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  1. Scotty

    New kit?

    yes, the Errea truck was great last year too ... we were able to pickup a strip for the little guy before we headed back to Canada. Are Errea treating us better or have they just got their act together ?
  2. Scotty


    His expression is also way cooler than anyone else in the picture .... you can almost see him thinking how 'assertive' he would be had he still been a player
  3. Scotty

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    Long term injured (achilles and then dislocated shoulder) and coming back with a point to prove .... provided we are giving ourselves a bit of an out clause so we dont have someone on the long term injury list if he gets crocked then that might be ok. As others have said .. young and upcoming players or those coming in with a point to prove are, and always have been our forte ...
  4. Scotty

    Special General Meeting - Rescheduled date

    I agree that it could get lost, but there are ways to make it prominent in the newest version. As you say, something for the elected board to decide after the next meeting. just putting it out there as an option. no skin off my nose either way.
  5. Scotty


    I think this is where we post this photo ...... but in all honesty ... He will always be a player that divides opinion within the support. Never going to be a club 'legend' but should certainly be remembered as a skillful and important player for us. I have no animosity towards him going to County (again) especially as football is a short career and he has to look after himself and his family first and foremost. If Roy is going to dig deeper than us then he would be foolish not to accept that. Thanks for what he did ... no move on with our own squad re-shaping.
  6. Scotty

    Special General Meeting - Rescheduled date

    Don/Laura/Whoever - as noted there are a growing number of threads ... Would it be prudent to add a CJT subforum or perhaps even a 'clubs' page which can have its own separate sub-site entirely (see here). This would keep things tidy and may have other benefits down the line with making forms or other documents available. The offer is there, if its of interest then we can work it into the summer upgrade plans.
  7. Scotty

    Fixture Information

    hopefully thats it fixed .... or at least its displaying now and the solution was relatively simple ! As part of the summertime upgrade we are in the process of moving all pages from http:// to https:// . The original page we pulled through from the stats domain was http:// and the secure pages on the main site would not display it.
  8. Scotty

    Fixture Information

    Thanks for bringing this up .... Working on it .... but got a few distractions in the real world right now. It will be back up and running as soon as I can devote time to it over the next few weeks. For this issue the problem is basically PHP related. The fixtures/stats side of things needs to be an older version of PHP and the site is now running on PHP7. We need to pull this through slightly differently to get it to work but its in hand. Ahead of that we also need to make sure the GDPR stuff is in place, and as we are now on the latest version of the software I have a lot of other tweaks to do (cosmetic mainly, not to the structure of the site) If you notice anything else not working - add it in here and I will add it to the list. I will be going through every page so should catch most of it hopefully.
  9. Scotty

    Season Ticket

    then maybe they should re-think it ? I am sure someone will correct me if wrong but I understood that the current mob pay a fee to the club regardless of how much or little they sell? They rent the space, the rest is up to them. The club really has no risk involved so I dont see why the would be setting prices? If that is not how it works then perhaps it should? rent out multiple retail spaces within the stadium on a matchday for a fee and let the vendors fight it out in terms of price or quality.
  10. Scotty

    Season Ticket

    I have always thought that multiple food sellers should be allowed to sell their wares in the gaps at each end of the various stands. More vendors means more competition and (if you are lucky) better quality and perhaps lower prices .... as well as shorter queues. Adding small merchandise stands where fans enter in larger numbers is also a good idea. Maybe a stall that just sells scarves and hats or one that has other limited merchandise.
  11. Scotty

    Season Ticket

    Dont think its a big thing for TFC fans either ... The club and TicketMaster both take a cut so the ticket holder gets pennies and its applied to your account as a credit for next year !!! Anyone selling just does it on the fan forums with all supporters groups agreeing that the rickets are sold at face value or less. Club are supportive of this it seems. I have electronically transferred tickets a few times (most times i just email the PDF) and I have donated a couple of times but mainly I just use the print option ... although this year I have made more use of the QR code based ticket that comes in the phone app.
  12. Scotty

    Season Ticket

    To add to my previous posts .... just went to print my tickets for tonight's TFC game and this is what TFC offer as options for each ticket, works well
  13. Scotty

    Double posts

    a third and final test
  14. Scotty

    Double posts

    another test
  15. Scotty

    Double posts