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  1. Deciding to effectively forfeit a cup tie is not a decision that the club would take lightly, but I can see the rationale, we just can’t take the unnecessary risk of more first teamers getting injured, in what is a pretty insignificant tournament in both financial and footballing terms. I was surprised by the announcement but probably shouldn’t have been, given what Gardner said recently about the team not training fully during this crisis, to reduce scope for further impact injuries to arise.
  2. For those who haven’t heard it or don’t know what podcast people are referring to, I thought Gardner on the Wyness Shuffle was a very interesting and enlightening listen about the challenges faced by the club.
  3. Can’t imagine he has any say in that at all.
  4. I hope they have a song that goes “Oh the grand old Duku of York…”
  5. Agreed, it just didn’t look like a team that had goals in it. Oakley is not the answer, no matter what the question is.
  6. Through to the next round, which was the objective today and is important financially. A win at last, coming from behind, and a few goals for the fans too, it’s not often this side scores 3. I know all this was only against Stirling, but it’s a rare positive in the current gloom.
  7. Released by Newcastle in the summer, he’s short term cover til January. On the bench today.
  8. Would be delighted if we go fourth today!
  9. Is anyone looking forward to this match?! Cards on the table, I’ve got money on us losing and I’m expecting it to be the easiest money I’ve ever made. I’d love nothing more than to see us take something from the game but I think we are still a few players away from being able to be competitive against the better sides in the league.
  10. I’m trying to think of some positives, and all I can come up with just now is that at least we aren’t losing players to World Cup squad call ups!
  11. Just thinking, with Queens having been unable to fulfil the fixture at it’s scheduled time, maybe the team should have turned up at 3pm and played Syngenta instead - might have got a point!
  12. The possession stat is astonishing, but a 2-1 defeat is one of the better results we could realistically have hoped for before kick off give the current malaise and lengthy injury list. The half time score naturally gave rise to optimism but there was little chance of us keeping a clean sheet, so it was a question of whether we could somehow cling on for a draw. Difficult times and no sign of turning the corner.
  13. I see Adam Rooney (now 34) who joined Stratford Town in the summer, is now at Brackley Town and scored today.
  14. Saw the thread title and assumed that you were putting the ball up for grabs to a fellow ICT fan, perhaps the first one to reply?!
  15. Saw in Match of the Day FA Cup round-up that Immanuelson Duku scored a header for York. They still got knocked out.
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