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  1. When I was looking for odds, I stumbled across these odds from 2009! John Robertson 11/8 Derek McInnes 9/2 Neale Cooper 9/2 Steven Pressley 6/1 Duncan Shearer 10/1 Jim Duffy 10/1 Barry Wilson 12/1 Derek Adams 12/1 Donald Park 12/1 Ally McCoist 14/1 Steve Paterson 16/1 Craig Brown 25/1 Terry Butcher 25/1
  2. We might not have a great squad but the statement you take issue with is pretty fair comment actually!
  3. An interesting and pretty well balanced discussion.
  4. I recall that John Hughes said in an interview a year or two ago that Kellacher should be our next manager!
  5. Liam Hughes scored 2 for Worksop including an impressive overhead kick.
  6. Some people say Kellacher is an excellent coach. I wonder if that could have something to do with it?
  7. I know you can’t draw many conclusions by comparing manager’s win rates, due to them managing in different leagues etc, but I thought it was interesting to see that our managers ranked as: 1. 52% Robbo 1st spell 2. 47% Robbo 2nd spell Also interesting to see that in 3rd place, Steve Paterson narrowly edges Billy Dodds, both on 44% - but what a contrast in the way they are remembered by fans! Bear in mind too that for some of his seasons with us, Pele had the luxury of a relatively expensive and eventually full time squad, in the part-time lower leagues.
  8. I was joking about Warnock, for the avoidance of doubt! He was never really interested in us, it just so happened he’d lost his job when we had a vacancy. As I recall, he said he loved Scotland and the Highlands, and he would speak to any club who wanted to offer him a job. A lot of our fans got excited that he wanted the job (on a tiny fraction of his normal salary!)
  9. Barry Robson? We’d have to wait a few weeks until he becomes available.
  10. Neil Warnock is on the market again!
  11. The strikers know how to finish, the defenders know not to dither on the ball or pass to the opposition, the keeper knows not to come for a cross he has no chance of reaching. There’s only so much can be done by coaching of experienced players when it comes to the basic skills!
  12. I certainly agree that there has been an improvement in performances, little comfort though it is, and perhaps we are clutching at straws in looking for positives in this dismal run. But Raith are a very good side, top of the league, and we went away from home to them and were the better team. Does this also suggest that Dodds had the team organised and motivated, and the tactics were actually pretty good? Just putting it out there for discussion!
  13. Was wondering about that too, but giving him the benefit of the doubt as the shot was hit powerfully and through a pretty crowded penalty box. Very well taken goal actually, but an absolute sickener for us.
  14. Well I know, but I was actually starting to believe that if there was a late winner it would be for us.
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