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  1. Stevemc1994

    Losing money from advertising hoardings

    The original post referred to the club's inability to communicate with existing advertisers and sponsors to get monies from them and made it out that there was no renewal process so it kind of did. One of the most important factors for any football club is to obtain new business as well as maintaining their existing and in many cases loyal advertisers and sponsors. I notice there has been a lot of new business' popping up in the last couple of years including our current shirt sponsors McEwen Fraser, Subway, Korrie so that would lead me to think that this process has already been started and is still needing work.
  2. Stevemc1994

    Losing money from advertising hoardings

    Absolute nonsense. I know for a fact that the club go through a renewal period for advertisers/sponsors EVERY summer, with businesses' given the options of renewing or not renewing their advertising board. Much the same process as season ticket holders. Any business that didn't take up the offer for the following season meant their board was available for re-sale. I'm assuming the efforts were and are still being made to get new advertisers involved in the club in a very challenging market. Sorry to extinguish the fire cif73