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  1. rob5727

    IRN-BRU Cup official match programme

    Thanks for everyone who emailed me, I have one page left now if anyone is interested? Rob
  2. Hi it's Rob from Programmemaster here, we are producing the IRN-BRU Cup final programme We have a few pages left on the ICT side of the programme, if there are any schools / businesses out there who would be interested in promoting themselves in it, please contact me [email protected] or 020 7121 5033 and I will explain what we can offer you
  3. rob5727

    The Cup Final Official Matchday programme

    Hi only a few pages left now folks so hurry if you want to be in the programme
  4. rob5727

    The Cup Final Official Matchday programme

    Hi Just to let you all know that I am now down to my last few pages in the programme now
  5. Hi Rob Williams from the Scottish Football League SPFL here I am putting together the official programme for the Scottish League Cup Final 16th March I am offering the chance for any local businesses to promote themselves and give a good luck message to the boys in the official programme at the Final If you are interested in this opportunity please call me on 020 7121 5033 or email me at [email protected] for more information