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  1. On Saturday McKay was up against a bin man and was, wait for it........rubbish!
  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bon Accord tested their keeper more than we did.
  3. I’ve NEVER been so angry with an ICT team as I was today. First time I’ve been unable to muster any applause for them at FT. Pure pish.
  4. First half pretty even, but in the 2nd the part-timers exerted their superiority all over the pitch. Have a think about that.
  5. Here’s hoping. Looking forward to one of my favourite away grounds, and we have a pretty good record there.
  6. The 3 folk who sit nearest to me at work are all Arabs. So I’m gonna have to throw a sickie.......AGAIN. 🙁
  7. The other night on Radio Scotland one of the pundits said it was 5 or 6 times ours, don’t know how well informed that was or if it was just a guess.
  8. He’s Levein, on a jet plane....
  9. Particularly as his rather more famous song Beautiful Sunday is a Dundee Utd anthem!
  10. Great result. Top 4 all won but we had one of the toughest fixtures tonight.
  11. Yngwie


    The sabbath?! 😲