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  1. Steve G

    St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    Do you honestly think any Professional Player would honestly sit out at any club by his own choice? OFW lost his Wales spot due to Robertson refusing to play him again while he's the manager, no player on this earth would purposely refuse to play knowing there International squad place could be at risk and especially with the World Cup around the corner. Be Realistic please fellow ICT Fans!!!!
  2. Steve G

    St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    Your very wide of the truth here I'm afraid. OFW hasn't refused to play at all it's the other way around John Robertson is refusing to play OFW and would rather keep leaking goals like the titanic than play OFW, the fact that JR hasn't given him a shirt this season, didn't want him on the Team Photo and also makes him train every day by himself points the unprofessional attitude in one direction and I'm afraid that's the manager. Hes on no where near £2k a week in fact there is Eastleigh players in the English National League currently playing in there first team on nearly double the amount OFW is currently on at ICT. If OFW had his way he would be playing and be giving 100% to the course to get this club back in the Premiership.