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  1. And Daniel Mackay comes on in injury time??
  2. Meanwhile a Billy Mckay hat trick puts the gudgies 3-2 up... Oh for a goal tonight!!
  3. Where have you been McKenzie??? 😅😅 Pretty good summary Rig, Thank gawd Morton were toothless up front.
  4. It's a worry, It really is as we don't seem to improve unless we play County, and even then the team can't turn performance into points. The defeat 2 weeks ago to Partick was a real low point and we had a full team out. The next two games will I'm sure define our season, Beat County and the heads will rise and go into the Morton game with a hell of a lot more confidence, lose however....
  5. We've been subjected to this kind of stuff at home for most of the season . And that's teams that HAD Polly, Welsh and Coll playing...
  6. Ok.... How about rhyming slang.... something that rhymes with White?
  7. How many hit the target though ? Were they whites or van Gerwins?
  8. Watching this lot these days is glass half empty I'm afraid... ☹
  9. Sounds like we are not doing much... no shots on target. Mackay in defence 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨
  10. BBC reported that he's been charged by the police. No more news.
  11. You been at your usual Friday stuff then Dougal?
  12. Aaaaargghhhh the kiss of death!!!