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  1. Yngwie

    Favourite cup memory?

    For me the 3 cups wins v Celtic and the one at Tynie were better, more euphoric, than the cup final itself, largely because they were so unexpected. Barry Wilson’s opener in the 3-1 was an incredible moment, after what felt like several minutes of celebration and hugging strangers, I remember saying to someone that I don’t mind if we go on to lose 6-1, to see ICT scoring and leading at Celtic Park was something I never ever expected to see. And then the night just got better and better. If only you could bottle that feeling.
  2. Yngwie

    Favourite cup memory?

    The Scottish Cup: 10% of our fixtures, but 90% of our memories!
  3. Yngwie

    Inverness CT -V- Ayr United

    It’s a rare chance to fully enjoy a Saturday night, cheers ICT 🍺
  4. The 3rd recent defeat where we've lost it in the last few minutes. Bad luck? Lack of fitness? Concentration? Poor substitutions? Trying too hard to win rather than draw? Just not good enough?
  5. Yngwie

    Happy New Year

    I’ll drink to that! 🥃
  6. Yngwie

    Ex ICT Players Score

    Soooo many names I’d love to have back at ICT.....even ones I thought were nothing special when they were here!
  7. Yngwie

    Greenock Morton v ICT

    Phew! Good day for us.
  8. Yngwie

    ICT Xmas Pantomime

    Given that Christmas TV is full of repeats, just repost one from years ago and hope that nobody notices!
  9. Yngwie

    Inverness CT -V- Dundee Utd

    Slightly disappointing after being in the lead, but a draw against a side above us in the league and with a vastly superior wage budget is seldom a bad result.
  10. Yngwie

    Kevin MacDonald

    The Guardian article on the matter mentions that last year MacDonald was found guilty by the Premier League of bullying a young Villa player.
  11. Yngwie

    Riccardo Calder Assault

    His likely release date is stated as the non-existent 31/4/19!
  12. Yngwie

    Foran's Foray into Sportswear

    Best of luck to him. The product catalogue on the website shows he has a tie up with Joma sportswear, whose brand manager for Scotland is.........Andrew Barrowman!
  13. Yngwie

    U18's Season

    Aww, out on pens, but great effort from the lads.
  14. Yngwie

    Game tonight anyone???

    Well obviously, but that wasn’t at all likely to happen. Ayr are on form, won 5-0 at Tannadice last and had all week to prepare. We have won 1 of our last 10 league games, had the inconvenience of a midweek match, and struggle on with a threadbare squad. Anything can happen in 90 minutes but as far as I’m concerned the postponement significantly increases our chances of taking something from the fixture.
  15. Yngwie

    Game tonight anyone???

    Yes, a good weekend on the whole.