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  1. InvernessCT19

    Mckay to Fleetwood/Frankfurt/Fraserburgh?

    the bid from Frankfurt is around 200,000
  2. InvernessCT19


    how many people are on the bus to celtic so far?
  3. InvernessCT19

    Seats on bus available from Corrie

    how many seats are left?
  4. InvernessCT19

    The who wants to donate to an ICT flag

    so they're both 9m x 6m?
  5. InvernessCT19

    Cup Final Ticket Allocation

    I would hate Aberdeen to get the upper tier of LL. they will just throw stuff down on to us knowing Aberdeen fans!
  6. InvernessCT19

    Bus Capacity for League Cup Final

    very good to hear, hopefully some more buses are going.
  7. InvernessCT19

    10 buses to the final?

    I don't know anything about the organising of buses I was just wondering why they couldn't hire some from another bus company.
  8. InvernessCT19

    10 buses to the final?

    when county got to the final didn't they hire buses from stagecoach?
  9. InvernessCT19

    10 buses to the final?

    on CJT Facebook they said only 10 buses are going to the final? does anybody know why there is only 10 going?
  10. InvernessCT19

    Surfer flag design

    caleyD's design but different wording. something like inverness ct pride of the highlands or even just inverness caley thistle.
  11. InvernessCT19

    super caley flag

    does anyone know why this flag doesn't go to hardly any games any more? the only game I've seen it at was the abandoned derby. does anyone know the guy that owns it?
  12. InvernessCT19

    The who wants to donate to an ICT flag

    there is website where you can get much bigger flags way cheaper with a design of your choice.
  13. InvernessCT19

    How many could we take to the Final?

    maybe a card display instead of a big flag? they take a bit of organising but they look pretty could when pulled off and are probably a lot cheaper than a big flag
  14. InvernessCT19

    Final Display?

    red and blue stripes would look really good. the only thing is we would need people to volunteer, which would either mean going down quite early or staying over the night before... I'm sure if everyone chipped in it wouldn't be that hard to get the money for it.
  15. InvernessCT19

    Final Display?

    you always see teams that get to a final do these displays and most likely the sheep will have one. I think it would be a great idea if caley did one. if there was some collection and donations we could organize one surely. they do look pretty smart