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  1. Lot of glass half full stuff.... reality check is that a better team will punish us big time. Trafford was poor, He'll get punted when Welsh is fit ( I hope ) white I'm afraid is still a donkey. Tremarco got caught out a few times and is surely on his last season. Positives are there, Keatings looked sharp, Carson did ok despite being out of position. We'll see what Tuesday night brings against Cove.
  2. Winning 4.-1 is great but a pretty unconvincing performance I'm afraid. Lot of scrappy play, missed passes and some mediocre firm from some players. We need to sharpen up big time as there are some teams that will punish us unlike Raith today. Not much interplay between Keatings and White to talk about if 4 4 2 is going to be the setup.
  3. But had we won 3 0 we would all be delighted that our season was off to a great start, however...
  4. Only cup game in Scotland with no goals...
  5. Too much action at the wrong end for me! c'mon giz a goal ICT!!
  6. Jordan White scoring 107 goals??? FECK ME! that must include training games?
  7. Don't think we need any of the Scots team lassies mun, They have done an ICT type collapse in the second half and drawn 3-3 as a result are now off home.. The VAR decided that Alexanders feet were not both on the ground as the pen was take FFS!!! give me strength.
  8. caley100

    Ken Thomson

    That's a fine piece written about a really good bloke! Ken was a fine man and well respected, I've known Ken for years and he hasn't been well for a while. He worked very hard for ICT and achieved a lot for the club in difficult circumstances.