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  1. That happened to me last week ... in Elgin 😁
  2. Wonder if James Anderson regrets his hand-out to the clubs now. He should have kept it for his club, Hearts.
  3. I must say that my vocabulary is definitely broadening with these club statements .... farrago ... scintilla ... 😁
  4. The MD of the other club (vote comments) is of course Nelms of Dundee. We now know the SPFL board member is McArthur of Dunfermline. So our statement is referring to both. Sorry if this is stating the blinking obvious.
  5. Maybe the fact that, without Hearts, Dundee Utd and ICT, Dundee should be red hot favourites to get promoted next season.
  6. I've seen an extract of the SPFL rules on social media that say a No vote could be retracted but a Yes vote couldn't. As you've alluded in the rest of your post, one could drive a bus through the rules surrounding the vote and how that vote was then administered. Only in Scottish football.
  7. I can see a 6:8 working. I had also thought about the busier cup/European schedule that the bigger teams typically have and how it might help address that. The lack of home/away symmetry with 3 games against opponents pre-split is also a fair point. If they treated this structure as one-season only, then the bottom 8 leading to 3 relegated teams might make the post-split fixtures a less desperate free for all for survival. I suspect any reconstruction is unlikely to be for one season anyway given the upheaval. Here's hoping.
  8. I saw both games and they were good for it. Much more galling for them though is the fact that, in a highly competitive league, they were bottom by only 2 points with a game in hand. Their game in hand was because of their good run in the Tunnocks Caramel Wafer Challenge Cup. I think it would be a complete travesty if they were relegated.
  9. It was Ross County and St Mirren that voted down reconstruction last time.
  10. I completely agree. ICT benefiting from reconstruction would be amazing. However I simply can't see it happening with a required 11-1 vote to carry it and TV money then being split between more clubs. The one immutable truth that can be drawn from last week's vote is money is everything to Scottish clubs, even sporting integrity can go hang when it comes to the crunch.
  11. You might be in luck. Because so many people changing jobs were falling through the gaps, they've changed the rules. Now, if your new employer told HMRC before 19th March that you had started with them, you could be furloughed. Summary: Detailed guidance:
  12. Club statement today on the Jsmes Keatings' tribunal decision: I must say how proud I am of the board and the club generally in how they have dealt with this whole situation.
  13. Think Wikipedia counts league appearances only
  14. He is a consultant to the SFA (Darryl Broadfoot). There was talk around the fact that, with an assumed 2-1 majority at the first appeal, there must be another tribunal member (apart from the one who fell on his/her sword) who must have determined it to be a dive ... and presumably remains in situe ... presumably without facing a sanction. Hope he or she is not in the re-run 😏 As Tom English put it "I wouldn't trust that person to make me a cup of tea". Surely an individual with that level of incompetence cannot continue in that role going forward. Some interesting remarks about whether the 2nd and 3rd persons were football people or not (which could throw up fresh controversies). DB gave the impression he was in the know about who they were, though given his role that wouldn't be a surprise I imagine. Suffice to say the podcast is well worth a listen.