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  1. FECKS SAKE... Carson gives it away with a stupid pass!! now 3 down
  2. Excellent !!!! calm down and concentrate now!!!
  3. Doug Ross is the most clueless b'stard to walk a football pitch. Well done ICT for beating Livvy. Conditions were horrific, but the best team won. ??????
  4. Jeez!! What's the odds on that one? Fancy a new car or something?
  5. Fuuuuuk... Trafford and Mackay together in defence ?
  6. Ahhhh the pre-cup tie optimism... As jaggie says we cant break down part time Alloa at home! But it is the cup and hopefully the players will not need much prompting to get fired up and get stuck in to Livvy ( i hate Livvy ) So Robbo will surely get a freebie for Dungwell tonight and spy on the (both) scum.
  7. Rooney was limping quite badly at the final whistle too! hope these guys are fit for next Saturday.
  8. Gaelic announcements.... waste of feckin time pat the head, tick the box
  9. So Jord the Donkey saves a point then fecks up at the end... by feck he's pysh. So up till the last 20 mins ICT were devoid of ideas of how to break down a well organised defence...where have we heard this before? 24 shots 8 on target? FFS it's dire really dire, How on earth does Storey deserve a start? Because we have nobody else? An awful result again against a part time team who looked more organised than we did, It was from where I was a pretty soft penalty, Rooney went to challenge and said striker fell over like he was shot 7.62 round..? Bad day at office and I'd like to hear what positives Robbo will come out with...
  10. Going by statistics, about 21 people will benefit from this...
  11. Better hope this week's game against Alloa doesn't get called off! pretty wet just now and i've noticed that there are no covers on the soggy bit of pitch.
  12. Thank you Mantis for putting it in perspective.
  13. I hope Coll is as successful at County as Chalmers.
  14. Jeez! excellent, keep this up and it will make up for last weeks dross.