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  1. Aye... so yer saying..🤔
  2. For sure Jock! Away days, especially for a cup final are always good days out.
  3. From the left ( there's 4 ) Peter ( son of Tm4tj ) Billy Fish ( Innes bar legend ) Tm4tj and Caley100 .
  4. Few dodgy's on train to Perth Challenge cup final.
  5. The nine show tonight are interviewing an SPFL Chairman, Might be interesting, Then again maybe not...
  6. Feck feb8th2000 !!!!! What ever happened to him, Entertainment for sure, He also brought about the IHE pitch invasion saga at the Caledonian stadium , excellent laugh. Johndo should share the full story.
  7. What i didn't realise (scary bit) is that these were the first goals Alloa have scored at home since January,! And its their first win against us in 6 games. Robertson obviously does not have a plan B, The continual slinging balls into 1/5 Jordan gets a very poor return, Especially if we are up an organised central defence ( other than Morton) . The same team will be out on Tuesday and the tactics will be the same.
  8. Our performances against the 2 part timers and basement boys Patrick have been nothing less than shocking, If fact they are a disgrace, that is unless we get 4 goals today ....
  9. Well a great 3 points and other results went our way...for a change! Mind you we struggled for long periods tonight, Morton did what other teams have done and worked their asses off to close us down and stop us playing. First 25 mins were fine then Morton woke up and put us under a fair bit of pressure although not creating much of note, Jordan had a great header tipped over the bar before fairly battering a header into the corner of the net to make it 1-0 ( not like him) Into the second half and Morton had us on the ropes, We decided to help them score... Up stepped Rooney ( well placed header ) to restore our lead, ICT then decided to help Morton score again by another calamity in defence by Tremarco. However as the disgruntled fans started thinking about heading for the exits up stepped Toddy and left us not a bit disgruntled. Bit of a Jeckll and Hyde performance again, Walsh man of the match...giz a break.
  10. FECKS SAKE... Carson gives it away with a stupid pass!! now 3 down
  11. Excellent !!!! calm down and concentrate now!!!
  12. Doug Ross is the most clueless b'stard to walk a football pitch. Well done ICT for beating Livvy. Conditions were horrific, but the best team won. ??????