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  1. Laurence

    Inverness CT - Morton

    The people around me thought the Morton goal was offside - I took the view that the ball into the box was lateral and could not be offside, A player must be in front of the ball when it is payed irrespective of the position of the defenders Rooney having a go at the ref was not the best thing to do.. Morton as they were last season are a strong well balanced outfit, with a traditional 442 set up. . For long periods of the match Morton looked in control.
  2. Laurence

    The Royal wedding

    I did answer you !!! - I explained to you at the time that I was an " out of Print bookseller ", not a new book shop. My core business is to recycle old books. especially books with Scottish titles, I for my sins even sell Nationalist biased books which I must admit sell like hot cakes, most of which I read before posting, So I am well aware of the issues, probably as well if not better than most on this forum. I still have many on my shelves , if anyone wants them, I am as they say in Yorkshire " I am not a proud chap". I take your comments as very unfair, Maybe you didn't get my response, if so I can see why you are upset. I have been writing my own book a task I find very demanding, my hat is off to your wife for her hard work. I think I suggested at the time that you use Amazon, Because if I was to take your book, all I would do is put the book on a on-line platform. regards Laurence
  3. Laurence

    The Royal wedding

    Is Ladarna gach Cu' air shitig fhe'in
  4. Laurence

    Inverness CT -V- Partick

    I thought the assistant referee on the main stand side in the first half was diabolical , Firstly he gave a Partick guy offside when clean through, and he was onside as I was sitting directly in line On two other occasions when blatant fouls occurred just in front of him, he gave the ref who was far away no help what's so ever, the Ref got the blame for not blowing , but I felt he should have had help from his assistant. - The assistant , never gave a throw in until the player picked the ball up, or the Ref gave it . The guy got his match fee for nothing. I thought 3 players on our side stood out No1 No7 and No3 Polwarth was my man of the match , he was very unlucky not to have scored when his shot it the post and bounced around the goalmouth before it was eventually headed home. But on the whole we will play better and not win before the season ends that's for sure.
  5. Laurence

    Stubbs second gaffer to go

    Maybe Livingston will be the surprise packet this year ? or maybe not
  6. Laurence

    Two penalty saves in 5 minutes

    Amazing these guys
  7. Laurence

    Two penalty saves in 5 minutes

    I noticed Connor Ripley the Oldham keeper saved two penalties this weekend playing for Oldham in a goalless draw One in the 89th minute and one in the 94th minute. Quite incredible. ( last kick of the match )
  8. Laurence

    Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    I can't fault effort by either the players or the coaches But something is wrong? Is it the players, or is it the tactics ? That is the question, or is it both Maybe todays game will give us the answer
  9. Laurence

    Inverness CT -V- Ayr Utd

    I have seen abusive chants from the opposition fans in my time , but from home fans it is very uncommon Ronnie Mauge a Bury player was playing in a game against Bolton, when the Bolton fans chanted " Ronnie Ronnie " where's your wife " ?, shortly after it was reported in the press his wife had left him.. Various references to black players years ago, together with banana throwing , but not from home fans . I am sure our No 7 will know the majority of supporters would not condone this aspect of chanting ;and know he will get his form back before long.
  10. Laurence

    Inverness CT -V- Ayr Utd

    I asked at the office if there where any programmes, they gave me a team sheet. I was a little upset because it was my granddaughter's first match, and I wanted the programme for a memento. I have still got programmes for my son's and my daughter's first games , which I cherish although they are over 40 years old. The office told me they did not sell enough to make it viable.
  11. Laurence

    Milicent Martin - TW3
  12. Laurence

    Inverness CT -V- Ayr Utd

    On my way home from the match, an old Millicent Martin song , from TW3 came to mind. In essence she would sing " That was the week that was, its over, let it go ", I translated that into " That was the match that was, its over let it go. I think reading what everybody else thinks not far off the general consensus of opinion on this web forum. Personally I wish to forget it and let it go. If some of you have never heard of "That was the week that was". ? known as TW3 I have posted a link in "general nonsense" seeing as it happened well over 50 years ago when I was in my prime
  13. Laurence

    The Royal wedding

    Well I really don't know why you ask, unless its to make fun of me, but I will tell you, I am now 75 years of age, I grew up in a time when if you lived in England, people loved Scotland and would go there on holiday whenever they could, my dad was a mill manager, one of the best engineers of working cotton mill machinery there was. He often came up to Paisley to help in maintaining the mules there. He sometimes brought as well me when I was quite small. We had a car and would pull a caravan, up from Lancashire, and at the age of 10 would visit Inverness. When I was around 17, years of I drove my motor bike all round Scotland, I just loved the place. Later on when I got married and had a young child , I visited Scotland and camped . As I grew into my adult years, we often visited Scotland, and my son rented a cottage in Aberfeldy,, we visited him on many occasions, He wanted us to move north. On top of that at the end of the last century, having retired from the Fire Service, and was later, privatised by good old John Major, I'rn a bookshop in Sussex, I realised that was just the Internet was now the way to sell books, I was selling more on the Internet than I was selling in the shop. I gave up the lease, and took the books home. I noticed on the Internet that a large property was for sale in Inverness-shire , I bought it because it had a large storage area. I brought from Sussex 12 thousand books which I have since increased to 34,000 , I gave another 5000 to my son to start his own business . I am well suited to life in the Scottish village, I Live in, and there is no way at my age am I going to leave, and be driven out by rampant Nationalists who have no idea the harm they will cause to this beautiful place.
  14. Laurence

    Word Association

    Guy Fawks
  15. Laurence

    Hearts Game

    Just a point the Hearts goalie was outstanding two world class saves didn't help our cause one iota.