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  1. Yes I thought his celebration on Friday was low key and assumed it was out of some measure of respect for a former club. The boos he seemed to get last night with every touch of the ball may have encouraged him somewhat to let himself go a bit more.
  2. I decided to do that when I eventually got home as well. Yes, the poor defending didn't stop when Chalmers lost his man. If strikers are expected to "gamble" with a loose ball from the goalie (which May did so effectively), the defenders should show similar anticipation. Ball watching. Nevertheless, tremendous effort from the lads. Despite the jammy deflected second goal (which effectively killed the game), St J were much more ruthless and deserved the win.
  3. Thanks for the response. I'm glad I posted the question.
  4. Does anyone know where Roddy MacGregor has gone?
  5. Where ... is ... Roddy MacGregor?!!
  6. How about Ross Tokely ... a wee bit out of left field but ... has management/coaching experience, has the club close to his heart and always talks intelligently and passionately in commentary.
  7. When we devalue our youth, we shoot ourselves in the foot. Below extract is from an article on Stuart Armstrong in Dundee's Courier today. Link to full article is below the quote. "When the family relocated from Inverness to the outskirts of Dundee, Campbell seized an opportunity that had fallen into his lap. “I was at Inverness before I came to United,” he said. “I spoke to Scott Kellacher (in charge of the Caley Thistle academy) about us having a look at Stuart and I took an instant like to him. Basically, I asked his dad straight away if he’d like to join us at United. “I’m
  8. I am a big fan of Welsh but, with his dreadful injury record, that choice would probably make Doran de facto captain.
  9. I also was wondering about the away tops .. that's the timescale in the CEO's statement last weekend for them.
  10. That happened to me last week ... in Elgin 😁
  11. Wonder if James Anderson regrets his hand-out to the clubs now. He should have kept it for his club, Hearts.
  12. I must say that my vocabulary is definitely broadening with these club statements .... farrago ... scintilla ... 😁
  13. The MD of the other club (vote comments) is of course Nelms of Dundee. We now know the SPFL board member is McArthur of Dunfermline. So our statement is referring to both. Sorry if this is stating the blinking obvious.
  14. Maybe the fact that, without Hearts, Dundee Utd and ICT, Dundee should be red hot favourites to get promoted next season.
  15. I've seen an extract of the SPFL rules on social media that say a No vote could be retracted but a Yes vote couldn't. As you've alluded in the rest of your post, one could drive a bus through the rules surrounding the vote and how that vote was then administered. Only in Scottish football.
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