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  1. caley100

    Favourite cup memory?

    This moment! end off.
  2. His relationship with McGregor was the problem, money was the excuse.
  3. No-one invests in a football team in Scotland and expects any form of financial return!
  4. caley100

    Inverness CT -V- Ayr United

    Feckin steady mun... outstanding? He made up for his glaring miss in the first half, yeah the big bulb made up for his misses and did ok. I'll never be his biggest fan but he did ok.
  5. caley100

    January signings

    Having a Good businessman in charge these days is probably a good thing is it not?
  6. caley100

    January signings

    What happened in 1974?
  7. caley100

    January signings

    That's why he was nicknamed the walrus.... moved like he was running on sand.
  8. Don't think any of our players could be described as 'brilliant' least of all Liam Polworth, they all looked flat with little desire, whether it was tactics or attitude i don't really know but it's a worry how we can turn a lead into a defeat so easily.
  9. What a load of feckin shyte. These players should be ashamed of themselves, really poor. Polworth didn't look interested, Doesn't is past it, White is indeed s static lampost.
  10. caley100

    Player of the Year - Ross County

    Probably wouldn't get many votes anyway..
  11. caley100

    Ross County -V- Inverness CT

    If you read my post i said his final ball lacked composure.... too often he slung a ball straight into fox's hands, or when he should have turned inside his man and invited a tackle which could have resulted in a pen! Draper did his job very well, which perhaps you didn't notice but Polworth was very quiet today.
  12. caley100

    Ross County -V- Inverness CT

    Really pissed off with that result! I thought we were the better team, County robbed us big style, but no matter how good we are it's scoring goals that win games. This is unfortunatley the story if our season with missed chances caused by poor finishing and an alarming knack of shooting ourselves in the foot on a regular basis. Draper today had Polly in his pocket, Doran failed to ignite our attack and only Walsh looked creative but his final ball was quite often lacking composure. White managed to get us level but was guilty ( again) of poor ball control and missing a couple of chances that he should have put away. Next week is a crunch game and if we have any desire of reaching the top 4 we will need to win, a draw is fecking useless.
  13. caley100

    Greenock Morton v ICT

    Hey! Great start, hope to feck we can build on it!
  14. caley100

    Inverness CT -V- Dundee Utd

    That was very disappointing, After Robbo's claims in the weeks press how they (players) are working on breaking down defences, We see no progress has been made. He claims Utd used stifling tactics to hold on against county but we would work on getting behind their defence, yeah? Didn't see much evidence of either today. We played pretty well,scored a goal then for the remains of the first half struggled to hold the ball and create anything of note, second half was a wait for us to press the self destruct button. I just wonder if Robbo has shot his bolt and has run out of idea's.