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  1. Laurence

    Shares on The UP """"""""""""

    Well said DD very profound. I would not have the temerity to advise anybody . My wife is over 50 she gives me advice I have to take note of? Dow trading at 25170 Galliford trading at 7.05 Market down slightly
  2. Laurence

    Shares on The UP """"""""""""

    Thanks for your interest I got them in around 2000 a broker came into my book shop and he said to buy them . I paid about a £1000 and them I bought some more. later on when they had a share issue.They went up to arpund £10,000 . When the crash came they dropped right down. I bought some more about a year ago with another share issue offer came . I just pick up the dividend twice a year, which is very good compared with interest rates you get at the bank. I really have no intention of selling them. I am 76 this year so unless I go broke they will be left to my kids. They are just a good source of income for me. good solid company that does very well, builds schools and hospitals and the like.
  3. Laurence

    Calling ALL Armchair managers

    We could swap manager wish Chorley for starters ?
  4. Laurence

    Disgraceful attitude of a tiny minority of ICT fans

    What is the motivation of these fans ? I realise they wish to show their disappointment and displeasure at performances. Is it just a young male problem ? Is it a society problem ?. I say this because , I see very little respect in he media , for important members of society . People these days do not hold back in venting their frustration, in ways in my day would not have been tolerated. I have no answer ? My Dad always said " treat other people as you would wish to be treated yourself, courtesy costs nothing". If people do not enjoy their football, why go to the matches? Imagine if these supporters were Notts County fans, the oldest club in football, founder member of the original football league, about to drop out of the EFL into obscurity. They would really have something to moan about. !!! Yes Johnjo you will see them at Chorley next year, amazing !!!
  5. Laurence

    Shares on The UP """"""""""""

    Sorry I really don't think these fund managers are to be relied on but still they make a lot of money.? Dow today is 25280 Galliford holing firm at 717 slight drop yesterday
  6. Laurence

    Shares on The UP """"""""""""

    Galiford try ▲ 15.50 (2.19%) Gaiford try if you don't know Built and own, but let back to the occupiers of the new building for the University of the Highlands in Inverness
  7. Laurence

    Shares on The UP """"""""""""

    In Real time just watch
  8. Laurence

    Word Association

  9. Laurence

    Shares on The UP """"""""""""

    Galiford Try Share Print feedback London: GFRD · 11 January, 18:28 BST 717.50 ▲ 12.50 (1.77%) 11th JanDow Jones Industrial Average Share Print feedback DOW · 11 January, 16:48 EST 23,995.95 ▼ 5.97 (0.025%)
  10. Laurence

    Shares on The UP """"""""""""

    I have shares in Galliford try plc up nearly 9% London is doing quite nicely Galliford Try PLC Share Print feedback London: GFRD · 28 December, 18:28 BST 627.00 ▲ 50.50 (8.76%) Dow is Dropping quite a bit. this is usual after a big rise known as profit taking - Also many brokers on holiday - See if it is sustainable next week ? USA 30 YM 23037 -0.49% High: 23369 Low: 22955 USA 30 Futures CFD, based on Dow Jones futures. The Dow Jones Industrial Average tracks 30 US blue-chip companies. Yahoo! Finance Add favorite Set alert Sell 23037 Buy 23040
  11. The Dow Jones today topped 1000 points daily rise. For the first time ever Driven by a surge in the oil price. Get ready to pay more for your fuel folks ? Dow Jones Industrial Average DOW · 26 December, 16:07 EST 22,878.45 ▲ 1,086.25 (4.98%) 22298.09 13:40 Vol: 2.5M
  12. Laurence

    Greenock Morton v ICT

    Last time I looked Chorley topped their league you must be chuffed John ?
  13. Laurence

    Greenock Morton v ICT

    Hopefully we ca get going now Promotion is anyone's guess dependant on your optimism quotient - but and County the two United's will take some catching
  14. Laurence

    Word Association