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  1. For sure!! forgot to add County were playing vs 10 men
  2. Yes!! great win!! and with some fans in the stadium.
  3. No way there is 150 fans in the north stand!!!!!!
  4. Problem would seem to be with SPFL match centre!
  5. This is so frustrating, I've tried PC chrome, Firefox, Tablet, mobile android and nothing.... me SPFL
  6. Jeezuz!!! whats the way round 'error generic' ?????
  7. My Lawyers are on the case right now, If I can't go, the match should be cancelled.
  8. Yep, seems to be the case, I suppose there may be a number of rejected tkts still to be called in so keeping the fingers crossed, Enjoy the game!!
  9. If you haven't heard by now by email you're not going .
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