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  1. Who's to blame..

    The reason we ran out of steam and the defence dropped deeper and deeper was because the ref wasn't allowing the midfield to tackle. Prior to the goal the midfield was winning the ball quite easily and the defence had little to do. However, after the goal the Ref was blowing up for everything. You could see the midfield become more and more relectant to challenge espically after Bayne and Black got booked for nothing. I probably wouldn't have put on Caff on either, we needed to keep the ball up the field and Rory is quite good at holding onto the ball in the corner. However I don't think he even got the chance to do that!
  2. cheerio mark

    All the best to Brownie (excpet against us obviously) who has been a quality keeper for us since he came North. Without him, I doubt we would have had as much success as we have had. I think he has it in him to become a celtic No.1 and hopefully Scotland's No.1. Boruc isn't going to be there forever! But lets on dwell on the past, lets get behing Mike Fraser, who has shown signs of being a quality keeper. No need to feel bitterness towards Mark, £100k is not bad business.
  3. Tipped For The Drop

    I am very glad Andy Walker has tipped us for the drop for the 3rd season in a row. I wouldn't feel as confident of staying up if he gone for someone else.
  4. For all the old jaggies out there