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  1. I'm a Dunfermline fan. I was born there, although brought up in Inverness and currently live in Inverness. Aside from Dunfermline, I certainly have a sweet spot for ICT. As a football fan we are all guilty of thinking the referee is always against us whenever we don't win a match. Finnie has always been an appalling referee, and ask any Dunfermline fan and they'll tell you that Finnie always appears to have a vendetta against us, especially as he is from Falkirk. In reality he is just incompetent and over the course of most games he just about manages to infuriate both sets of fans. If the free kick for our second goal was soft (I think it was a definite free kick) then exactly the same could be said for the free kick for the ICT first goal. Talk of vendetta's from up high is just akin to old firm paranoia. Your poor start to the season is what cost you, always hard following relegation and in reality there is very little between almost all of the teams in the Championship. Take out St Mirren/Dumbarton and Brechin and there is very little between the other seven teams. If ICT can keep their squad together for next season then hopefully they'll hit the ground running. Even if Dunfermline make the play offs this season, I think the second bottom of the Premier League will win against which ever side gets through to the final play-off, so we'll almost certainly be in the same division next season. Same applies if we lose on Saturday and ICT win their last two games. Having moved away for 20 years and recently returned, one thing which does disappoint me is that ICT don't have a larger support. Not sure how that can be changed though.