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  1. Laurence

    Word Association

  2. Laurence

    Inverness CT -V- Edinburgh City

    Trust me to miss the match = I was helping a friend in a Contract Bridge tournement Fantastic turn around from Saturday ,
  3. Laurence

    Inverness Ct -V- Falkirk

    A grim day in the annals of Inverness Caledonian Thistle, Doesn't need Einstein to work that out Basically a blind man on a galloping horse can see we need a centre forward, We seem to be striking by committee . We were undone against Falkirk, with a guy on loan from Rangers, a message in there for January one would think.
  4. Laurence

    Edinburgh City - Scottish Cup

    Whilst we are all moaning and groaning about a draw away from home Look at this Kingsmills is right yo refer to a lack of class
  5. Laurence

    Canada Post

    Hi Scotty , Hope you are on the mend I had a message from Royal Mail to say I can now ship to Canada . I had an email from a lady in British Columbia to say she had a mail truck outside her house and there was no problem. With regards to "free post" , with Amazon it seems to be a sacred cow. If you don't use free post it defaults into the local rate. I got into more or less had too, as Amazon com now have a north American package which is good value It includes Mexico ( which I pulled out of ) because the postal service there is very slow and I had to refund customers before I got bad feedback I specialise in Scottish books which the people in North America and Australia seem to like. Royal Mail charge me under my bulk selling contract the same for anywhere in the world outside the EU and it runs between £4 and £7 according to weight. It gets very busy at this time of the year I often ship between 20 and thirty books in a day. Finding time to get to games is often difficult. I also play Contract bridge, and walking football ( they don't walk ) Hope all is OK with you ! My company in Canada - Is - books of Garten -
  6. Laurence

    Canada Post

    I sell a lot of books to Canada I am on Amazon CA , I recently put my books there on inactive. I am still selling on Amazon com and Abe and bible . Orders at the moment for Canada I have been advised by Royal Mail not to send them My customers seem happy for me to hold them until the situation clears up I do free post on Amazon , one of the reasons I am not too happy to use a private carrier
  7. Laurence

    Better Together ?

    The Union flag to give it its correct title ( Jack is a flag for marine use ) was designed by a Scotsman The debate is not purely a political one but about a way of life. There are many functions that the two countries enjoy . That will be lost on separation. Look at all the rows surrounding Brexit, that would be nothing should Scotland leave the Union. I can see immense problems I won't go into now , but they are self evident.. Some would a "no deal", others would want to negotiate, a veritable minefield awaits if the vote goes to separate. I say again ii is not a general election , present day politics , should not be part of the debate.
  8. Laurence

    Canada Post

    To all those who have relative's in Canada be aware of the Postal strike there , as it will effect Christmas mail Information on|ddn|lr|5&ref=hlpn_2_2089672741942420928_2 I advise you use UPS or other private carrier regards Laurence -
  9. Laurence

    Edinburgh City - Scottish Cup

    Not long since we were winning this cup , how things change. Away wins at Celtic for instance , well never mind, keep dancing. Seem to remember a lower league team defeating Celtic in the cup , who was that I wonder ?. Lets all cry in our beer,
  10. Laurence

    QOS -V- Inverness CT

    John Roberson made this quote on BBC sport " Inverness CT manager John Robertson: "For 70 minutes Queen of the South should have been six or seven nothing up. "They were the best team, they outfought us, they outplayed us, they outrun us, they bullied us, they played some magnificent football. "We got a goal out of nothing, and then we get another quick goal and you think we might have a wee chance here, and then we get a penalty."
  11. Laurence

    Better Together ?

    The big problem for Scotland after all - Is can Scotland afford it ? , All the imports would have to be paid for. All these nice cars on Harbour Road all the goods in all the big stores are mainly imported would have to be paid for in the originating countries currency Oil revenue could crash - Apparently even in good times there was insufficient revenue to cover the cost of the NHS It can't be done folks , forget it. Let the treasury in London worry about the imports. This idea that it gets Scotland away from a reactionary government doesn't hold. It is not a general election it is for ever. Can SNP people guarantee that a reactionary government would never get power in Scotland , course they can't forever is a long time. Just think about it. Of course scots are passionate people and to think it is all sweetness and light, and people on benefits will all be bathing in goats milk , No there are not enough tax payers to fund the expense of extra benefits. The whole idea of Independence is a dream, nothing more nothing less. Brexit was a bad idea, this is worse. The idea that Scotland as a separate country would be welcomed with open arms, in Europe Wouldn't work either. If a border in Ireland is difficult one running from Gretna to Berwick , would be a nightmare, Imagine every time you go south, being stopped and having to show your documents. I am an on-line seller, I rely on the Royal Mail. Seriously if you ran the Royal Mail would you operate in Scotland, with its long distance between towns, and the commitment to supply remote Islands, No you would leg it from Scotland the day separation took place and the Act of Parliament that enforces the use of the Royal mail would no longer apply, If you are not a Scot, you would to all intents and purposes be living in a foreign land, Something a lot of people would not be comfortable with. Have you considered that the millions of Scots living in the south would find themselves living in a foreign country. At one time Scots were really well liked in England, they had professional jobs , and looked up too. Even now after the last Referendum. The stock of Scots living in England has dropped considerably. Young people go to England to make a career. Job opportunities for graduates amongst other aspects are better , So what do you get a sort of mini brain drain. No Thanks , we are much better together. The SNP claim on occasion to be Socialists one of the early principals of Socialism, was to break down borders, not build them.
  12. Laurence

    Better Together ?

  13. Laurence

    Inverness CT -V- Ross County

    The Through ball for the 2nd County goal was offside by at least a yard albeit the end result was an own goal I had a blazing row with a County fan on my way to the car after the game I shouted you should be ashamed to support such a team all went quiet I was really round up! , Although I am an old man I was ready for a punch up. I was a bit of a boxer years ago.
  14. Laurence

    Scotty ~ A Personal Statement

    Hi Scotty I had the operation to remove my prostate gland just after I arrived in Scotland. I must say I had fantastic treatment in Raigmore, I know what you are going through believe you me. I am still here 8 years after. My brother lost his prostate about two years before me and he is alive and well. So you can see that there is hope if they catch it early enough. In any event it will change your life , I won't go into the details on line, but you do need the support of your family. Take care and God bless , Laurence