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  1. Predictions for Game 16 HT: FT: 1st Scorer ICT: 1st Scorer Queens:
  2. Predictions for Game 15 This would have your Xmas bonus points match, so, because I'm kind and don't wont you to miss out... Bonus points available on this game ICT 1st Scorer DOUBLE points 1st Yellow Card: 2 points HT: FT: 1st Scorer ICT: 1st Scorer Morton: 1st Yellow Card:
  3. Predictions for Game 14 HT: FT: 1st Scorer ICT: 1st Scorer Alloa:
  4. Not sure how the clubs testing policy works but cramming all those fixtures into a short space of time will cause issues...maybe? There's every chance to the Raith game will be off too. Looking at the current situation I wouldn't be a all surprised if the season is cancelled.
  5. Those tickets were £10 a go. As you rightly say, fantastic support. They had folk from all over the world buying them and they've made lots of new friends. A saw a Tweet earlier (with a photo) from a chap who said 'Leaning out of my bedroom widow and watching Gareth Bale. Unreal'
  6. As you've probably all heard, football in Scotland below Championship level has been suspended until at least until 06 Feb.
  7. I was disappointed that BBC didn't mention his time at ICT and in-particular that winning goal against Celtic in the semi final of the Scottish Cup and also the fact he has a Scottish Cup Winners medal...and he can play the guitar.
  8. MATCH POSTPONED - PREDICTIONS NOW VOID Predictions for Game 14 HT: FT: 1st Scorer ICT: 1st Scorer Raith:
  9. I see nothing wrong with his reply to that tweet. Respect.
  10. Gringo

    Ian Broadfoot

    Truly awful news. Our sincere condolences go to all his family and friends. It makes the purchase of his book (signed by the man himself) even more poignant now. I've not read the book yet but when I do I'll raise a glass in his memory and have a tear in my eye.
  11. Table 11 Gringo 275 Joonya 250.3 Caley Braveheart 199.1 CDN Girl 191.6 Caleyjag 184.1 Scotty 181.9 CaleyCanary 181.6 SOS 172 Mrs Gringo 170 MrCaleyjag 165 Tichy_Blacks_Back 90
  12. Think it was a last minute decision to switch the game to Ochilview. Match was abandoned anyway.
  13. Mrs Gringo Stranraer v Annan draw @4.33 Gringo Alloa v Morton draw @3.40
  14. Predictions for Game 15 POSTPONED PREDICTIONS NOW VOID HT: FT: 1st Scorer ICT: 1st Scorer Queens:
  15. Found them 👌 Second pic is of 10CC taking the corner. My eldest lad (wearing the baseball cap) is sat on the advertising board by the corner flag.
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