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  1. Thanks, but I've checked the supplier's website before and it's been out of stock for a while. I'll try contacting the caley social club. Malcolm
  2. First post here ladies and gents, apologies for bringing this up, but I'm in search of the match programme for the Caley v Hibs game in the cup this year? As a long-suffering Hibee I hope you'll indulge me as I was at every round of our run and while I stopped collecting match programmes many years ago, I have managed to obtain a copy of all the matches EXCEPT the game I've referred to above. If anyone has a programme from the game, I'd dearly like to buy it from you; I'll pay a reasonable price, and I will of course cover the postage, plus stand you a drink or two next time Hibs and Caley' s paths cross. Thanks in expectation, Malcolm