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  1. RiG

    2018 Calender

    That is a very good shout! They could have an ICT legends calendar or one which has a picture from a famous or big game that was played X years ago that month. Sell it alongside a "normal" calendar with players from the seasons squad.
  2. RiG

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    Warren leaving will mean that Tremarco is the only player over 30 in the side. We have a very, very young team. Average age is 23. Tremarco 32 Ridgers 27 Doran 27 Trafford 26 Mckay 25 Chalmers 24 Austin 24 Donaldson 23 Polworth 23 Oakley 22 Calder 22 Beith 22 Bell 21 Walsh 21 Rooney 21 Elbouzedi 20 Mackay 17
  3. RiG

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    Not happy with this at all. I appreciate we need to cut costs but we seem to slitting our own throat at times and are losing a lot of experience from the side as well. Warren definitely struggled for parts of last season but he was also a mainstay in the side when it went on that great run of form. To suddenly cast him out now instead of trying to restructure his deal is incredibly short sighted.
  4. RiG

    2018/19 League Cup Group Draw

    Nothing has been announced yet. Fixtures are to be announced week commencing 4th June.
  5. RiG

    2018/19 League Cup Group Draw

    We're in a group with Hearts, Cowdenbeath (again), Cove and Raith. ETA: lol
  6. RiG

    2018/19 League Cup Group Draw

    Starting shortly. You can watch it here: https://www.facebook.com/btsport/videos/2019768608096331/
  7. RiG

    New kit?

    Got the away top today. Completely in love with it. I'm taking it out for dinner at The Kitchen tonight.
  8. RiG

    New kit?

    I think Erra sizes are typically one up from your normal size. I'm normally an M but I'm a L with Erra.
  9. Made the SPFL Championship team of the season with 25 assists across all competitions.
  10. RiG

    New kit?

    Any word on whether Jamie Durent survived being tossed overboard yesterday afternoon then?
  11. RiG

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    Sorry, Gary Warren has been released?
  12. RiG

    New kit?

    What the club should have done in my opinion is do a tie in with the new strip. Buy a season ticket on the day and, for a limited period, get X% off the new strip. I know ST get this anyway but maybe it would encourage some more folk to sign up for a ST. In addition, anyone who has bought a season ticket gets entered into a weekly draw to win either the new home or away strip. Maybe they're doing this and I've just not noticed of course!
  13. RiG

    New kit?

    A journalist put the picture up but soon took it down however not before it was shared by a number of other accounts. The club have since revealed the kit a bit earlier than planned it seems!
  14. RiG

    New kit?

    County unveal their kit next to the water whereas we do it on a boat next to Urquhart Castle. ICT - just better.
  15. RiG

    New kit?

    Would be helpful as I'm up the road for a couple of days so I might nip down and grab a shirt if they are decent.