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  1. A win’s a win, and good to see our forwards getting goals.
  2. Yngwie

    New Kit

    I think the limit actually applies to the space taken up by the sponsor’s name, which in turn restricts letter size. But the example above is non compliant anyway.
  3. Yngwie

    New Kit

    Could be worse 😉
  4. Just out of interest, did Ridgers miss the target or was it saved?
  5. Yngwie

    Roy MacGregor

    Simple misunderstanding after Roy bought a steak in Inverness.
  6. Cool, 105 points ought to be enough to get us up!
  7. Another impressive pre-season result. I know it all counts for nothing and you can’t read much into these things, but even at this stage I’d much rather see us do well than badly!
  8. He signed for Exeter.
  9. He was really good for us when he got his chance, so no surprise that he some really good saves tonight. Hadn't realised until today that Trafford was a teammate of his in Finland when Trafford signed for us.
  10. Facebook posts suggest Doran and Rooney went off injured early on.
  11. Are folk selecting on the basis of best footballers or the ones they have the fondest memories of? Very different line ups for me!
  12. Carson reportedly on crutches?
  13. Saturdays match at Elgin appears to have post-match entertainment from Barry Robson!
  14. He posted this in 2014: RAF Schleswig, We had quite a team in those days, Got to the BFPO Germany final, I was demobbed three weeks before the final was played and never have heard what the result was. Yeah Scarlet we did meet up, Twas the accent that gave us away and as I remember we had a beer together at the customary post match ''**** up'' For me they were great days, I learned more than I ever did at school, I was super fit, I played table tennis, squash, cricket and anything else that would excuse me from duties down the dungeons where the radar screens were housed. When I did have to go on duties we did hourly shifts with half hour intervals when we played bridge. 'Square bashing' was hard I admit and my first encounter with the Corporal i/c was when we arrived at Bridgenorth laid our kit out on the bed for inspection, he picked up my razor examined it very closely then hurled it to the back wall of the billet shouting rooost. ,when I moved to go and collect it there was a loud scream of ''stand still'' which in a flash I did.After humiliating 90 percent of the other lads he, much to our relief, left the building. I asked the lad standing by the next bed to me what it was about my razor he didn't like he said I think he meant it was rusty!!! He, a lad who's head it had just missed and had brought it back to me looked closely at the razor couldn't find anything wrong with it so we decided if it had been rusty then the best way to get rid of rust was to throw the item against a stone wall. Next day 7am after washing and shaving in cold water we turned up for p. t. in shorts vest and gym shoes. OK fine, shorts and vest but it was raining so we had to put on our boots and double quick at that. After breakfast then it was on parade and if these boots weren't gleaming on parade then you were in big trouble.  Route marches, cross country running in boots were common place. Then the real training started when we were put to test by the RAF Regiment. Gas attack routines, bayonet practice, unarmed combat, shooting, rifle, Bren and grenade practice. You were ready for anything by the end of these weeks believe you me! Life was much easier after that and full marks to them they did make you stand on your own two feet.  My two postings were Middle Wallop for educational training and then Germany, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed.  We had the Vulcan bombers on our airfield, noisy beasts but thrilling to watch take off and land. Fortunately we were only about five miles from the town so to walk that and stagger back after a few beers was nothing to what had gone before.............and yes Scarlet the girls were there at the dances in the beer houses. Reach for your own stars Scarlet !!