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  1. Not even that. We rake in the bins round the back of Poundland these days!
  2. I’m struggling to think of many direct free kicks we’ve scored in recent years. Having to go back as far as Barry Robson for the last player I can recall who you could trust to either score or at least make the keeper work hard.
  3. I see we now have the 2nd best defensive record in the league, after Utd. But we have also the 2nd worst goal scoring record too, just above Arbroath. And it won’t surprise anyone at all that our games have had fewer goals than any other team in the league.
  4. I didn’t see today as a ‘must win’ but it was absolutely a ‘must not lose’. Brilliant result.
  5. There is no DD to the club. My understanding is that the ST would build up funds that it can then give to the club at it’s discretion, which could be linked to conditions on the use of the funds or on better fan representation. The club doesn’t owe anyone anything for the concerts as far as I know. As for the Trust getting a board member, it’s all about being represented having a say in the boardroom. To say it’s pointless is like saying it’s pointless having opposition MPs/MSPs because they can’t change anything on their own, but it is still a good thing to be able to have a say and apply pressure.
  6. I see Neil McCann has lost an appeal against HMRC regarding a tax bill of £190,000. It all related to him working as a pundit for Sky for a few years before his time with us, where he was being paid up to £130,000 a year but through his own company rather than as an employee of Sky. Lots of people in the media have been challenged by HMRC on this sort of arrangement and in simple terms I think McCann lost because he was working exclusively for Sky rather than being a true freelancer.
  7. I was told recently that St Johnstone make half a million a year from their function suites because they are next door to the only crematorium in the region. There was a time in years gone by when they would rent the stadium our for a week every summer for a national convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses which would have been pretty lucrative too but they eventually went elsewhere.
  8. The bit that troubled me most from the ICTST update is that because of the delays caused by the battery farm having to go to appeal, the £3.4m seems to be off the table even if planning permission is obtained and a new buyer will have to be found, no doubt for a lower sum.
  9. Notable that McGregor was overlooked again, Longstaff and Doran being preferred from the bench.
  10. Attempts on goal 14-1 is a pretty impressive stat. Have we improved or was it because we were playing a really poor side?
  11. We are better than Arbroath, we can win this and set our sights on 8th place.
  12. For context, Dodds averaged 1.50 in his time with us.
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