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  1. A plea for investment no doubt, otherwise I suspect a difficult choice lies ahead - slash the wage budget and give up on any prospect of returning to the top flight, or ditch the youth and community set-up.
  2. The bigger question though is how anyone could get more than 9 minutes of highlights out of that pish!
  3. Your RoW line up is pretty much a UK/Ireland one - do we have enough foreigners to compile a separate Rest of World XI?
  4. Was good to have Welsh back, brought a bit of composure to the midfield.
  5. If ever a game deserved to be 0-0 it was this one! We lacked creativity upfront, resorting to long balls and the ball was seldom on the deck. We didn’t deserve to win, but we certainly didn’t deserve to lose either.
  6. Well, there was a 5-1 v Dumbarton 2 seasons ago, Nathan Austin hat-trick. Our biggest league win last season was just 3-0. Tonights result is our biggest league win since the 7-0 promotion party at Ayr in 2010.
  7. Unlikely - he’s getting first team football there, something we wouldn’t be able to guarantee....
  8. We were pretty poor in the first half, but really good in the second. What happened to change it, the goal or something else? Great result and a great way to start the weekend.
  9. Yngwie

    New Kit

    Bedale AFC setting a new standard, and managing to keep straight faces. Thankfully the sponsors resisted the temptation to insist on a sausage on the shorts. The goalie top is genius!
  10. Ah yes, I was even at some of those, but managed to erase them from my mind until your helpful reminder. 😀
  11. I’m trying to remember if we’ve ever had such a heavy defeat on the first day of the season?
  12. Utd ought to win it comfortably, and if it isn’t going well they’ll just keep sacking managers and signing players until they are top. Realistic target for ICT is to make the playoffs.