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NFL draft fantasy league

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I mentioned once before  that I was willing to run an NFL  fantasy league for Forum members

It is relatively easy to form  a league or you can join a national league on even a paid league

Leagues usually have 10 teams. There are no transfer fees to worry about as in a soccer fantasy

You join a live draft or you can opt for the automatic draft feature.  There are several rounds , The person who drafts first in the first round drafts last in the second round so on and so forth.

Each person drafts in turn. The NFL make it easy by suggesting the best player available as you go along.

Each slot must be filled, Running backs score the most points so when drafting experienced players try to get the best running backs in their team before somebody else gets them. After that you get Wide receivers and Quarter backs.   Tight Ends and then kickers  are usually left till near the completion of the draft rounds.

There are practice drafts you can sign up for

If enough people show interest I can go ahead and form the league.  I won't worry if insufficient interest is shown . but if people want it I will go ahead

Take the mickey if you like I won't worry about that either, I have heard it all before.  

Link below should help


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