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  1. Well that is your opinion and it is your forum and not mine. But its not all heresay.
  2. Thanks for reading the crowdfunding page rather than just the Express. Its appreciated. There's a couple of things I can't really say on here but I totally see your point about the airing. However, there's a very valid reason. Did you know the MacKenzies or their son?
  3. Hello Yes it is. The story's a bit badly written as they didn't bother to contact me, just lifted it from my crowdfunding page. But yes that's the story. Michael Mackenzie was an important material witness and that's why I'm trying to contact his son. I've only just found out that he had a son, hence the post. Is it okay to post here asking for this?
  4. Hello Does anyone remember the late Michael 'Spike' Mackenzie. Used to run the West End Chippie with his wife Margaret on Young St, around the 1980s? (before it became a restaurant). He sadly passed several years ago and I'm don't know if Margaret is still around. I'm desperately trying to contact his lad - don't even know what his name is. But Michael was a very important witness to an event that happened back in the 1970s. And I have been reliably informed he told his son about it. Nobody's done anything wrong - I just need his son to be able to confirm what his dad saw. I appreciate this post sounds a bit daft and obscure. But it is important. If anyone knows Michael's son or knows of him, could they let me know on this forum and then I can give a contact email or whatever the forum's rules permit in the way of being able to make some contact. Thanks in advance and best of luck for the season. For the record, I'm from England (I know...) and support a 3rd Div team, and I don't think we've signed up any of your lads, or vice versa. Stuart