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  1. Also have to see what game Ryan Esson is going to get for his testimonial! pretty sure it will be an Aberdeen 11.
  2. Excellent read!! Brings back some great memories. Thank you!
  3. The process would be an approach to the club (ICT) by interested party, The board or chairman would ask manager about interest and discuss. Then respond to enquirer, In this case no permission was given, I'm bloody sure Robbo had input. Different from Yogi case as that fell apart from Hughes direction.
  4. Easy to talk about getting behind the team, We try, but when it's mostly drivel we get to watch getting excited about it is very difficult. It may be a tactical thing and as has been said before limited player poll ( especially up front) limits Robbo's choices.
  5. Worrying trend this season has been abysmal home form, 2nd worse in league. Poor home fans not getting value for money.
  6. Bring in a proper striker and we could have won...
  7. Been the story of our season... missed chances. giving away cheap goals.
  8. Yep. But it only needed 1 goal from Ayr to cause a panic in our team. Think Robbo got tactics wrong! We should have pushed from the start. Ayr did not look jaded, quite the opposite in fact, they looked more up for it tan us and only poor finishing prevented extra time / pens We surely need to up our game for next week.
  9. What !! Ffs we were Shyte. Looked second best to Ayr all afternoon. Attitude was lazy and so many of our players looked like they were on holiday mode, That was eye torture and the goal must have been our only attempt on goal in the second half. If we have any aspirations to progress in this play off the players and management need to have a big long look at themselves.
  10. Far simpler to have 2nd bottom of SPL play 2nd top of championship over two legs.
  11. FT !! Great result, Saturday, few beers and another good result please!
  12. Eh... He wasn't a kick off being a top player for us.
  13. Need a striker. Priority. And a replacement for Polworth, Oh! and a right back. White is a donkey, Rooney is useless at Right back.