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  1. THE MATCHDAY THREAD Discuss ICT & other games in this thread as they happen Queen of the South -V- Inverness CT PREVIEW 17th November 2018 @ 3PM, Palmerston Park, Dumfries Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Facebook Go to the Chatroom Media Coverage AUDIO COVERAGE BBC Sportsound BBC Sportsound [UK Only] LIVE TEXT (ONLINE) Sporting Life BBC VIDEO SPFL YouTube Channel ICT Official YouTube Channel TEAM LINEUPS Tweets by @ICTFC Tweets by @ICTFC
  2. Scotty

    Game 19 - Queen of the South (A) 17 Nov

    Scotty HT: 1-1 FT: 1-2 1st ICT: Oakley 1st Opp: Dobbie Crowd: 1586 CDN Girl HT: 0-0 FT: 0-1 1st ICT: Polworth 1st Opp: Dykes Crowd: 1444 SOS HT: 0-1 FT: 0-1 1st ICT: Walsh 1st Opp: Jacob Crowd: 1612
  3. Scotty

    NAPS Competition - Game 14

    Scotty : Berwick @ 2.20 CDN Girl : Montrose @ 2.25 SOS : Annan @ 2.30
  4. Scotty

    Partick -V- Inverness CT

    Very pleasing 🙂
  5. THE MATCHDAY THREAD Discuss ICT & other games in this thread as they happen Partick Th -V- Inverness CT PREVIEW 10th November @ 3pm : Caledonian Stadium Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Facebook Go to the Chatroom Media Coverage AUDIO COVERAGE BBC Sportsound BBC Sportsound [UK Only] LIVE TEXT (ONLINE) Sporting Life BBC VIDEO SPFL YouTube Channel ICT Official YouTube Channel TEAM LINEUPS TO FOLLOW Tweets by @ICTFC Tweets by @ICTFC
  6. Scotty

    Game 18 - Partick Thistle (A) 10 Nov

    Scotty HT:0-0 FT: 0-1  1st ICT: Oakley 1st Opp: Storey Crowd: 2899 Cdn Girl HT: 1-0 FT: 1-2  1st ICT: White 1st Opp: Doolan Crowd: 3412 SOS HT: 1-1 FT: 2-2  1st ICT: Polworth 1st Opp: Mutombo Crowd: 3101
  7. Scotty

    NAPS Competition - Game 13

    Scotty : Dumbarton @1.90 CDN Girl : ICT draw @3.40 SOS : Brechin/Forfar draw @3.60
  8. Scotty

    Scotty ~ A Personal Statement

    Cheers Gringo -- now at just under $600 (Canadian Dollars) of my initial $1000 target.
  9. Scotty

    Riccardo Calder Assault

    I have been critical of the club where I feel it was needed but 1000% behind them on this one. It could have been a legal minefield had they said anything up to the court case and verdict, and an employment law debacle had they said the wrong thing after this point. Swift and decisive action with the details of the dismissal remaining private ... that's about right. good job on this one and sends out the right message about behaviour.
  10. Scotty

    Riccardo Calder Assault

    The club were 1000% correct not to say anything to this point. Its a legal and personnel matter concerning one of their employees. Even now they are limited in what they can and should say and I would not expect anything said until the sentencing date. There is no evidence to say when they became aware of things but certainly before this week I would guess ! Its my opinion - for what its worth - the player has to be suspended by the club until the sentencing date and any employment repercussions are then put in place.
  11. Scotty

    Riccardo Calder Assault

    Just read the story. Sorry, but there appears no other option :
  12. Scotty

    Scotty ~ A Personal Statement

    Thank You to everyone for the kind wishes and messages of support on here. I appreciate each and every one of those messages whether I know you or not, and whether we agree or we lock horns on here from time to time. I have also been somewhat overwhelmed by the private messages I have received that go into very personal details of your own or family member struggles .... and successes. I am humbled that you felt comfortable enough to share these stories. I am happy to note that at least 4 people in my circle of friends and relatives have used my situation as a motivation to go and get tested, including the wife of one of my friends who is off to get screened for breast cancer, a test she had been putting off for a while. I really cannot stress enough the importance of testing ... but perhaps the graphic below puts it in context. I have one simple ask of the users here, and its not one I make lightly. We dont ask for payment to run, maintain or update the site, we try to fund this through google ads or other ancillary income. However I am going to ask for money now, not for me, but for the Movember foundation via the link in my signature. If you click that link, you not only get a chance to read a ton of stuff about Prostate Cancer, but also the movements to reduce male Suicide and Testicular Cancer which they also support through Movember ... and as a bonus you get to see my handsome fizzog without the facial fuzz that has adorned it for the last 15 years !
  13. Scotty

    vine 2 app is coming back under a new name

    thanks, much like most users of the software, I'll pass on that.
  14. Scotty

    vine 2 app is coming back under a new name

    according to their twitter account thats not happening and anyone who tells you it is is wrong or scamming you ....
  15. Scotty

    Scotty ~ A Personal Statement

    Apparently there are more modern methods these days !!! Mine was a TRUS biopsy (google it) which has less pain and less risk of infection. It did sting like hell as I mentioned before, but not as painful as yours sounds ... was back in the car, sitting down, and being driven home less than 1 hour later. no residual bleeding or pain. back to work next day. Sure we never met ? I see your email address as an admin and other comments you have made over the years and pretty sure I know you and/or your family. I was friendly with a neighbour of yours who lived just round the corner in Lilac Grove and fairly sure we or other members of your family came into contact because of that and walking to school etc. Thanks for the words of kindness regarding mum and my sister. Mum is still going. wont say going strong as she has her own medical struggles to contend with, but she celebrated her 80th just a couple of weeks ago. She always tried to be useful, be it the Youth Club, the Community Centre or the Community Council, but not so much these days ... although she does seem to have mastered Skype to speak with her grandson and we are working on facebook so she can look at all the photos ! If you lost your own dad to it, or any other direct male relative has suffered prostate or testicular cancer then you should consider testing at any age above 45, or earlier if you see any symptoms or warning signs. My wife and my doctor got me into the routine of having a yearly MOT in my 40s and as soon as I hit 50 my doctor started doing the checks that all males should have ! I had a medical issue in my intestines 5 years ago and had a colonoscopy to check it out afterwards (all clear) and my fear of that was about the same as my fear of the biopsy for prostate. The worst thing I did was look it up on Google !!! The issue came up in this year's physical as my uncle died in July from prostate cancer. He had had it for a good few years and was 77 but my doctor agreed to send me for the test based on this info and because I asked. At the heart of things its a 3 stage test and you have to "qualify" for the next stage ! ...... stage 1 is often the gloved finger from your doctor. Nothing to worry about, at worst its a little uncomfortable rather than painful. They are checking for enlargement or firmness. The worst part is your own mindset or embarrassment, especially in my case with a female GP. Just remember, your doctor has likely seen thousands of arses in their time and yours is nothing special ! In many ways its worse for them as they are the ones having to stick a finger up someone else's bum ! Stage 2 is the PSA test (prostate-specific antigen). This is basically a blood test where they test for the presence of these antigens and give it a value. Common thinking was that a value less than 4.0 was ok and anything over might require a biopsy but modern thinking is that the test is nothing more than an indicator as cancer has been found in people below that mark and not in others above it. At worst it is a baseline, and if you get the tests regularly then the docs will be able to calculate the PSA doubling rate which is the speed that the number increases. Docs do seem to agree however that the higher the number, or the quicker it doubles over time, the more need there is to do a more specific test, namely the biopsy. That is stage 3 and I was referred to a urologist who reviewed my notes and then did his own finger test. That one WAS uncomfortable and he recommended the biopsy. The biopsy was done and yes it was uncomfortable. I had local anaesthetic and i did get the odd sting as the needle guided the biopsy process to various areas of the gland. The whole process took maybe 15-20 minutes so anyone can get through it. I did not have any symptoms like blood in urine, pain when peeing, or frequent trips to the bathroom, although looking back on it you can probably look to warning signs you may have missed, perhaps the odd 'dribble' here and there after finishing, or in my case, drinking a can of coke and needing to pee like a racehorse soon after (i stopped drinking carbonated drinks because of this). Hopefully mine has been caught in time as I do need to be around to see ICT lift the cup again and maybe play Toronto FC in the Club World Cup (although I might need immortality for that one). thanks. I intend to be !