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  1. to save cross posting this in 2 forums each time, I have added a block on the right side of the page with a topic feed from the ST forum.
  2. Scotty: Kelty @ 2.20 CDN Girl: Airdrieonians @ 2.15 SOS: Raith @ 2.00
  3. Scotty HT: 0-0 FT: 0-1 1st Scorer ICT: Samuel 1st Scorer QP: Sheridan Crowd: 1705 CDN Girl HT: 0-1 FT: 0-2 1st Scorer ICT: Mckay 1st Scorer QP: Paton Crowd: 1977 SOS HT: 1-1 FT: 1-2 1st Scorer ICT: Duffy 1st Scorer QP: PAton Crowd: 1812
  4. I hope this initiative goes well and I have often called for shareholders to offer their proxies to the trust in recent times which is a little different to the current call. With 10% of their own voting rights and potentially a bunch of other small shareholdings proxied to the trust on an official basis, the voting right of the trust could be significantly increased to the point where, like it or not, a fan supported rep could be elected if not amicably agreed to be added (co-opted) to the board. As alluded to above, many power brokers at the club have not had significant personal shareholdings and in one case our chairman at the time had only 250 shares under his name like many of the most basic ICTFC shareholders! HOWEVER, I do have to say - as someone who tried this before - that the proof of the pudding will be when asking people to dip their hands in their pockets regularly. You reference Falkirk and Morton above and I think others have had similar schemes in place at one time or another. In Ian Broadfoot's first book, there is reference to a scheme I tried to start many years ago which was dubbed "Pay a Player" scheme. The general idea was to fund additional budget for Steve Paterson through supporter direct debits each month that went straight to the club, and to the manager's budget in a transparent fashion. This was at a time when we were in serious danger of bankruptcy due to stadium building costs and other debts. I got great feedback from everyone concerned, fans and club alike, I got accosted for more info almost every night I was out, but when it came to filling out those DD forms ... a lot less success. The scheme never officially got started in the end as while we were trying to make sure there would be transparency and SP would get the funds directly, David Sutherland came along and squirrelled away and reorganised all the debt. In a way I am happy it did not take off as I can never be sure if it would have worked spectacularly or have been a cluster**** of epic proportions! History at this point says I tried to do something, which is preferable to it saying I failed! From the info supplied, the focus seems to be on buying shares as far as I can see ... but I am not clear from the post above if another aim is to raise a specific amount for the club, potentially on a monthly basis, and have a say in how it is used. The two aims are separate and different, and the waters seem a little muddy in that post. A lack of clear goals is a surefire way for any project to drift from its initial focus and become messy and confusing. Are you saying the aim is to raise £10K per month from fans to buy shares and the club then get that £10K to go to playing budget? If so, how can you dictate those sorts of terms? It would be more likely to go towards the next hair-brained scheme if no framework for this entire plan was in place.
  5. Scotty HT: 0-0 FT: 1-0 1st Scorer ICT: Mckay 1st Scorer Arb: McKenna Crowd: 2112 CDN Girl HT: 1-0 FT: 2-0 1st Scorer ICT: Samuel 1st Scorer Arb: Dow Crowd: 2225 SOS HT: 1-1 FT: 2-1 1st Scorer ICT: Lawal 1st Scorer Arb: McIntosh Crowd: 1988
  6. Scotty: QOS @ 2.00 CDN Girl: Clyde @ 2.1 SOS: Dumbarton @ 2.25
  7. Sorry IHE, cant agree. I am sure there are lots of nuances, and blame for things can be spread around in multiple directions past and present, but the sad reality is that our club is in the worst situation it has ever been in. In the first 10 years or so we trended upwards, so-called "punching above our weight for a club of our size", reaching the Premiership almost in line with the timescale in the 10-year plan outlined by Dougie McGillvray and followed through by others who came along after him. In the next 10 we continued to trend mostly upwards with the odd blip as we reached our highest ever league position, won the cup, and qualified for Europe. Now we find ourselves literally falling off the edge of a cliff and headed for the third tier in the 9 years that have followed those highs. I hope we reach 30 but there has to be some serious doubt about that. If we go down, I don't see how we come back. DF may be a club man, and a legend to Evertonians or indeed to Tannadice and perhaps even Ibrox dwellers for his "fighting spirit" but there seems little of that in evidence at ICT recently. He inherited a shambles, tried to fix it with the aforementioned cheap loanees as the budget doesn't allow anything else, and its not working. Anyone earning a wage has been shipped out permanently or on loan and there is little to no team spirit that can create that "Dunkirk Spirit" you talk about. The buck for that stops with the manager even if the situation is not entirely of his own making. Off the field, it is impossible to like what we see there either. We seem arrogant and entitled in the extreme when it comes to dealing with everything, from fans to football, especially the concert debacle and, whether you support it or not, also the battery farm. We have done that debate to death, but the concert really hurt our reputation in the local business community. Trust is something you earn and we well and truly burnt that particular bridge regardless of who or what entity legally owned the concert company. As for the battery farm, it seems naive that we would slap our name on it, let ILI try to do the legwork and assume it would be passed simply because it had the ICT name. I can't criticise the club for trying to generate income streams or look for ways to supplement dwindling matchday revenues which have almost always fallen short of breaking even or making a profit unless we had an extended cup run, but we seem to lurch from one hair-brained eggs-in-one-basket scheme to another these days. The buck for that stops with the person in charge of the day to day running of ICT and that would be our CEO. The board do not get a pass either, but I do have to give them credit for constantly dipping into their pockets to keep us afloat ... none of us could do that, and in the absence of a sugar daddy like Uncle Roy, we do have to give them some credit for putting finances into the club. It would be easy to walk away if they didn't care. Perhaps someone there cares enough to do some straight talking to all these points and try to revive the #TogetherNess that we once felt in the ICT family.
  8. Scotty: Cove @ 1.75 CDN Girl: ICT @ 4.00 SOS: Dunfermline @ 1.75
  9. Scotty: HT: 0-0 FT: 0-1 1st Scorer ICT: Mckay 1st Scorer PT: Graham Crowd: 3113 CDN Girl HT: 1-1 FT: 2-1 1st Scorer ICT: Pepple 1st Scorer PT: Graham Crowd:3254 SOS HT: 0-1 FT: 1-1 1st Scorer ICT: Samuel 1st Scorer PT: Graham Crowd: 3333
  10. Scotty: ICT @ 2.15 CDN Girl: Partick @ 2.15 SOS: Raith @ 2.15
  11. Scotty HT: 0-0 FT: 1-0 1st Scorer ICT: Mckay 1st Scorer Ayr: Chalmers Crowd: 2024 CDN Girl HT: 1-0 FT: 3-2 1st Scorer ICT: Samuel 1st Scorer Ayr: Murphy Crowd: 2112 SOS HT: 1-1 FT: 2-1 1st Scorer ICT: Shaw 1st Scorer Ayr: Dowds Crowd: 1977
  12. Scotty: ICT @ 2.1 CDN Girl: Elgin @ 2.1 SOS: QOS @ 2.1
  13. Scotty: HT: 0-0 FT: 1-0 1st Scorer ICT: Samuel 1st Scorer Air: Todorov Crowd: 1899 CDN Girl HT: 1-0 FT: 2-1 1st Scorer ICT: Shaw 1st Scorer Air: Gallagher Crowd: 2102 SOS HT: 1-1 FT: 3-1 1st Scorer ICT: Mckay 1st Scorer Air: McCabe Crowd: 1955
  14. Guess the other guy goes by the name of Selháváme then?
  15. Scotty: HT: 0-0 FT: 1-1 1st Scorer ICT: Mckay 1st Scorer GM: Muirhead Crowd: 2102 CDN Girl: HT: 1-0 FT: 1-2 1st Scorer ICT: Shaw 1st Scorer GM: Oakley Crowd: 2222 SOS: HT: 1-1 FT: 1-1 1st Scorer ICT: Samuel 1st Scorer GM: Gillespie Crowd: 1988
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