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  1. I had wondered over the last few hours what the major shareholders thoughts were on this ludicrous situation? Surely being local people and businessmen they must be alarmed at the goings on! Somebody from Muirfield Mills ( Richard Smith) or Alan Savage, or Ian / Dougie macgillvary or David Stewart from the Caley Thistle trust has to voice their concerns!
  2. In view of todays incredible announcement from the board of ICT, This meeting should be interesting and well worth coming along!!
  3. Think the ICT Facebook site was hacked by IHE? Seriously feckin hope so!
  4. I passed the stadium 30 mins ago, Boardroom well lit up and plenty of white shirts milling about, The Admin thing is likely.
  5. Always been my issue, Never ever ask searching controversial questions!
  6. I'll say that only after the Scumilton fan ran across to our North stand goalmouth gloating and giving the finger did our fans invade the pitch, Before that I don't think they would have done so.
  7. Don't forget Ferguson! He needs to feck off too.
  8. Administration would sort loans out would it not? That happens Monday..
  9. Access were a shocking watch! They were gifted goals by our feckin useless defence. An ICT team from 2010 would have pumped them. To get relegated by Hamilcunts is very very sore. I feckin hate Hamilton, scum place, scum fans, scum stadium, just scum weegies
  10. Poor Billy Mackay... 5 relegations on his CV. If only he'd scored a penalty !
  11. We need to go 442, Get Longstaff away to feck, get Mcgregor or Lawal on to give some direct play. There's just no passion, Half of theses guys will be away Saturday night.
  12. Feckin great, this is getting worse, Ridgers nowhere, Not looking good i'm afraid
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