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  1. Nah Clyde have always been w**kers.
  2. Lewis Jamieson returns to Saint Mirren. Not too happy with that.
  3. That seems like something the manager should be doing not the Sporting Director.
  4. MacGregor and Mckay are meant to have knee / thigh injuries but the club, for some reason, has declined to offer any injury updates as per usual. Jamieson is rumoured to have had his loan deal cancelled and is back at St. Mirren.
  5. Duffy is a CB so he was playing in his natural position. I would surmise that Dodds likes the solidity of Deas at LB so even though that's not his natural position he offers more serenity there than the likes of Harper or Nicholson.
  6. ICT with another rotten performance after taking the lead is it? Nice finish from Shane for the goal after good work from McAlear (probably our MotM). Clear penalty for Dunfermline and Carson looked like he handled again just before the final whistle. I felt we had a decent claim for a penalty as well but it wasn't to be. Four points from the last 15 available is grim but probably about as much as we deserve. The brilliant performance against Morton is but a distant memory and if the injuries to Mckay and MacGregor are as folk claim then we are going to be struggling significantly a
  7. Summer 2023. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/inverness-caledonian-thistle/2858836/scott-allardice-caley-thistle-contract/
  8. "Better than last week" is a pretty low bar to be honest given how the game against Raith went.
  9. FWIW, I wouldn't have taken Duku on and instead I would have tried Jamieson as he seems to play well with Mckay and has looked better than Duku in the games he has played. I also wouldn't have taken off MacGregor so unless this was a change that had to be made through injury or fitness I would have gone with: Ridgers Devine Broadfoot Deas Carson Welsh McAlear Walsh MacGregor Mckay Jamieson I might not have started with this formation, probably going with the same 4411 that Dodds did go with, but as the game went on and we needed to get more goals I would have tried the above
  10. You're so close to figuring out why some of the fans aren't 100% happy...
  11. Won't be much of a hurdle to navigate given Arbroath are already in the SPFL
  12. That was grim. After a decent opening 15 - 20 minutes from Queens, during which they probably should have scored at least once, we started to get on top and looked like ending the first half the stronger side. Queens main attacking plan seemed to be trying to slide the ball in behind our CBs for Connelly to latch on to and we got a glimpse of this when Paton (I think) burst through and looked set to round Ridgers but fortunately a well timed challenge snuffed out this threat. Deas had a couple of decent chances which fell to him at the left edge of the box but your CB filling in at l
  13. Shane Sutherland has been served with a Notice of Complaint regarding historic gambling offences so I expect we might see him missing for a few games. Coupled with the Allardice injury and the other departures from the squad we are in need of some serious reinforcements this month.
  14. This would be a massive blow if Deas does move on. Arguably our best CB and easily our best LB as well.
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