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  1. When all this' taking the knee' kicked off in the EPL and EFL I did consider posting my thoughts on the subject in this forum. I decided that the subject was too volatile and I backed out from doing so.
  2. Changes a few years ago to the system in English football has certainly opened the doors for more clubs to join the limelight/big time. Unfortunately the doors in Scotland remain closed.
  3. I'd also add computer games to that list. There always seems to be money in any household for that brain numbing nonsense. As for raising funds, doesn't the Centenary Club support youth football?
  4. Not anti pink here, I just don't think it looks right on a (male) football shirt. The colour has always be associated with the feminine side of life - no idea why but it always has. Seeing this in a male sporting environment just doesn't sit 'right'. However, full credit for the charity deal, goodness knows they need it right now. Many will like it and many won't, you can't please everyone.'s a no from me.
  5. Can't say that I do. You're in there somewhere but not sure which one. Is that you holding the cup?
  6. You called? 😁
  7. Gringo

    New ICT Podcast

    Brilliant Steve. Not a bad team he's picked there.
  8. Gringo

    New ICT Podcast

    That would explain it then 😂👍
  9. Gringo

    New ICT Podcast

    I can't find it. Not on the Wyness Shuffle list. Is there a linky thingy?
  10. Plenty of old style grounds still in Scotland. I like Ayr too, lots of good times there. Arbroath is also a favourite of mine.
  11. Gringo

    New ICT Podcast

    My thoughts on the stadium and crowd have been vented before but it is outwith the clubs remit...kind of. A lot of grounds, including the big one's, lost a lot of atmosphere when all seater stadia was made law. Bring back the terraces so we can all mix together and jump up and down and sing thus creating an atmosphere
  12. Gringo

    New ICT Podcast

    Nice one Steve. Great little pod cast that. Interesting subject too and some team he's picked there. I look forward to the others. 👍👍
  13. Gringo

    New ICT Podcast

    Brilliant again guys. All sounds very promising for the future of our club. Lots of seeds being sewn by the sounds of it so lets hope they can grow and not be poisoned by Covid19. Well done.
  14. Gringo

    New ICT Podcast

    My vote has been cast. Went for Charlie ahead of Ryan 😂👌