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  1. Great result for us, but it has to be said, the game’s best chances all fell for the home side who will be wondering how they didn’t take something. Thankfully for us most of their finishing was woeful, although the goal was a beautiful strike. Not sure was Doran was doing when he gave the ball away cheaply. Our players put 100% into this match, with plenty of full blooded tackles going in, and at full time many of them collapsed to the ground rather than celebrated the win.
  2. Scary to think that this person could be called up for jury duty!
  3. I was in hospitality (first time I’ve ever experienced that for an ICT game). Even from the very back of the upper George Fox stand, you could hear the splashes when players were running up the wing. You should’ve seen the reaction of the guy next to me, a neutral, when Tremarco hit the side netting in the last minute - 2-2 would’ve won him over £800. Ouch.
  4. Indeed. But after all this, I can’t help feeling that there’s an increased chance that he’ll end up missing the final due to injury!
  5. Do we need a 3 person panel to consider use of the word “grave”? Or can we just get this thread back on track please.
  6. According to a Radio Scotland, Aitken acknowledges his error.
  7. There is a lengthy statement, but basically one of the panel members has admitted to not having carried out their duties by reaching a conclusion after reviewing the evidence presented. The member has stood down from being considered in future.
  8. BREAKING NEWS ***SFA are convening a new panel to review the appeal! ***
  9. The SFA’s Ian Maxwell will be asked about this incident on Sportsound this afternoon. I don’t imagine he’ll be saying anything specific about it though. Apparently on Tuesday the reasoning behind the decision will become available. Edit- they’ve just updated to say it won’t happening - no doubt the SFA are too busy trying to work up a vaguely plausible justification for the decision. Good luck with that. Richard Gordon believes the panel was an ex-ref and 2 non-football people, with the vote going 1-2.
  10. If we are to get one of the Glasgow sides, I'd opt for BSC.
  11. Yet another quarter final for us. What is it about ICT and the Scottish Cup?!
  12. :Worth adding that after losing our central defence pairing, we managed a clean sheet against a Premier league side. Well done ICT. Edit to add: so no bombscares! ?
  13. Great result! It didn't need to be pretty, a scrappy win is just as good.