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  1. Scarlet, i am really sorry for such late answer! A lot has happened in the last month, but I am here again. I am really appreciate your offer, and yes, i will contact you if we will be there. You can find me in Facebook.
  2. Yes and No, at the same time. Bison grass vodka - "Zubrovka" has more saturated grass taste, i dont like it, honestly Yes, but i am really disapointed with his future "Russia friendship".I voted for Poroshenko. Yes, i am will be very happy to visit Canada, I heard so much about canadian nature.. And the are a lot of ukrainian there ?
  3. Wow, guys, thanks a lot for such interesting article, and so good description. I drinked "Caledonia" few days ago, and thought, may be it is from Inverness region Hi Long Man! Actually, we have similar drink to vodka, this is "Horilka". But our Horilka is hmm...infused(?) with honey, pepper or ukrainian grass, so taste is much better and softer as vodkas taste Nemiroff is the best, i think
  4. Hi Scarlet! No, actually I can not confirm it, we have new confinment, and radiation level is in the normal zone in Kyiv now. EU and help us, so we are not 1 vs 1 with this problem. Hi Long Man! I would say - 2nd place, i like new reinforcment what Robbo did, so i hope , and i wait ICT on TV Also, guys, what is the best whiskey from Inverness ? I dont mean Highland, i mean Inverness town. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello all ICT Fans! I wish Inverness only good luck in the new season! I hope, that new signings will be useful for the team, and Doran, White and Ridgers and all another players will help ICT to promote to the Premier League! Greetings from Ukraine
  6. I dont want to discuss that, because I do not understand how could my citizens voted for comedian.
  7. Thanks, Long Man! I will support ICT, for sure! I hope BBC will make online stream for this game. Lets promote, lads ? You can visit Kiev again, it is wonderful city at spring. Dynamo is not so strong as earlier but still playing in EL
  8. I saw a lot of highlight of the SPL matchdays approximately 10 years ago, and i saw this wonderful dedication and that the team compensated for the lack of technology with effort and struggle, i respect it ! Also this view from the stadium on the Moray Firth is awesome. Then i learned some players(Tokely, Munro, Rooney, Esson. Later Tade, Shinnie ), and that was a start of my "Inverness way". May i ask you, why ICTFC did not sell Christie, G. Shinnie or Adam Rooney? They went all as free agents, right? And does the main problem is to get more money, to find new investors and so on? Is it because ICTFC not so popular team? Or because it is from small city? But all Highlands are for ICTFC and not for Ross county(even if they have more money). Yes, i am Dynamo fan, but now I see that the system in the club is false, not the players. It is not a modern club it is team from 1991. I mean - nutrition, training, recovery and tactics and of course the owner. Wow, i am shocked, that you know so much about my country. Yes, Potemkin's steps are still ok, but it is not my favorita place in Odessa - it is always crowded there. Have you been to Arkadia? It is also nice place with bars and clubs on the beach. Yes, i was born here, in Ukraine, and live here also(except for 4 years in Germany). Kyiv is wonderful city, with a nice river, a lot of parks, really "green" city, a lot of nice restaraunts with cheap prices. But with a Soviet Union embossing in archtechture, and it is cool and horrible at the same time. Дякую, бажаю тобі лише удачі!
  9. It is a pity, that you think that i am not honest. This text was the only thing, which I wanted to tell Inverness supporters.
  10. I am not a Queens spy, haha Is Chairman happy about his work now? I am not sure..
  11. Hello ICT Supporters! I am a fan of Inverness from Kyiv, Ukraine. Probably the only one in the country. I enjoyed Adam Rooney's goals with you, I admired Ross Tokely, I watched how young Ryan Christie was growing up in the team. I jumped for joy at the victory in the finals against Falkirk and I was also upset by the defeat of the Astra. I was worried about the resignation of Terry Butcher, and now I support Robbo. I want to say that you should not stop, that there are people admiring the team even in Ukraine, and I really want Inverness to play again in the Premier League and there be sold out at the stadium. Do not stop and do not allow the quagmire of the Championship to devour you. Inverness deserves the Premier League. I hope one day I can come and watch the team play alive. Yours sincerely and forever Fan from Ukraine Danylo Lytvynchuk