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  1. Where are the video highlights from this game? Did Dundee take the huff from losing and not post any?
  2. Baffled that both our regular centre backs have attracted all this top flight attention when they've been more prone to brain farts this season.
  3. Dundee equalised in the 92nd minute and QOS scored the winner in the 93rd minute 😁😁😁 keeps distance between ourselves and Dundee
  4. "Was that a bad day Caley? Or are they always that chronic?" A quote from a fan of part-time Arbroath on the Pie & Bovril forum.
  5. Aye their steak pies were much better than ours
  6. 3-0 and could easily have been worse. We know where we can find decent part-time footballers with passion for next season. We were an absolute shambles. No-one in our team seemed to care much. Oh for a Gary Warren or Graeme Shinnie. Our players should hang their heads in shame. Our travelling fans who sang their hearts out should get their travel money back.
  7. cif73


    I read that whole article differently ... a polite "come get me" ... though I hope I'm wrong.
  8. That observation certainly has its place. However my frustration is that we resolutely refuse to make best use of the players we actually do have.
  9. Everyone seems to see this ... but Robbo. Completely infuriating. I really feel heart sorry for Todorov.
  10. Looking at the Championship table as it currently stands, it is difficult to fathom how we could get only 1 point out of a possible 9 in the recent games against the bottom 3 Morton, Alloa and Partick. Knowing our propensity for losing late goals, we need another goal here to make the points safe.
  11. Ayr and Dundee Utd both losing but we can't seem to take full advantage ... even at home ... against Alloa 😣
  12. As long as it's not Todorov. He's been knocking in headers from set pieces for fun since joining. Wish he'd get more game time. Hope he doesn't become another Alex Fisher where we discover too late what we had under our noses just warming the bench.
  13. Surprised there's no speculation on here over the identity of the player who (per Robbo's post match interview on FB/Twitter) showed a very poor attitude with not getting a start and going off in a huff and if that player thinks he can do that then he won't wear a Caley Thistle strip again. Apparently the issue will be addressed next (this) week. 😯