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  1. Didn't get a response so made up my own. I'm sure Stone Roses would love this version of Waterfall ... Robbo’s at the wheel Tell me how good does it feel We’ve got Doran, Joe Chalmers and Welsh Liam Polworth is Sneck born and bred Du du du du dudu du du Du du du du dudu du du
  2. The draw we were all hoping for. So so exciting this. What an opportunity!!
  3. No I don't ... and the published accounts don't give a detailed breakdown of overheads ... but I know the marketplace and, like any sector, there are suppliers that will typically cost more than others.
  4. That seems to be the case. I phoned Companies House for interest and, yes, they said that the accounts were received by them on 28th Feb (within time) but processed on the 1st ... so no penalty. However, they added that the Confirmation Statement was apparently overdue. No penalty with that if late ... but not ideal. I am sure the accountants do a good job but it just got me thinking that they are national and one of the most expensive in town. Plenty other CA audit firms that are more reasonably priced and can also do a perfectly good job. Probably worth a thought especially given the club's finances and if costs (especially non-football, indirect overheads) are being sensibly trimmed.
  5. The accounts strangely seem to have been filed a day late at Companies House despite being approved more than a week before the 28 February filing deadline. Wonder who will pick up the fine. Hopefully not the club.
  6. Great support from fans today. Did I hear an ICT version of M Utd's "Ole's at the wheel song" ? Would love to know the words if anyone on here knows them...
  7. Hopefully this cup run gives us a boost of confidence that puts us on a winning streak in the league ... like the Irn-Bru Cup campaign impacted our league run-in last year.
  8. Twit ... Not helping his own case with a comment like that though.
  9. I just love the way we continue to defy the odds! Love our club ... full blown ICT-itis ... wish it could be more contagious and become an epidemic!! 😁😍
  10. Aye McDonald looks an exciting prospect. Disappointingly McCauley looks slower than a week in jail.
  11. cif73


    Forget the fact we sold him ... why were we benching him when he was actually here!!
  12. Thanks for sharing. Fair to say that in the absence of the stadium transfer in and related revaluation and rent adjustments, ICT would be very significantly "balance sheet insolvent" (i.e. net liabilities instead of net assets). The club have (a little unusually) taken credit for the stadium etc. in these accounts to 31 May 2018 even though the related legal stuff didn't seem to be concluded until after (January 2019!) ... not necessarily technically wrong but seems a bit of a stretch (hence the careful wording of note 4 on page 16). More detailed disclosures tend to be part and parcel with audited accounts. Of course, smaller companies don't require audits.
  13. I suspect rent/mortgage ain't too much of a problem on £1800 a week or whatever it is.
  14. Given these eye watering losses, it is truly sickening that we've allegedly been having to pay staff / management who contributed to our demise long after they left / stopped "contributing" . I appreciate there are contracts but there should be a legal "out" for relegation (or similar) circumstances ... surely. I hope the club suitably explored this legal avenue. It seems plain immoral if people like OFW is still bagging huge wages for sitting on his [email protected]#$ after contributing to our demise ... while current squad players are doing their best for us and earning a relative pittance.