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  1. Fair enough... its a carbon copy of Tuesday night. Arbroath working their asses off to stop us playing. We will come into this game, I hope Billy gets on and scores a winner.
  2. Been our story for a while, Superb comeback and win against the top team of the league.... and fall flat on our faces against the bottom team who have not won in months...🥺
  3. caley100

    Big Stew

    Agree, wonderful words to describe a great bloke and ' one of us' A real legend at the Innes and Caledonian stadium. Miss you already big guy. 😢
  4. Some game! I was there! they were giving out freebie flags to fans before the game, The flag had Caley printed on it!!! no mention of thistle! still got it up in the loft with other memorabilia.
  5. Great win and 3 points desperately needed! Thought we did well for first 20 mins then Broath had the upper hand but nowt much apart from hitting post when Mackay was so slow to react I was so glad Mackay scored, he needed that badly. That put the game to bed. Dick was foul mouthing ref, was ref and anyone else that listened and got the customary red... Thought Carson worked hard but distribution was poor and he is no RB. Clubfoot was awful. Almost cost us twice when misjudged a couple of punts up the park....we need better. As we need proper full backs. Arbroath
  6. I would agree with everything you say DD, However, defensively we are a shambles as IHE pointed out earlier. At the moment players are nervous and full backs are obviously not comfortable playing where they are! Ridgers needs to be in the sticks, Dodds SHOULD have sorted out full backs start if the season, But he made do... mistake! Hope next Saturday brings a performance and a result.
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