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  1. Wow...didn't realise it would be such a difficult question! I only donate directly to charities themselves or via Just Giving/Official Sponsor Forms and not so much through third parties or by dropping money in a bucket. At least that way I can verify the legitimacy of the fundraiser/ing and ensure, where possible, they get the full benefit of things like Gift Aid. Ok let me put it like this; the Caley fans have not chosen a charity, the charities were chosen by the family of Moraig and myself. If you would like to donate to either of the charities then I'm sure you would be
  2. ***ATTENTION***ATTENTION***ATTENTION*** Due to unforseen circumstances, the match referee has had to pull out of Saturdays game. We are looking for a replacement. If you are a qualified Referee or have previously had referee experience, please get in touch with me ASAP. Thank you Scuba
  3. Charities selected: The Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Assosiation & The Inverness Diabetes Endowment Fund The monies received shall be split 50/50. If anyone wishes to contribute, please contact me via a Private Message. We have now received a sponsor for the INVERNESS CALEDONIAN THISTLE team.
  4. Hi folks, desperately require a sponsor for the Caley team.
  5. Much appreciated. No nerves were hit. Simply did not want this topic to turn into something un-charitable. Sponsorship still available: Team £100 Programme type 1 (company name) £20 Programme type 2 (company details; name, address, contact no) £40 Player £20 (your name or company name)
  6. There is no pay at the gate and yes there will be donation buckets.
  7. I believe so. I have been in contact with one of your fellow fans who has been given the task of selecting a team.
  8. Explain? Your avatar? My avatar is due to my support for both sides. As a child I was brought up supporting both teams not thinking that either would ever be playing in the same league. I would like to add that I did start this topic as a way of notifying Inverness fans of the charity game next month hoping that there would be much more of an interest and support for your own club. I would much appreciate it if you could keep any comments that have nothing to do with the match away from this topic please. I do not want it cluttered with inappropriate comments.
  9. Due to a number of reasons it has been kept in Dingwall. The main reason being overall cost. We will look at it being Inverness next year.
  10. Thank you for reminding me. The Charities are: The Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Association (PSPA) & The Inverness Diabetes Endowment Fund.
  11. Thanks very much 'TopSix', it is a shame that Caley will be away to Raith and Ross County are away to Elgin but it was the most preferred date between both sets of fans playing. I can only hope that any fans not traveling to Kirkaldy and Elgin will be willing to show their support for 2 great charities and turn up to cheers on their respective team. Last year was a great day and we would like to repeat that plus more.
  12. Moraig MacAngus Memorial Trophy 2014 Saturday 19 July 13:00 ko Jubilee Park, Dingwall The sponsor costs are as follows: Match £150 Team £100 Ball £75 Man of match £75 Programme type 1 (company name) £20 Programme type 2 (company details; name, address, contact no) £40 Player £20 (your name or company name) If anyone would like to sponsor any of the above, please PM me your choice. Please also spread the word about the match and sponsors. It would be great for a big turnout this year and plenty of support for both teams.
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