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  1. Seems Raith Rovers fans have been quick off the mark and booked out the Tulloch Institute.
  2. Strange game. I thought we were pretty comfortable despite Dunfermline having many more opportunities than us throughout the 90. Their first couple of efforts showed their complete inability to finish anything of note that came their way so although the stats show a lot of shots for the Pars most were wild swipes and slices that seldom troubled Ridgers and when they were on target he had an easy save to make. There was one effort in the second half that Ridgers did pull off an excellent save when he flung himself to his right to turn away a goal bound shot from Thomas (I think). For most of the first half we seemed content to calmly stroke the ball about before trying to pick out Doran or Storey behind the Dunfermline defence and we didn't create too much of note. Defensively we seemed pretty open and Toshney and Mckay seemed to lose their bearings quite a bit trying to deal with Nisbet and Thomas. No idea if the Doran free kick was over the line or not. The only person who seemed absolutely convinced was the linesman who was tearing it back to the halfway line long before the referee seemed to signal it was given. More than happy to take it obviously. laughable dive in the box by MacGregor. If he had maybe taken a touch he probably had a decent chance to score but for some reason collapsed in a heap for no reason. Smashing equaliser from Thomas. We didn't clear a corner and for some reason Doran tried to dribble the ball away by, *checks notes* , running across the penalty area....He was tackled and the ball broke to Thomas who smashed a bullet of a strike into the top corner with Ridgers well beaten. One of those hits that you knew was in as soon as it left his boot. Danny "Fucking" Devine of all people almost grabbed a second for the Pars when he headed wide at the back post under pressure from two ICT defenders and then Walsh rolled his marker expertly before unleashing a low curling effort that cracked off the base of the post. however he wasn't to be denied and on an ICT break Walsh received the ball after a lovely dummy from Jordan White and, with the aid of a deflection, found the net as Fon Williams went the other way.
  3. Another game that doesn't seem to be on peoples radar for some reason. We travel to the land of beautiful bridies and disastrous defenders this evening to take on Dunfermline. Will Robbo rotate a few players ahead of the Hibs game on Friday? Can we afford to do it and can we even do it if we wanted to?
  4. Thought we were going to get pumped but disappointed we never got a point. White was superb in the first half. Shame he can't out that kind of performance in every week. Didn't think much of United but, as the old cliche goes, the sign of champions is even when they are playing below average they still dig out the win and that's what they did. Disappointed with our defending for both goals but they were good finishes from a United PoV. Good header from White to get us back on level terms and prior to the second United goal we seemed to be knocking the ball around really well despite the conditions and seemed to have reduced the number of long balls we were playing. Thought Tremarco had stolen a point right at the end when he met a cross at the back post but the side netting rippled rather than the back of the net. Despite the loss that's probably one of our better performances in recent weeks.
  5. Will this be on? Anyone going? I see Welsh is out injured (again). I wonder if Robbo will stick with his three man midfield. Ridgers Rooney Toshney McHattie Tremarco Carson Vincent Trafford Doran Storey Walsh
  6. In this P & J article I see that Aitken stands by his decision that Keatings dived. That's absolutely mind boggling https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/inverness-caledonian-thistle/2034495/scottish-football-is-waiting-on-james-keatings-explanation-caley-thistle-boss-john-robertson/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  7. The majority of news stories now seem to be based on a few tweets. Not belittling the petition but the other day the P & J ran a story online about ICT fans fuming about the Scottish Cup Q/F kick off time and the article was just a couple of embedded tweets. Anything for clicks these days. ETA: 1.1 million views of the clip on the ICT Twitter feed now. Certainly get a load of exposure and making the SFA look like utter arses
  8. Lots of players, journalists etc all in support as well. Doesn't help Keatings sadly but if there is any consolation then it's that pretty much everyone knows the SFA are wrong.
  9. Incredible to see the number of high profile (ex) players, pundits etc coming out to criticise this decision. The SFA have made themselves to be a total laughing stock with this decision but, as others have said, this has clearly been done to stick two fingers up at Robbo after what he said post match.
  10. Aitken has already had a number of yellow cards he has dished out for diving overturned. I can't help but feel that Robbo's comments got the backs up of the panel / referee and they've doubled down on their decision. not that I blame Robbo. Aitken is a shockingly bad referee.
  11. Somewhat ironic that these clowns want to introduce VAR to Scottish football and yet, we now have a decision that VAR would easily have overturned, being upheld by those in charge. Mental.
  12. I've not seen it confirmed anywhere but one of The Terrace lads is saying that our appeal against the second yellow shown to Keatings has been dismissed. ETA: The S*n are now reporting it.
  13. Wouldn't be the first time Aitken has had yellow cards dished out for "diving" rescinded on appeal. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47324331 https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/rangers/in-full/alfredo-morelos-wins-appeal-against-yellow-card-for-simulation-1-4722892