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  1. Last week I saw an article in the Dundee Evening Telegraph that analysed Dundee’s stated search criteria - a manager with over 300 games under his belt and a win rate of over 40%. The only 3 candidates in Scotland meeting those prerequisites were Neil Lennon, Derek McInnes and.........John Robertson.
  2. He doesn’t look particularly happy there. I cant help wondering.... “Great news Nathan, I’ve got you a move to Hearts. Just sign here!”
  3. Yngwie


    Still is, I think.
  4. Yngwie


    Just an observation that the 34 points that saw us finish bottom of the Premiership under Foran would have placed us 4th bottom in the 2 seasons since!
  5. Yeah fans paid for the privilege. But here’s another idea for the anniversary- incorporate into the material the names of all the players to have appeared in the last 25 years. A variation on Where’s Wally!
  6. Indeed, and the teams that ended our participation in the 3 major tournaments were Hearts, Hearts and Dundee Utd, whose wage budgets are several times ours.
  7. In the end, yes, but both matches were very even at 0-0 until controversial and game-changing refereeing decisions. Who knows how it might otherwise have panned out.
  8. Fair point. Whilst a few youngsters have regularly made it to the bench, with such a small squad and various injuries, it’s disappointing that none of them are deemed good enough (yet) to have broken through to be seriously in contention for first team places.
  9. Very decent first half for us, but the game turned on one incident and it ceased to be much of a contest, the stuffing had been knocked out of us and we had little left to offer. Fair play to Utd who played very well in the 2nd and went for the jugular rather than just keeping it tight. Best moment of the night for me was getting home to a very, very large whisky waiting for me. It’s been a long season but I couldn’t have realistically hoped for much more with the resources we have. Cheers!
  10. How do you know he’s good?! Hope you’re right though. Obviously playing at such a low level there’s not a great deal about him online - he doesn’t even have a Wikipedia entry. 😯
  11. Yeovil aren’t renewing Alex Fisher’s contract.
  12. Will this will make the highest paid ex-ICT player? Derby also have a chance of making it to the Premier league, I can only think of Allan Smart as making it from ICT to the EPL, have there been any others I’ve forgotten?
  13. In his post-match interview, Robbo mentioned that McCall had made a mistake on the team sheet and asked for his consent to bring on the player he had intended to be on the bench.