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  1. @ Kingsmills Everyone is entitled to their opinion. However you appear to have missed the point. Celtic was inundated with demands from supporters to provide an explanation wrt the incident. I personally believe that clubs even if they are ultimately owned by a Plc have a duty to respond to valid issues raised by their fans. Perhaps ICT fans don't raise issues with their club that they are unhappy about - if they don't then that's their decision and I have no comment to make on it. Some Celtic shareholders have been pursuing Res 12 which you may have heard of and that began wit
  2. I've been a Celtic supporter for almost 60 years and was at Sunday's Game and of course I was disappointed that we got beat and it does hurt to get so close to a Treble and not get it. But that feeling would have been the same if the incident involving Josh had never happened. I don't know a single Celtic supporter that want's to see him barred from the final. He should have been dealt with at the time and that might have seen him miss the final - who knows? But IMO the fact that every official was temporarily 'blind' at the crucial moment isn't good enough reason for the Compliance Of
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