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  1. Interesting building, architecturally. Pity it wasn't conserved.
  2. Roy Williamson of the Corries (4th left) and Bill McCue of Scottish Opera (4th right). - a variety show at the old Empire?
  3. Hi Your source does list Craig Dunain as Leachkin
  4. Mr Beattie still going strong http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-36044583
  5. One of Mr McLean’s extra-curricular activities was to train the shinty team. He and staff involved in transporting the team to away fixtures in their private cars e.g. Mr Stewart and Mrs Murray became slightly more amenable to the shinty lads. Here he is with one of his teams. Also of note in this line up is Kenneth Thomson, a current ICT director (back row 5th from left). He is a past President of the Camanachd Association and the little chap to his left in the picture is Jim Barr, the current President.
  6. The engine is a Highland Railway 'Jones Goods' which, when introduced in 1894, was the most powerful loco in the country. They were withdrawn in the 1930s, so Charles your grandfather probably did drive one. One has been preserved and is on static display at the Riverside Museum in Glasgow.
  7. Brief observation of standards at Millburn in this broadcast: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06j0wf3
  8. Back ??? is Jan Milne, lived in Dalneigh Front ??? Rogerson, I think
  9. Love how most of the media have used the image of Terry in the Black and Red top. That should be our away strip.
  10. The Beatles in Scotland was reviewed in the Courier last week. Can’t see an earlier post on this so …some interesting facts not mentioned in the paper: Saturday 21 May 1960 - As the Silver Beetles they played their second professional touring gig at the Northern Meeting Ballroom. The place was apparently packed but everyone had come to see Lindsay Ross and the Scottish Country Dance Band 6 days later they played the Regal Ballroom in Nairn to mixed reviews. Thursday 3 January 1963 – As the now better known Beatles they played between two sets by Alex Sutherland’s Jazz band at the Two
  11. http://edinburghnews.scotsman.com/topstories/Hearts-star-Ian-Black-in.6789442.jp
  12. Bryan Macgregor is beside IHE. Now a Director of IT Services at Edinburgh Uni and still to be found occasionally at Easter Road.
  13. That's the one Culduthel! Thank you. I seem to recollect as well that Russell was also a basketball player. But I further recollect that one J. MacKenzie on one occasion told me that HE (IHE)had been captain of that team and hence the boss of BU and DM! :irritated:
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