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  1. Laurence

    The Royal wedding

    Romantic drivel - If we have a border issue between the Republic and Northern Ireland that would be nothing compared to the issues thrown up by a Brexit border I mentioned , . Only time will tell what the issues will be between England and Scotland's border - All imports will have to be paid for, Scotland will have a balance of payments problem from day one. Stand at the side of the road, Count how many cars are built in Scotland. Go in Argus, Tesco, Asda, or any major store, find goods made in Scotland. Remember separate from England , Scotland will have to pay its own bills. No British treasury to bail out Scotland, - Berlin won't want another Greece ? No way will England let Scotland have the pound, they are not daft enough to underwrite Scotland's import bill.
  2. Laurence

    Word Association

    Salvador Dalí
  3. Laurence

    Gary Warren told he can leave

    It all brings a bit of jazz to a lot of people with , Hum Drum, lives. Keep going Charles keep us entertained,
  4. Laurence

    Music for the team to run out too

    Que será, será What will be, will be
  5. Laurence

    Highland Derbies Next Season

    Que será, será What will be, will be and Lets not be negative before the season even starts
  6. Laurence

    Championship 2018/19

    No more nightmares then ?
  7. Or to play when we score I know there are (c) problems but maybe that can be sorted
  8. Laurence

    The Royal wedding

    I suppose some people will never be happy until we get the banana Peoples Republic of Caledonia, and have an hard Brexit border stretching from Berwick to Carlisle. Because that's whets coming
  9. Laurence

    Gary Warren told he can leave

    I should think there will be quite a few clubs interested in his services ,I think he is still a good player , Too many of our past stalwarts are lining up against us. Down south teams like Accrington or my own favourite Bury I am sure would be delighted to sign him. Useful centre backs don't grow on trees. I suspect his injury situation may not help.
  10. Laurence

    Liam Polworth - One Of Our Own - Take 2

    I think Kingsmills is being quite unkind to the poster who expects more from players who disappoint the fans. My perception is if you are not performing in your chosen career then at best you should expect criticism. The days have gone when most people get a job for life , Politicians for instance can be out of work anytime they face the polls. Soldiers have short term contracts, Actors and writers also often have short careens Lots of people don't have security in their employment. Mothers often have to give up work because the cost of child minding is out of their reach Although I can agree to a point with the general sentiment put forward by Kingsmills, I think he should understand that the general perception of footballers is they work only 90 mins. every week plus a modicum of training thrown in and a long holiday every summer, With regard to career ending in their mid thirties, there is nothing to stop players taking their coaching badges and carrying on in the game. I don't want to start a row , but people like caleyboy are entitled to get frustrated,
  11. Laurence

    The Royal wedding

    The crowds obviously enjoyed it, Nice weather a day out, A lot of church going for people who have never been in a church for years, An American hell fire preacher, I didn't care much for. Apparently worth scores of millions in tourism for the treasury. What more can you ask. Basically two nice people getting hitched , hope it lasts. As Homer Simpson said " Marriage is a three year commitment ", Mine has lasted 49 years , with at least several rows a week to make it interesting. When the groom says " better or worse ", I always feel the bride is thinking " how much worse",?
  12. Laurence

    Championship 2018/19

    Looking at the balance, Alloa Athletic and Ayr United are probably and certainly look better than Brechin and Dumbarton, although Dumbarton on a good day can get a result. The relegated teams from the Premiership, I wonder, neither I think are as good as St. Mirren , Livingston, I wish all the best too of course, where not really any better than us. Hopefully we can enjoy a good season I see no reason not to fear anybody, the extra revenue from hopefully two gates against Ross County will be useful. Partick I have a lot of time for, but I don't think they are as good as St. Mirren Lets go and win the league. Also let us learn to run the clock down when winning with minutes to go. Coaches should be teaching short corners and short passes from free kicks, No need to go gung ho when you are winning.
  13. Laurence

    Jekyll or Hyde?

    I take it then that the team now playing as "Rangers" , is a new Limited Company, and as no connection with the team, formerly known as " Rangers", . If so can the media stop referring to past matches and records of the former " Rangers ". If it is a new club as we all believe including the Rangers board,. Then all previous records etc. of the old club should not be referred too i.e. Talking of the number of cups won, or wins against Celtic. Maybe it is the media who need to wake up to the fact that old club playing as "Rangers", is gone.
  14. Laurence

    Jekyll or Hyde?

    The old Wimbledon, now MK Dons have returned the FA cup trophy and the Amateur cup trophies they won as the previous franchise to the Merton District Town Hall ( which takes in Wimbledon ) as they feel it was inappropriate to keep them. I do wonder, Charles will know ?, Are the trophies won by our two former clubs, residing in The Inverness museum, or similar place - If the example to be followed by Wimbledon, is the correct approach or not ?
  15. Laurence

    Going Ballistic

    Thanks to all - I am a fan of the TV programme " The Chase " - about a week ago it was a question, The contestant got it wrong - " The Beast " , got it right. That was how I came to know the information. By the way picking holes in a 74 years old spelling mistakes smacks of someone with nothing better to do with his time.- You should note Ian Callaghan has two LLs in his name I will be taking time out from this Forum as my wife says I waste too much time on it, When I should be drinking sherry and bookselling and gardening I am off to Aintree tomorrow I will be there at the Grand National in The Tattersalls ring . See, you all next season. God Bless !