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  1. Isn't Billy prone to getting relegated?
  2. Gringo

    Colts Teams

    Not a good idea in my view. As for the Lowland League decision to allow 'them' in the back door I find shocking and kick in the nads to it's member teams.
  3. It will be a long time before we see those days again. Great times, great memories.
  4. The tale of our two trips to the game would fill the whole programme. I'll think about it..
  5. Very hard to achieve those that's for sure. 🏆
  6. Well, that's that then. After a weird (and frustrating) season and only 23 NAPS games, I'll crown myself the winner for 2020/21 season. Feels like a cheat really as we're at least ten games shy. Oh well, I'll savour the moment, so, until next season, keep it safe and healthy out there.
  7. I think County will escape the drop and it would be good to see another former HL side coming up.
  8. Gringo

    Play Offs

    I could agree to that in their current location. However, the Highland Marchers will always have a respect for the club / fans after the welcome we received on that inaugural event.
  9. Gringo

    Play Offs

    As clear as a foggy day in Blackpool
  10. Yes, the PL is well hidden maybe @Scotty could make it more prominent? Also agree that the NAPS is very frustrating but can be fun. All the competitions have been a tough call this season. Dates and kick off times being the most annoying and trying to keep them up to date. Competitors in the NAPS dwindled away when the offer of prize money was withdrawn and me not wanting to go down the route of having a entry fee. Yes, that would have given us a prize pot but I wasn't in my comfort zone of taking money off folk. Even the NPL lost it's trophy a few seasons back. The trophy was a
  11. It would be great if a few more joined but I guess CTO is being taking over by other social media outlets. Numbers have gradually decreased in recent years in the NPL and NAPS contests.
  12. Gringo

    Play Offs

    I find these play offs so confusing (it's my age). Queens Park crowned champions and in the play off's..go figure. I also find Falkirk's collapse astonishing. And, yes, looks like the Brora challenge has come to an end. They've had a remarkable season though. I'm sure the other teams in league 2 aren't too upset about not having to travel up there though.
  13. Roll of honour for season 2020-2021 Total individual entries: 713 Total correct HT: 174 Total correct FT: 39 Total correct 1st Scorer ICT: 118 Total correct 1st Scorer Opp: 88 Crowd - 10 pts: 0 Crowd - 5 pts: 0 Highest individual points tally: 24 SOS (Game 19) Caley Braveheart (Game 19); Robert (Game 19) Most correct HT: – 13 MrCaleyjag and CaleyCanary Most correct FT: - 5 Caleyjag Most correct 1st Scorer ICT: 10 – caleycalum and Robert Most correct 1st Scorer Opp: – 9 caleycalum Most correct Crowd - 10 pts: –
  14. Table 23 Gringo 263.5 Joonya 225.8 Caleyjag 175.8 Mrs Gringo 175 Caley Braveheart 165.1 CaleyCanary 142.7 MrCaleyjag 140.5 CDN Girl 101.7 SOS 82.7 Scotty 49.9 Tichy_Blacks_Back 0
  15. Top of page. Hover mouse over Features and move across to Prediction League. Be good to have you and others on board next season.
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