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  1. Has Hughes made any public comment yet? I see he has made 5 changes for County’s game today which perhaps says a lot, including Donaldson dropping out.
  2. Welsh not recovered from getting injured in the warm up at Morton, and curiously no place in the squad again for Keatings.
  3. There have been various times in our history when you could watch our team and be proud that we had a really solid defence, usually with a great central pairing. This season has not been one of those times for me - and yet, here we are with the joint best goals against record in the league, and rarely conceding more than one per game even in our poor run of form, so the team is definitely doing something right and as RiG says, the defence deserves more credit than it has been given.
  4. Todorov’s father is also a footballer called Nikolay Todorov, who scored for Bulgaria against Scotland in a 1-1 Euro qualifier tie in 1990.
  5. Got me thinking, where does he stand in our list of best ever East European strikers?!
  6. I’ve just worked out that even with just a few games left, it’s still possible for Dunfermline, QotS, Ayr, Arbroath and Morton to all overtake us and leave in the relegation play-off. Yes my glass is half empty, so I’d better go and top it up....
  7. If we had to choose, I’d rather reach the promotion playoffs than advance another round in the cup.
  8. Indeed, although at one point 2 of them were winning and one drawing.
  9. Having got past 2 teams from the north so far it would be nice to keep that theme going and see if we can get to the final by getting past the likes of Fraserburgh, Formartine and Brora.
  10. I believe the draw is being made at 2pm tomorrow, Sunday 4th April (by the sea shanty singer). Who do we want?
  11. For example: In the Jailend- where your brother is your dad In the Jailend- where your team is just so bad In the Jailend - Caley always make you sad In the Jailend, in the Jailend
  12. With a bit of imagination the chorus to “In the Navy” could be modified to “In The Jailend”!
  13. But tonight just confirms his status as an ICT legend!
  14. Disappointed that there doesn’t seem to have been any post-match comment from John Hughes yet! Are they all still in their changing room?
  15. Only15 seconds between County’s corner and us scoring 😀
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