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  1. Going OT but one thing that cannot be said about (John) Hughes is that he isn't a good coach.
  2. I'm sure I have a duvet cover that looks like that. Still though, I quite like it even if it reminds me of a Dundee shirt.
  3. Gardyne and Mckay were still playing regularly and performing well in the Premiership last season. Sutherland came up from League 2. Bit of a difference.
  4. Gardyne was still one of Ross County's best players last season and most of their fans wanted him around for another year. He could be an outstanding player for us even if it's just for a season. Doran, Walsh, MacDonald and Gardyne will possibly playing in the wide areas is a lovely thought.
  5. Must confess to feeling similar ahead of the new season. Having already given the club extra money at the end of the 2019/20 season and then paid more money per game than PPV purchasers last season I am extremely reluctant to part with any more money unless I can get to games. Even if the new ICTTV setup is better than Pixellot that's not enough for me. If I buy a season ticket I want to go to games. If there is any chance of not getting to games I don't see myself renewing.
  6. "With a neat little flick and a wink of the eye..."
  7. Deal now confirmed. Three year contract for Mckay and he gets to move back to the central belt. Win win for him really.
  8. He could have some tape or previous reports to look at I guess. Maybe Felitciano Zschusschen can get his agent to send in a YouTube highlights compilation again.
  9. Yeah I think the two will be working together with Robbo making the final call as you say.
  10. So you don't think that Dodds will have any say on who comes in or goes out?
  11. Disappointing that the first time Todorov actually shows that he merits a run in the team he leaves.
  12. Positives - there was definitely an uptick in form when Dodds came on board towards the end of last season and the players poke highly of him during his time working with them. The club must have liked what they saw during his brief spell as a coach. At least it's more "progressive" than going for some of the donkeys on the list including some former managers that were being banded about. Negatives - it seems like an appointment of convenience what with him living locally and being available for buttons and I just wonder how much that factors into our decision making at times. As a coach
  13. Plenty of rumours going about. Strongest one seems to be some kind of Cowie and Dodds combo with Robbo overseeing things.
  14. RiG

    Colts Teams

    That's an exceptionally selfish attitude. You're essentially asking other leagues to dilute the competitiveness of them just so teams higher up the food training can use them as a training exercise. If you have young players you want to see getting game time play them or loan them out.
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