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  1. Nice easy start and good to be scoring goals, but we need competitive matches. I hope and expect that Brora will be much tougher opponents.
  2. I took ‘bespoke’ to mean it is not just from the manufacturer’s catalogue of standard shirt designs, implying it’s been customised in some way at our request (and not just for the badge).
  3. You beat me to it, just!
  4. Reece McAlear has joined Tranmere on a 2 year deal. Still only 20, I think his long term future ought to be at a higher level than League Two.
  5. Looking forward to my first trip to Kelty though. Hope we do better there than St Johnstone did in the Scottish Cup.
  6. I can’t really blame Premier for ignoring this group, it’s not exactly appealing to the neutral and the combined support for all 5 teams is only a few thousand so hardly an opportunity to boost subscriber numbers.
  7. It was on the day itself. (We won 2-0.)
  8. Made myself sit through the highlights and yes, Chalmers totally loses his man and allows a free header. Great cross in though.
  9. I thought Samuels put in a great shift by the way, he was a real handful. Carson and McAlear did a great job in midfield too.
  10. I thought we had a great first half, playing the better football and winning every single 50:50 ball. The fear was that we had failed to score, and sure enough the game quickly turned, the deflected strike then knocking the stuffing out of us, what a sickener. We had no choice but to make changes as our players tired, but every substitution just made us weaker (except the arrival of Allardyce).
  11. I think we could but I can’t yet bring myself to believe that we actually will. If both teams play their best I think the premier side will have a bit too much quality. It might depend though on what they have learnt from the 2nd half on Friday and how they change tactics.
  12. These Friday night matches have been pretty incredible. They often are when we are involved, for whatever reason. Arbroath get a 2 player head start, SaintJohnstone get a 2 goal head start. Yet here we are going into the play off final 2nd leg with a decent chance.
  13. Not sure if anyone mentioned it yet but our first goal should not have stood. Played should’ve stopped for a head knock and also Samuels was offside (not 2 yards offside like Callum Davidson says, but a wee bit offside). About time we got a wee bit of good fortune from the match officials.
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