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  1. Hopefully the season doesn’t get cancelled until Dundee have completed a few more high wage signings.
  2. Easy to imagine that our season could be over. We’ve seen before how 3 weeks becomes 3 months and so on.
  3. In one of the interviews he has done this week he mentions his desire to get into coaching/management but has had no success from 50 per 60 applications, so he taken a part time job coaching football at a private school.
  4. From Victoria Park to Victoria Park. Could make it all the way to Hampden playing at a ground with that name if you also drew Vale of Leithen and, erm, Hartlepool.
  5. If the initial events had been happening in the bedroom of Downing St rather than Bute House and all the subsequent political shenanigans involved the uk government rather than ours, we’d all have heard of little else over the last few years! It’s possibly the greatest political scandal of our lifetime but the full truth isn’t really in the public domain yet. I’m not sure where you’d start on this one, it’s quite a saga.
  6. I’d be interested to hear the thoughts of SNP supporters on this increasingly murky saga. Who’s lying?
  7. What time is the inspection? It was particularly cold overnight and 9 cup ties off already including the ones at Nairn and Keith.
  8. I thought it was a young Groundskeeper Willie!
  9. Covid hits us in yet another way. The ban on travelling outwith local authority area for the lad to make trips home to his parents house seems to have been a decisive factor here.
  10. If you want to go to heaven when you die.....
  11. Some great efforts with festive player names. But I’m not sure what made me cringe most - the singing, or the bit about how Brad was coming in to a good game 😄
  12. Many names there I’d completely forgotten about and one that I’d tried to forget but you’ve now reminded me of - but take a bow Dani Lopez, 2 goals in a season! 😀
  13. Indeed! But when it is a decision by the Scottish Government that prevents us from attending ICT games then it’s inevitable that there will be some crossover into politics.
  14. FACTS is NOT well understood, Scottish Governments own research found that only a minority of people knew what it stands for and fewer still know the required action for each letter. It was also their decision to adopt Hands Face Space in Scotland so if you think that campaign is inferior you are criticising them.
  15. W3 D3 L3 That’s a sure fire recipe for mid table mediocrity but we can definitely do better.
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