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  1. Club statement today on the Jsmes Keatings' tribunal decision: I must say how proud I am of the board and the club generally in how they have dealt with this whole situation.
  2. Think Wikipedia counts league appearances only
  3. He is a consultant to the SFA (Darryl Broadfoot). There was talk around the fact that, with an assumed 2-1 majority at the first appeal, there must be another tribunal member (apart from the one who fell on his/her sword) who must have determined it to be a dive ... and presumably remains in situe ... presumably without facing a sanction. Hope he or she is not in the re-run 😏 As Tom English put it "I wouldn't trust that person to make me a cup of tea". Surely an individual with that level of incompetence cannot continue in that role going forward. Some interesting remarks about whether the 2nd and 3rd persons were football people or not (which could throw up fresh controversies). DB gave the impression he was in the know about who they were, though given his role that wouldn't be a surprise I imagine. Suffice to say the podcast is well worth a listen.
  4. Agreed. Fair enough. Though it's not a bad thing for posters to round on extreme pedantry. No need for it.
  5. We had a player who was described by a board member as distraught after the game. That was before the original appeal was heard ... while there was hope of a reprieve (right word? ... I'm sure you'll set me straight). James came to our club having previously been open about difficulties with depression. In effect, he was being labelled as a cheat completely unjustly. He was set to miss out on a final. They don't come around every week. The dictionary definition of grave in this context includes "serious", no mention of life or death. Is your pedantry really required?
  6. As long as justice for James is achieved ... that's the main thing. The SFA is a complete shambles but at least they've opened the door to correcting a grave error (rather than shutting up shop in arrogant defiance). It seems strange that it's only the panel member who owned up that has got binned. The whole panel should have been relieved from duties.
  7. Quality piece. A few bits that would be laugh out loud sarcasm if it wasn't so sad e.g. "The reaction from across Scottish football when the farcical ruling then landed said it all. It takes a lot to unite the polarised factions of our game, but hats off to the SFA. At times, they can bring the country together as a homogenous, scornful brotherhood."
  8. Let's all do this and share. Strikes right at the heart of sporting integrity and the reputation of our national game. Let's start a revolution. We're all James Keatings.
  9. Would like to see that offside goal again. 10 men can't beat 14 😡
  10. How the feck is that a yellow for diving
  11. Jammy rather than skilful. Not seen defending like this since the start of the 1st season in the championship
  12. Does Rooney think he's playing forward or what?!
  13. Yes ... imagine Dundee Utd fans instead going to Dundee matches before Dundee were relegated ... or Rangers/The Rangers fans instead going to see Celtic matches before they got back to the top division.
  14. 35 years ago today Inverness Thistle beat Kilmarnock 3-0 in the Scottish Cup at Kingsmills. There were 2500 in attendance that day ... compared to less than 2000 for Livingston yesterday. Disappointing. Unfathomable. The heights of recent years almost seem a rod for the backs of the current team where the disappointment of relegation has led to apathy and disillusionment. Invernessians have forgotten where we've come from ... where the excitement of any "big" (I.e. league) league team to Kingsmills or Telford Street would draw a larger crowd than any crowd that ICT has had at home this season.