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  1. Pretty sure the guys on the podcast didn't criticise him for fist pumping at the end of games rather doing it when we lost and hadn't played particularly well. Which is a little odd.
  2. I thought we deserved the win and whilst we were pretty sound defensively I was disappointed at how toothless we were going forward. We didn't create much of note. Neither did Queens mind but very little to show from an ICT perspective. Cracking free kick by Harper. It was in as soon as it left his boot. Only other real chance of note for us was perhaps the Mckay opportunity when he passed up a 1 on 1 in the second half. Queens were desperately poor though. Whilst we had little attacking threat for most of the 90 minutes the home side were seldom able to muster a shot. Sheridan had a well struck effort saved at the start of the second half and Paton almost snatched a late equaliser when the ball dropped to him in the box but it seemed to roll down his shin instead of connecting with his foot and Ridgers saved easily. Gives us a real chance to avoid the playoffs now but it's far from over.
  3. Ferguson has been in charge for 25 league games and won 31 points. An average of 1.24 points per game (PPG). Imrie has been with Morton all of the season, 30 games, amassing 40 points an average of 1.33 PPG. Davidson has been in charge for 12 games, collecting 19 points from 12 games an average of 1.58 PPG. Scott Brown has been in charge for 10 games, bagging 18 points, an average of 1.8 PPG. So Ferguson is clearly performing the worst out of those 4 managers on a PPG basis.
  4. RiG

    New ICT Podcast

    New podcast out featuring an interview with Ross Draper which is nice
  5. Went back through the thread to see what my thoughts were on Ferguson coming in. Can't help but feel we need to empty him now to have any chance of avoiding relegation. He's absolutely clueless.
  6. He's on a 3 year deal. https://ictfc.com/duncan-ferguson-appointed-manager-of-ictfc/
  7. Nathan Shaw is out for the rest of the season.
  8. Maybe one of the 52 defenders we signed in January is actually a secret goal scorer? We're absolutely done for now. No chance we're overhauling any of the sides above us to get away from 9th. Everyone else has been capable of going on short bursts of form to get away from danger whilst we draw and draw and the manager is, bizarrely, delighted with this seemingly oblivious to our increasingly precarious situation. The board getting starstruck when hearing Ferguson was available looks like it'll haunt us for many years to come.
  9. He's on a three year deal and there are rumours his salary is being (partly) covered by a director Niculae style.
  10. Ayr uploaded highlights yesterday.
  11. If we get relegated with Large Duncan in charge I'd also say that could be the end of his managerial career.
  12. They obviously cannot say more than that otherwise it would (further?) prejudice the determination of the application before HC.
  13. Signing more defenders will help IMO.
  14. The DPEA generally has no issue overturning decisions at a local scale provided there is justification for doing so. The concern would be if the DPEA dismissed an appeal and the club were minded to take it to the Court of Session then the chances of success there would be slim to none. Very few decisions by the DPEA get overturned in the courts.
  15. Yeah that final paragraph is an embarrassing inclusion. Suspect someone bundled that on at the end but it's not overly helpful. The rest of it is a bit better in that it at least focuses on planning matters rather than petty point scoring.
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