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  1. That statement is utterly nauseating.
  2. What!? The poll is literally in my previous post...
  3. A super scientific poll by The Wyness Shuffle revels that the new shirt is liked by 95% of the support! Disclaimer clearly not all of the ICT support.
  4. RiG

    New ICT Podcast

    Hi folks, the podcast interview with Scot Gardiner is out. Have a click on the links below or head to Spotify, Apple Podcasts etc directly and grab it there. Hopefully your questions are answered (Disclaimer: I haven't listened to it yet!). Cheers!
  5. Maybe a nice orange effort will get the likes of Alan Douglas back along. I hear he likes teams that play in orange for some reason...
  6. RiG

    New ICT Podcast

    An edit is in progress but I am afraid I don't know what questions have been asked or the answers (obviously) but I am hopeful the guys got as many questions over as possible!
  7. RiG

    New ICT Podcast

    Hi @jagster. Unfortunately the guys were recording when you submitted those questions but the general theme of poor communication will have been raised I'm sure. I think someone else mentioned the match programme as well. Hopefully that was also asked about too so you and others can get an answer
  8. RiG

    New ICT Podcast

    Cheers for that @Robert. Questions add to the list and we'll see what answers the guys get!
  9. RiG

    New ICT Podcast

    Cheers @Jaggernaut. I'll add this in as well. Hopefully get a few of these passed on to SG and get some answers for you!
  10. RiG

    New ICT Podcast

    Cheers for all those @Fraz. Some good ones in there! I'll add them to the list for the guys to pass on to Gardiner.
  11. RiG


    I've posted this in the podcast thread so thank you for flagging it up here. As @old caley girl says we are chatting with Gardiner this week (it might be tomorrow night). We'd love to get some questions from fans to put to Gardiner especially if you have concerns about certain things and it seems that player sponsorship is one of them so I can make a note of it and ask the guys to put that to SG.
  12. RiG

    New ICT Podcast

    Anyone got any questions they want to ask Scot Gardiner? If so pop them in here or tweet us and we'll ask him as many as we can!
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