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  1. RiG

    New ICT Podcast

    Evening folks. The latest episode of The Wyness Shuffle is out now and we talk about the recent games, lookahead to the matches coming up, interview Wallace Duffy, Nightmare XI returns and there is the small matter of who won Sean Welsh's shirt... Available from Podbean and all your other usual podcasty places like Apple, Google and Spotify.
  2. Alloa have had, IIRC, similar issues but they are getting manual control of the Pixellot system which will, hopefully as far as they are concerned, address the issues with the camera moving to where it shouldn't be. Something for ICT to consider perhaps.
  3. Allardice has impressed me also. Given he's just on a one year deal I'd be inclined to extend that already and, controversially, punt Sean Welsh if he continues to miss so many games with injury. He played a little over 10% of the league campaign last season and given we have no money by all accounts can we afford to have an admittedly very good player sitting in the stands every week? Maybe Allardice could be his replacement...
  4. That's really not good enough then if the support channels aren't available when people are actually trying to use the service. Fingers crossed you get it fixed and I would definitely be enquiring about some form of recompense.
  5. Did you contact the support channels that the club told people to use if they encountered any problems? That's the best way to finding out what went wrong and hopefully get things fixed for you for the next game.
  6. The quality is fine as far as I'm concerned but the AI technology is dreadful.
  7. The match centre website is terrible. Check you haven't been logged out whilst trying to get to the game. Ultimately you want to get to this bit of the site and you should be able to click live video: https://matchcentre.spfl.co.uk/fixtures
  8. Did you contact the club to resolve this?
  9. I've had this same issue as well. Cleared cookies from Chrome for the site but then it happened again. If I log in again I get an error code "2S119/1" but I am logged in anyway. Very strange
  10. Seems I am one of an admittedly small number of people who cannot get logged into the SPFL Match Centre due to problems with the Stream AMG platform. Hopefully this is going to be fixed today. ETA: Finally got access sorted
  11. My account, which I had set up prior to the email from ICT being sent out, is now blocked. Great laugh this.
  12. RiG

    New ICT Podcast

    Apologies for the delay in getting this out but the full interview with Robbie Deas, "The (Ord) Hills Have Eyes", is now available! You can listen to it via the usual podcast providers / aggregators. Apple (Not synced yet) Google Podcasts Podbean Spotify
  13. I've just received an email about getting setup for the game. Edit: Off to a good start. I had already signed up to that site but it isn't recognising my log in info and I can't get a new account setup either. Edit again: The support email provided won't accept incoming emails unless you have an "[email protected]" email address
  14. RiG

    New ICT Podcast

    Hello, We're doing a wee giveaway to help promote the pod. Info in the Tweet below: Good luck!
  15. I'll draw a picture for Alan Simpson.