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  1. Yes!!! FT Win ugly... that'll do me fine...just fine, off for a beer.
  2. Yes!!!!! victory( maybe) snatched from the jaws of a draw!!!!!!
  3. According to BBC Dunfermline have had no shots on target!
  4. Very good, nice to get to another cup final, however was it a bit risky to play some key players so soon to a more important cup game? Why not play more younger layers, I know we've lost some to the Fort but surely playing the likes of McCart and Keatings was a gamble? Its not like they need match fitness.
  5. On hols,. Good to see he's changed the starting 11. Hope it works. C'mon Inverness!!!!!
  6. Ta for link, thats me and Caleystan paid !
  7. I canna seem to access a payment method from that link Scotty, just says subscription expired??
  8. Somebody should inform Robertson... he obviously can't have noticed this.
  9. So the consensus is that we're feckin shyte early season and we'll improve as the months go by... Bloody hope so.
  10. Robbo has to change these tactics, Totally awful to watch and not getting results. Didn't go to Tannadump but the two cup games I went to were rotten on the eyes. Not looking forward to Arbroath game could be a banana skin if we don't improve.
  11. Feared hearing that White started up front... knew the long ball tactic was on the cards.. does not work.
  12. Only if we get White and Trafford away to feck from the starting line-up.
  13. And... we're out of the league cup, Again at the league stages.
  14. So, not much to smile about! 2 shots on target?? FFS something needs to change, we have been playing shyte for all the cup games and nothing alters his starting line up/tactics. Going to get pumped if we play like this at the Arabs.