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  1. Encouraging to see new faces but: 1. We don't yet know which league we'll be in 2. Is he the right calibre (premier league or championship) when he's coming from the 8th level of English football?
  2. Fast track appeal red on basis not violent conduct given Utd player Connolly's head motioned downwards and lack of intent. Wouldn't the mere lodging of a reasonable appeal on this basis lead to a suspension of punishment until later leaving Polly available to play Friday?
  3. A key player restored for a crucial game and probably feeling wronged wanting to make amends is surely ... surely worth £1000.
  4. I have been a big defender of Polwarth but that was a stupid stupid challenge (albeit no intent)
  5. This is very good news for paying customers in spite of the huge challenge/conflict of balancing the books and simultaneously delivering exciting quality/results on the park .... but let's find new and interesting (or even annually repeated ad nauseum) reasons to have a pop at the club 😏
  6. Brian Rice is Hamilton manager ... Polly is going to Motherwell.
  7. Anyone know how many tickets we've sold for the semi?
  8. cif73

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    Some names to whet the appetite ...😄
  9. cif73

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    Eddie Ofere appeared for a very brief time and turned in a few important goals after Billy that year. If we get to the Scottish Cup final, I wonder if we can parachute in a huge name out-of-contract for a star performance and winning goal in the cup final. Oooh who to get?! Answers on a postcard ... 😄
  10. Agreed ... So he should be able to stay upright easier than he does when he is grazed
  11. Something I can't get over with Draper is: 1. When he is dishing it out, he is a complete hammer thrower. Not only that but, on the rare occasion when the ref does spot it, he is vehement in his own defence, running away muttering to himself about how wronged he has been ... while his maimed opponent struggles back to his feet checking that both legs are still on and as they should be. versus 2. When he is on the "receiving end", it is truly laughable how much of a limp fairy he is, falling over at a slightest touch from an opponent ... Just missing the tutu At one point last night, when he fell over like a sack of spuds from the slightest of coming togethers with Jordan White, Jordan's smiling, incredulous, disbelieving face was an absolute picture. As if you say ... "Are you seriously buying that ref... I mean seriously? If it wasn't so utterly pathetic for a big man to keel over like that, I'd be asking your thoughts on the tariff of that dive"
  12. Ex assistant manager for Ross County Billy Dodds says this after the ref books Chalmers "The ref shouldn't be booking every foul" ... Says it all really.
  13. Don't think White would be my choice of penalty taker ... Walsh before him all day long.
  14. Draper is a complete thug ... wondering if he's trying to put players out of the cup semi the way he is throwing his considerable weight about 😠