mean they go to football to cause trouble. (That is more a general reply to a few posts I've seen on here) Also, I don't think leaving someone in Brechin (especially a child) would achieve anything. Two wrongs
  10. Laughable that you stated that they should 'Grow up' when you went on to say 'stay at home, watch CBBC and burst your zits', a rather childish and condescending comment. however, I do agree regarding the smoke bombs, I don't think that the people that bring in smoke bombs realise how serious the punishments they could face are. what happened at Dunfermline? Wasn't at the game
  11. well the text stated "we have decided to deny the right to travel on our bus to motherwell to all persons on bus 3" and when asked why the reply was "end of discussion "
  12. anyone willing to drive a minibus to away games earn a few quid and a free match ticket? or does anyone know anymore information about the gellions bus?
  13. I was on bus 3 and I don't really know why 30 people were banned, there was singing on the way down and the driver complained about it and there was no singing the whole way back. anyway I don't really care I will just get the train to away games from now on.
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