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    The Royal wedding

    The crowds obviously enjoyed it, Nice weather a day out, A lot of church going for people who have never been in a church for years, An American hell fire preacher, I didn't care much for. Apparently worth scores of millions in tourism for the treasury. What more can you ask. Basically two nice people getting hitched , hope it lasts. As Homer Simpson said " Marriage is a three year commitment ", Mine has lasted 49 years , with at least several rows a week to make it interesting. When the groom says " better or worse ", I always feel the bride is thinking " how much worse",?
  2. Laurence

    Championship 2018/19

    Looking at the balance, Alloa Athletic and Ayr United are probably and certainly look better than Brechin and Dumbarton, although Dumbarton on a good day can get a result. The relegated teams from the Premiership, I wonder, neither I think are as good as St. Mirren , Livingston, I wish all the best too of course, where not really any better than us. Hopefully we can enjoy a good season I see no reason not to fear anybody, the extra revenue from hopefully two gates against Ross County will be useful. Partick I have a lot of time for, but I don't think they are as good as St. Mirren Lets go and win the league. Also let us learn to run the clock down when winning with minutes to go. Coaches should be teaching short corners and short passes from free kicks, No need to go gung ho when you are winning.
  3. Laurence

    Jekyll or Hyde?

    I take it then that the team now playing as "Rangers" , is a new Limited Company, and as no connection with the team, formerly known as " Rangers", . If so can the media stop referring to past matches and records of the former " Rangers ". If it is a new club as we all believe including the Rangers board,. Then all previous records etc. of the old club should not be referred too i.e. Talking of the number of cups won, or wins against Celtic. Maybe it is the media who need to wake up to the fact that old club playing as "Rangers", is gone.
  4. Laurence

    On the question of Derby games

    The commentators at the Rangers Celtic match claimed the fixture was the oldest in football. I was very dubious because I though Celtic were not in competitive football in the early days. I got out my history books and noticed that in a competitive match - The first derby with teams still playing today ( In either England or Scotland ) was a third round Scottish FA cup fixture , between Rangers and Partick Thistle Date 1878 -79 Rangers went on to get to the final at Hampden, drew 1. 1 with Vale of Leven. Rangers failed to turn up for the replay claiming they scored the winning goal in the first match which was disallowed. The SFA awarded the cup to Vale.
  5. Laurence

    Jekyll or Hyde?

    The old Wimbledon, now MK Dons have returned the FA cup trophy and the Amateur cup trophies they won as the previous franchise to the Merton District Town Hall ( which takes in Wimbledon ) as they feel it was inappropriate to keep them. I do wonder, Charles will know ?, Are the trophies won by our two former clubs, residing in The Inverness museum, or similar place - If the example to be followed by Wimbledon, is the correct approach or not ?
  6. Laurence

    Tax regime and computers

    Setting up a new tax regime in Scotland is going to be something of a jolly for computer programmers. Each employer will have to have two schemes, one for those who live this side of the border and one for those who live outside Scotland. Tax offices both sides of the " Mason Dixon line" , will have to be careful they apply the right rates. Like myself my tax is controlled by the office in Bootal, and my wife is subject to the office in Portsmouth. I suppose it is simple to apply a post code to see what tax regime to apply. Will the very wealthy suddenly become domiciled in England to avoid being nailed by higher taxes. Many of the top earners do have homes either side of the border, I know a rich farmer who is " something in the City ", he spends time in London and lives in Scotland. What is to stop him now saying he lives in London and his Scottish address is just a holiday home. It can end up a nightmare for people in the border regions who live in Gretna but work in Carlisle. Like a lot of aspects in the government of Scotland there is more to life than the simplistic approach.
  7. Laurence

    Going Ballistic

    I apologise if this has been mentioned before, but I have only just found out. That the headline " Going Ballistic etc. " in respect of Calley's defeat of Celtic , was not original. ) Apparently, it was based on a lesser known headline from the 1970s, also football related. That version relates to Liverpool’s Ian Callaghan playing a blinder in a victory over QPR: ‘ "Super Cally Goes Ballistic, QPR Atrocious’." note. Ian Callaghan played more times for Liverpool than anyone else Source
  8. Laurence

    Going Ballistic

    Thanks to all - I am a fan of the TV programme " The Chase " - about a week ago it was a question, The contestant got it wrong - " The Beast " , got it right. That was how I came to know the information. By the way picking holes in a 74 years old spelling mistakes smacks of someone with nothing better to do with his time.- You should note Ian Callaghan has two LLs in his name I will be taking time out from this Forum as my wife says I waste too much time on it, When I should be drinking sherry and bookselling and gardening I am off to Aintree tomorrow I will be there at the Grand National in The Tattersalls ring . See, you all next season. God Bless !
  9. Laurence

    Devastating sad news

    I an only emphasise with the families and friends of these teenagers killed on their way to play in an ice hockey play off. It makes you put all the ins and outs of our own problems on this forum in perspective Our Canadian contributors on this forum must be feeling the devastation , more than I can imagine. I note the Prime minister of Canada has made his thoughts very clear on the event , 14 killed and 3 more in a very critical condition
  10. Laurence

    Tax regime and computers

  11. Laurence

    A curse on sky Sports

    The extremely popular Sky Sports presenter Natalie Sawyer has had her contract I believe terminated by Sky. Is it because she is now 38 and passed her sell by date? No reason given , Shame on you Sky
  12. Laurence

    Tax regime and computers

    e We could rid ourselves of devolution, and save that money pit drain in Edinburgh. We could send equivalent of the Barnet formula to the local authorities throughout Scotland , and go back to being a proper Union.
  13. Laurence

    Tax regime and computers

    What I was trying to say, is all computers in many business' will have to be reset to accommodate the new tax regime. If you are a company like Scot Rail for instance , with employees domiciled in both England and Scotland, someone will have to work out PAYE for that company, with different rates. That multiplied throughout the land both in England and Scotland, will just feather the nest of computer programmers. It's as simple as that. This will be a burden put on English based companies by a Scottish government . I leave the argument on the political side to others. I just see it myself as a waste of money. I well realise that the party I support would mess even more with the rates. I do not agree with different rates within the Union.
  14. Laurence

    Word Association

  15. Laurence

    Inverness CT -V- St Mirren

    I think Association Football to give it its proper name, is about the only major sport, at a professional level , I know that is officiated the same as in the 19th century. I know that we have the guy behind the goal in champions league matches, and some form of goal -line technology is in the English game, but basically at our level not much as changed I would like to see a rule where referees have to consult the Assistant and the fourth official; and the penalties are not given unless the majority agree. The linesman should have guts to say " ref now was no way penalty ", there seems to be some sort of code that Assistants have to follow, where they won't disagree with refs. With regard to diving the same procedure should follow. Where cameras are available they too should be consulted. I know you can't have a watertight system, but referees should remember it is not about them. I am told the good referees are not noticed. Cheating is ruining the game, but so too is bad refereeing. By the way should this not be removed from above BridgeAndCastle said: Go home Butcher, you doddery, bumbling, inept old English Hun tw%t. It is disrespectful to arguably the best manager this club every had , and has an English man I take it personally too.
  16. Laurence

    Inverness CT -V- St Mirren

    I came away not sure of anything except my perceptions of the penalties given was right. Before the 2nd penalty I said to the guy sitting behind me if he puts it in a similar place the goalkeeper will save it. I thought the first half was a mess for us, We were definitely second best and St Mirren seemed to be in control , our passing was hurried and long and usually finding an opposition player. The goalkeepers ( ours ) kicking was Pat Jennings like virtually the full length of the pitch and caused the Saints defence to back peddle. St Mirren top of the league with twice as many points as us, and it showed. Together with a singing crowd support they could have gone into a bigger first half lead. The second half we pulled our socks up, St Mirren scored from a free kick just outside the box, I am sure the St. Mirren supports would argue it was just inside, I thought at the time we were lucky it as outside. A man on the far post would have been a good idea I thought. Nobody expected the comeback, A Warren header from a corner made it 2 .I and our own free kick, similar to theirs made it 2 apiece. St Mirren who had been coasting and had gone into hibernation, suddenly woke up . There followed some terrific end to end play, the St Mirren fans true to the old concept " You only sin well you winning ", fell into silence and shock I feel. Towards the end one of our players ( I didn't notice who) , headed the ball over the Saints goalkeeper and for a split second I was sure we had scored , but the custodian reached high above his head and saved. It is always easy to criticise the ref , but the ref didn't inspire any sort of confidence. Irrespective of the decisions he just did not look the part, He seemed very unsure of himself, Having said that we couldn't have a game without them.
  17. Laurence

    Word Association

  18. Laurence

    Word Association

  19. Laurence

    Scottish cricketers 'robbed'

    I think being whacked for six would knock off the most fierce coating - The white ball not used in test match has a coating which does not shine up so easily , hence it doesn't swing at high speed You also have to accommodate the spinner who needs to grip the ball . The structure of the red ball has been the same for decades, I can't see it being altered. Tony locke a fantastic English spinner of years gone by used to rub the ball in the sawdust provided for filling the bowlers foot holes , until he was stopped . by a combination of aggrieved fast bowlers and the authorities. The ball has an active life being slammed into the stands over and over , hitting boundary boards , being soaked in rain water . Down under they use a different ball to the British one, which I am told behaves less likely to swing. It is the battle between bat and ball which makes cricket the most difficult of sports to play and to master.
  20. Laurence

    Scottish cricketers 'robbed'

    I think we have not heard the last of the fines or the bans. The Prime Minister of Australia is on the case and he is furious. Australia is a country I feel will not tolerate this kind of publicity Michael Clarke the former captain said, "" It is a nightmare, I can't wake up from "" Australia will be merciless on these guys Scotland did well , but what has happened to the West Indies, once the mighty power , that used to blast all before it , ??????
  21. Laurence

    Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    I get your point John, I was just thinking we have a job to do, and not to get carried away with celebrating. A job to do that must be done.
  22. Laurence

    Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    Lets not get carried away. A good day yesterday, but the team still has a job to do in the league, Far more important job to do. They have to make sure they don't finish second bottom. I for one don't want to play a team like Raith Rovers in a two match play off . Lets concentrate on doing a job for the rest of the season. Matches left Away games They look difficult. If Dumbarton park the bus not even a certain 3 points there Home games , Brechin is a certain 3 points , Dumbarton is the critical one , but again the dreaded bus may be parked, as they will also be fighting for survival The other games anything can happen , As I said we have a job to do. Somebody I once knew did a survey of midweek floodlit games and he told me a team was far more likely to drop points at home than on a Saturday fixture. Tue 27 19:45 H Dundee Utd League Sat 31 15:00 H St. Mirren League April 2018 Tue 3 19:45 H Brechin City League Sat 7 15:00 A Queen of the South League Tue 10 19:45 H Falkirk League Sat 14 15:00 H Dumbarton League Tue 17 19:45 A Dumbarton League Sat 21 15:00 H Dunfermline League Tue 24 19:45 A Livingston League Sat 28 15:00 A Morton League
  23. Laurence


    Would you ( anybody on here ) take a cup final defeat in exchange for a league win against Dumbarton ?
  24. Laurence


    Dixie Dean played for Tranmere Rovers , 60 goals in a season on his move to Everton. Arguably the best centre forward ever
  25. Laurence


    I thought Queen of the South looked a decent outfit. Not a given that we will pick up 3 points against them.