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  1. For those needing a Highland derby fix tonight, the BBC Sport Scotland site currently has highlights of the first ever one. Wilson Robertson!
  2. Just watched the highlights, really neat finish from Doran. I’m struggling to think of many goals we’ve scored in recent years when the attacker has rounded the keeper. I can remember Tade doing it once, but I can also remember him missing a dozen or so attempts when through on the keeper.
  3. A for Army?! Would that also explain the prevalence of tattoos?
  4. I believe it is now the Inverness Caledonian Stadium!
  5. Is it big enough to cover the hole in our finances?!
  6. Of our last 14 Scottish Cup ties played at away/neutral venues, we only lost one of them (to Celtic). We are pretty good at this stuff!
  7. Tie to be played at 9am on the Sunday, I expect.
  8. That’s the date Companies House put them online, they would have received them a few days before.
  9. Indeed, and it certainly didn’t look like we’d be getting this far when it all started with that tame draw against Edinburgh City.
  10. We soooo deserved to win that. Why can’t we play like that more often?!
  11. After a poor start we matched Utd and would have been well worth a draw, but lacked creativity and finishing. For the penalty award, it looked like Coll won the ball cleanly, but with 2 feet and then sliding through through the opponent.
  12. Many thanks to the fan who left a spare comp ticket with the turnstile operator. 😊
  13. Well, we improved as the half went on. Looked like we were on course for a doing early on, when we were getting overrun and Utd went close 3 times in the first 10 mins.