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Found 91 results

  1. Gringo

    NAPS Competition - Game 03

    Game 3 Only the two divisions this week due to the diddy cup.
  2. Gringo

    NAPS Competition - week 02

    Sorry its a bit late folks, I'm not quite up to full speed yet BEWARE: Falkirk v Sevco is tonight, Fri 15. Week 2
  3. Gringo

    NAPS Competition - Week 01

    Here we go....good luck folks. Week 1
  4. Scotty

    Prediction League 2014-15

    Our SPFL Prediction League has now been configured for the 2014-15 season. Well done to Doofer's Dad for winning last year ..... The month of August is now open for predictions (5 games). To take part in this you need to register. Your registration for the forum does not log you in automatically as its a separate system. If you are one of the users who finished last season (will attach a graphic with the standings) then you are already registered but will need to join the 2014 league in your profile. If you are a newbie or returning player you will need to re-register. its a pretty straightforward process though. How it works We (myself or Gringo) will add the SPFL fixtures prior to matches (usually a few weeks prior) and you simply choose the final score. Predictions need to be in before kick-off time as the system automatically closes things at that time. Points are awarded as follows: 5 Points for predicting the correct number of goals by at least one team. 5 Points for predicting the correct number of goals for the home team. 5 Points for predicting the correct number of goals for the away team. 25 Points for a correct score. i.e. you predict 3-1 and the result is 3-1. 10 Point for a correct result. You predict 1-1, the score is 2-2. 0 Points for a incorrect result. i.e. you predict 3-1 and the result is 1-3. +10 bonus points for the user with the highest weekly total +10 bonus points for the user with the highest monthly total +variable bonus points for selected games throughout season where you predict correct score (10 bonus points for each game in August, +25 for each ICT game) The winner is the person with the most points at the end of the season. simple really. Postponed / TV Games When games are re-arranged due to weather or other postponements we will try to make sure we enter the new date when announced so it remains open for prediction. For TV games, we will normally have the dates/times correct as we only enter data a few weeks in advance (after TV schedules are announced). The "My Predictions" or "My Missing Predictions" links are your friend in making sure you dont miss these when predicting. Prize ? Bragging rights ... its just for fun ! Any other questions ? ask in the topic below ...... 2013/14 Final Standings
  5. Gringo

    NAPS Competition - Week 33

    Hi folks, sorry there was no competition last week. I was without WiFi in deepest Warwickshire and my 'back up' system failed! Just one of those things I'm afraid. Week 33
  6. Gringo

    NAPS Competition - Week 32

    Week 32 Folks - Just to let you know, I wont be able to update the table until next weekend.
  7. Gringo

    NAPS Competition - Week 26

    Week 26 So sorry for the late posting guys. I was sure I posted it up on Wednesday....but it ain't there.
  8. Gringo

    NAPS Competition - Week 23

    Week 23 Only 7 games but we'll give it go. Fingers crossed there aren't many (any) postponements eh!
  9. Gringo

    NAPS Competition - Week 17

    Week 17 Using Bet365 this week. Billy Hill didn't have all the games listed for whatever reason. Update for the week will not be done until late (very) 23 Dec.
  10. Gringo

    NAPS Competition - Week 14

    Week 14 I've scratched the amateur game on Monday...ain't waiting for them