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  1. How it must sicken you that ICT have been saved, or at least given a fighting chance of getting through this, by the generosity of a UK Tory government, whilst the Scottish Government have done nothing except show little appetite to allow football to restart as quickly as other parts of the UK and Europe. Our chairman referred to the funding as a “fairy from a Westminster” in a podcast and our official statement described the UK government’s funding of the majority of our wages as “a Godsend”, and that was even before they extended the scheme for a further 4 months. It’s not even a loan, it’s an unconditional gift that we don’t have to ever pay back. Doesn’t quite fit your description of them only acting “for the rich”, bearing in mind also that about 750,000 other Scots ordinary workers have so far kept their jobs and a decent income because of the UK government’s steps to bail out Scotland, again. What do you think would be the best way for ICT to show its gratitude? Would it be a the “Boris Johnston Stadium” or a statue of him out the front?
  2. Yngwie

    New ICT Podcast

    If you got Fon Williams and Tudur Jones together, you could call it a pod of Wales.
  3. I went for the much improved Rooney, who has been a more consistent performer than any of the others except perhaps Ridgers, and who for a defender brings plenty of excitement to the game - usually for the right reasons!
  4. Yngwie

    New ICT Podcast

    Another interesting and enjoyable listen. Tell you what though, for a young man Poly has a pretty poor memory of his time at ICT! ”Did Butcher leave?” 😆
  5. Telling people “stay at home” and “go out for exercise as often as you want” in the very same statement is somewhat inconsistent messaging in itself though. People have been great at following the guidelines, but in doing my weekly shop at Tesco it is clearly that pretty much nobody paid attention to the recommendation to wear face masks in public, I’d estimate 5% adherence to that one which isn’t any higher than it was before the plea.
  6. Entirely predictable self-interest from the top flight clubs, but still a painful blow for us, having at least earned a crack at promotion through the playoffs. Plus having a Hearts in our league next season makes promotion a remote prospect.
  7. Yngwie

    New ICT Podcast

    Another great listen. Particularly interesting to hear them talk about the differences between former managers and a harsh but no doubt honest appraisal of Foran‘s time.
  8. Yngwie

    New ICT Podcast

    Latest one is the best yet, well done to all the participants. Really helps when the guests can just talk and talk, and I just about understood them without subtitles.
  9. From those names, who is going to provide the 15-25 goals needed for a serious title challenge? (And for the avoidance of doubt, I mean Championship not Premier!) We need a prolific striker but simply can’t afford one. Might just have to make do.
  10. The indications from the UK and Scottish governments since yesterday are pretty bleak in terms of long term social distancing measures making it unlikely that we’ll be seeing football for a long time, or that clubs will be getting the income that they need to survive this.
  11. It’s because we have accomplished more in our short history than most teams achieve in their first 100 years.
  12. A nice gesture, but I’d have politely declined his offer. 😀
  13. I’m half expecting the proposed reconstruction to be that the teams finishing 1st and 3rd in the Championship get promoted.
  14. Unlike yer good self Alan! I vote we end the “Post of the Season” competition now and award it for this belter. 😉