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  1. You can get an England shirt for that but...seriously, £110 is extortionate. I guess most of that money is for import/postage. Ridiculous.
  2. You're never going to satisfy everyone's tastes when it comes to football shirts. For me it's kind of ok but why did they have to stand so close to the printer when the toner cartridge exploded? I've not bought a shirt in years (seasons) as I prefer the leisure / trainer wear in my old age. Still far too expensive for my pension (£50 -£53 for an adult shirt) so I might buy a biro when I'm next in the shop.
  3. I thought that said Oban for a minute
  4. What the heck was that opening ceremony all about? Disappointing result your boys and not the best performance. At least you can be proud you smashed the anthem singing. I though Ryan had a good game and would have done better if he got the service he needed. That was prevented by the Germans I feel. Chin up guys, you can always laugh at England on Sunday.
  5. Could do a job for us...we need a 'keeper.
  6. It's certainly been a lot busier from a Snr Mod point of view. Constantly keeping an eye on you all. As mentioned in another thread, you're all so well behaved despite to inner anger and frustrations. Well done. Keep it up. Thank you.
  7. We're not going to win eight all season with DF in charge...goalie or not.
  8. Probably only need a taxi at this rate.
  9. Come on England.
  10. Hate clicking on links for the P&J (and Courier) far too many pop ups / ads / subscribe to this / subscribe to that...so I didn't. Can you spill the beams? Who's in?
  11. I think I was in the same pub lol. I too thought that was as far as we could go. And so it proved. That great team went it's separate ways in search of a better wage and who wouldn't to be fair. We lost the momentum of the Cup win and entered the downward spiral with no brakes. I listened to the latest pod. Those guys do a fantastic job and I'm sorry I haven't listened to them more during the season. I congratulate them on the RM interview. I think you have to feel for the guy [RM]. A true Invernesian who's pride must be in tatters. However, surely he has the power to get rid of those that are dragging this club down..no? As for DF - I am 100% certain we will not get out of League 1 with him in charge. No chance. He hasn't got a clue. So, DF, prove me wrong.
  12. You've all been reasonably well behaved so far despite the anger and frustration. Lets keep it that way....please.
  13. I was of the understanding that funds helped youth development? I could be wrong.
  14. For those going to the meeting tonight please have a listen to the Pod Cast first. TWS has brought it all home to me about the strength of feeling about this shambolic situation. It's a long one but, if nothing else, listen to the Falkirk guy, John McInally, [1.13.50]. His side spent 5 season in L1 and tells it like it is. Also take in Lee Tarling's thoughts [2.08.41] it'll have you in tears if you are a true ICT fan.
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