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  1. Joao

    Old Kits

    Thanks for the reply Jack. Yeah I can see they are quite rare, I've been trying to find them for a while now. Saw the white one on the Classic Football Shirts website in two different occasions but both times in size Small, which is too small for me, so didn't go for them. I guess I'll have to keep trying! Have you or anyone here ever saw one of those dunnotar reproductions in person? I could go for it, but it's difficult to know how they actually look when the picture is just a mockup and not an actual photo... but I do appreciate your help! Cheers
  2. Joao

    Old Kits

    Hi everyone, I'm new here. I'm not Scottish but ICT is my Scottish club. Not sure exactly where in the forum I should create this topic, but couldn't start one in the buy/sell/swap. Sorry if I'm posting this is the wrong area. I was wondering if anyone could help me find these 3 shirts. They are my favourite ICT tops, and would love to get them. Does anyone here have them and would be interested in selling them? Thank you very much!