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  1. Yngwie

    Russia - The World Cup

    And another one he knew nothing about (and was offside). He takes a mean penalty though. But I think it is fair to say that for the first time ever, there won’t be many kids around the world pretending to be the World Cup’s golden boot winner, as there were many better strikers.
  2. Yngwie

    Hearts field ineligible player against Cove

    There's a fair chance that one day, ICT might field an ineligible player. When it happens, a section of our support will be queuing up to post the likes of "laughing stock of Scottish football", "shambles", "heads must roll", "amateur", Highland league" etc, completely forgetting that this happens to someone every season, including clubs with far greater administrative resources than us. Just saying!
  3. Yngwie

    Russia - The World Cup

    It was a good tournament but personally still think the Brazil one was the best for ages in terms of entertaining football.
  4. Yngwie

    Russia - The World Cup

    At the end of the day, England didn't beat any team ranked higher than 16th in the world. They did reasonably well and avoided the abject failure and humiliation that has characterised major tournaments of the last 20 years, but when the draw opened up like the parting of the Red Sea, they still weren't up to the task and a wee country ranked lower than them turned out to be a fair bit better and more deserving of a place in the final. The OBEs can go back in the box.
  5. Yngwie

    Kieth Game

    Don’t think we’ll get away with that one in competitive fixtures!
  6. Yngwie

    Pre-season Friendlies Roll Call

    So what was the decision? Both options ended up offering goals from an exciting young striker, but I would suggest the France game offered more drama and entertainment.
  7. Yngwie

    Ex-ICT players' news

    It’s the drug gangs and vigilante death squads who ought to be afraid!
  8. Yngwie

    Who wants Gary Warren to stay?

    Has the legal paperwork regarding Warren’s contract termination actually been finalised and signed? You wouldn’t expect the club to make an announcement before that has been done, even if agreement has been reached on his pay off. No idea if this is the case or not, just a thought.
  9. Yngwie

    The Pre-Season Thread

    Ah, but once they pay our fee.......!
  10. Yngwie

    The Pre-Season Thread

    Surprisingly cheap, too cheap in fact. I’d have thought £10 would have been a better balance of maximising income whilst attracting a decent crowd (bearing in mind the large travelling support and the number of local Dons fans).
  11. Yngwie

    Davie Balfour's End to End by Bike

    Thank you Davie for making me aware of a condition I had never heard of, and more to the point, well done for making a huge physical and mental effort to raise funds for a worthy cause.
  12. Yngwie

    EU In or Out

    The usual nationalist cherry picking and warped manipulation of figures in an attempt to mask the irrefutable truth. The SNP Scottish Government’s own figures show that the public finances here are an absolute basket case with one of the worst per capita deficits the developed world has seen in modern times. For 16/17 Scotland’s public spending was £71bn versus revenue of £58bn. A modest deficit is normal and sustainable but a mismatch of that scale is not. If we no longer want to have the shortfall covered by English taxpayers it would mean either slashing public spending or raising our taxes further, both of which would have adverse economic consequences. There are some very valid reasons to consider independence but until there is a credible solution to this issue the nationalists will never win the argument - and I think Sturgeon is smart enough to know this, hence the ongoing sabre rattling without actually making the call that the hardcore supporters crave.
  13. Yngwie

    EU In or Out

    You mean apart from the massive subsidy from English taxpayers of Scotland’s public spending, without which this project probably wouldn’t be happening any time soon?! Little point bitching about the flaws of being in the UK when the person who has the power to do something about it has backtracked and doesn’t look like delivering the previously promised 2nd referendum.
  14. Yngwie

    Local Heroes

    The hierarchy of preference for me is: 1. Success with local players 2. Success with outsiders 3. Failure with local players 4. Failure with outsiders
  15. Yngwie

    Ex-ICT players' news