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  1. RiG

    Patrick another 3 points!!

    I think Alan makes a fair point. Players do often fit better at particular clubs and at ICT, for the most part, there isn't too much pressure on the players a lot of the time, they don't have their every move criticised and in a lot of cases they can perform (or not) and not feel too much in the way of wrath from supporters. You need only look at the likes of Meekings, Ross, Williams and Vincent who all went to Dundee and all have either moved on or are seriously struggling for form and incurring a lot of stick from supporters. In recent seasons perhaps only Christie, Shinnie and Watkins have really gone on to better themselves after leaving ICT. Most other players have seen their careers stall or go backwards again.
  2. RiG


    This sounds like a very good idea.
  3. RiG

    Inverness CT -V- Partick

    There's literally no point discussing anything about John Hughes with you as you've shown time and time again you cannot be objective about the guy. All the best.
  4. RiG

    Ross County - 22nd September

    We're top of the league, Saturday 3pm kick off in Dingwall a few miles up the road (for most of our supporters). If we can't get a decent crowd along for this then there is something far wrong.
  5. RiG

    Inverness CT -V- Partick

    I think it looks just enough of a genuine attempt to win the ball to save him from a red card. That said, the referee was so bad I wouldn't have been overly surprised if he had booked Polworth and given Partick a free kick.
  6. RiG

    Inverness CT -V- Partick

    No point doing any kind of massive post now that the highlights are up. Great to see them capturing Mckay dishing out some telt to Storey after his penalty miss though I did feel for him a wee bit with the abuse he was getting. It's not his fault Hughes is a moron who doesn't understand the transfer market and when he can or can't sign players. Agree with Manny, it's a penalty for a needless foul by Welsh. Surprised at just how bad Partick were. They were absolutely howling and all the booing you can hear from the highlights is coming from the away fans (save for the penalty award on Welsh). Well taken goals from White and Rooney plus the slightly iffy penalty from Welsh had us home and dry and we inevitably took our foot off the gas in the second half. Nice finishes from Spittal and Doolan though they come from pretty poor defending from us so I can't imagine Robertson will be happy. Really weak header from McCart and just a complete inability to clear our lines for the Doolan strike. Good performances from the likes of Rooney (before he went off), Welsh, Doran, Polworth and White. Hopefully whatever happened with Rooney and Polworth injury wise isn't too bad but it looks like Oakley will be a longer term absentee given the force with which he threw down his hair band. Not good going into the game next week as I think he could have been a great option for us up front. A few folk said Ntambwe should have been sent off for a shirt pull. I don't see it myself. Just seems to be two players grappling with each other until Ntambwe stupidly slides in and wipes out Polworth. It is probably just enough of a genuine attempt to play the ball to allow him to stay on the pitch for a little bit longer anyway before he was subbed off.
  7. RiG

    Stubbs second gaffer to go

    He had, allegedly, completely lost the dressing room. One thing to remember is that looking in from the outside this might be a bizarre move but in the same way that Hughes left ICT and McIntyre left Ross County those with little knowledge of the circumstances will not understand why these kinds of moves had to happen.
  8. That flick from Doran BTW
  9. A simply stunning ICT performance of yesteryear. A return to the reliable 4-2-3-1 setup and philosophy of sitting in, absorbing pressure and hitting Dunfermline hard on the break. Going into the game and seeing the line up I wasn't expecting much at all but needless to say by full time I was eating humble pie and it tasted great. Pretty standard defensive set up with Chalmers and Welsh shielding in front of them. Doran started on the left, Walsh right and Polworth behind White. For most of the first half we were probably second best although Chalmers (possibly White?) had a good chance with a header from a Walsh cross and the latter linked with Doran to tee up a good chance but his low drive was well saved by Robinson. Dunfermline forced Ridgers into some good saves with the pick of the bunch coming from a fierce drive by Hippolyte. The second half saw ICT tear Dunfermline apart by allowing them to come on them before clinically hitting them on the counter. The opener however came after a free kick found its way to Walsh on the Pars left flank and he stood up a cross to the back post where Rooney ghosted in to steer a header into the net. We extended our lead with a quite brilliant counter attack. Dunfermline failed to make one of their many crosses go anywhere useful and Donaldson cleared the ball to Oakley who brought the ball down and quickly fed Doran who galloped down the right wing and picked out Polworth darting into the box with a quite delicious cross which was sidefooted in to make it two. The game was killed off when Ridgers partially sclaffed a clearance up the pitch in the general direction of Doran. As the ball sat up nicely for him Doran cheekily backheel flicked it over his head and into the path of Oakley who bench pressed the Pars defender and raced towards goal and cooly slide the ball past Robinson. A deserved three points and a really good defensive performance from ICT coupled with clinical attacking play. Mckay and Donaldson mopped up pretty much everything that came towards them and Rooney, whilst not great in the first half, really grew into the game after his goal. Tremarco was very solid at left back as well. Welsh looked like the gritty midfielder we have been missing and whilst perhaps not as good as a peak Draper he gives us a bit more bite in the centre and allows Doran and Walsh to be more creative and fire in crosses like they did today as well as releasing Polworth to play further forward. White struggled to begin with but like Rooney grew into the match the longer it went on as he dropped deeper to link with the midfield and build counter attacks. As has been mentioned on here before it may be that this season we are a more successful team away from home than in Inverness where we might be expected to dominate the opposition. Based on today it seems very much like this is a team that would excel sitting in and hitting on the break and we're unlikely to do that much at TCS. Hopefully Robbo keeps the 4-2-3-1 going forward. A 3 - 0 win away from home against a fellow promotion challenger is not to be sniffed at.
  10. RiG

    Sort By function not working

    Not sure if that helps?
  11. RiG

    Inverness CT -V- Alloa

    I've mentioned it before but we have a very "raw" team to say the least.
  12. RiG

    What a load of rubbish.

    Massive fan of supporters clamouring for a fourth stand/standing area when we can literally cram all of our supporters into one stand at the minute.
  13. I've noticed that if you want to filter the threads you want to view (say by looking only for ones you've posted in) the ability to "Sort By" - "Custom" generates a message saying "Oops something went wrong. Please try again."
  14. RiG

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    Unless I'm being whooshed he signed a revised deal to stay at Partick.