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  1. I believe that we won 2 - 0 against Nairn County.
  2. Malkmus came with receipts.
  3. Yes. I'd say Queens Parks collapse and end of season form is, obviously, much worse as we weren't seven points clear at the top of the table with only a handful of games left.
  4. Four points from their last seven games. Ouch.
  5. Woods isn't here on loan.
  6. We won't have been offering contracts as we'll have had no definitive idea of what league we were going to end up in nor the playing budget to work with.
  7. Ayr fully deserved that win last night. All over us from the get go and looked better all over the pitch for most of the game. We did get on top for a period in the second half but even then they still looked a threat on the break. Thought at the time the opener may have been offside but the videos above clearly show he was on. Bizarre from Dodds to watch us shell long balls forward to Mckay (but most of the time it was no one) and think this was okay. So many players fell flat at a time when we needed them. Worst was Allardice who had an absolute nuke of a performance. Taking on Woods instead of Doran was laughable. Just more bizarre Dodds moments that sum up our season. As I've said before results recently have been good but performances have been poor for a good number of weeks. We were able to shitfest our way past jobbers like Cove but when a decent team like Ayr comes along we're found wanting. The league next season could be the most difficult in a while and it's hard not to feel we've missed our best chances to get out of here now.
  8. Yeah this is a must win game. Anything less than 3 points and we are putting our feet up until the Scottish Cup Final.
  9. So neither clubs wanted it. Seems they were barely consulted. The majority of the fans seem against it. Debatable if the players like the idea. All this to appease the BBC and Viaplay so they can screen another match from a different country which may still overlap with the SCF. The SFA deserve all the pelters they are getting for this pathetic decision.
  10. A late KO scuppers fans who may want to get public transport back north after the match.
  11. That the SFA have not come out to rubbish this story suggests to the very cynical part of me that there is more than a grain of truth in the story.
  12. Is it just Viaplay though? Given the BBC will be screening both I'd imagine they are also heavily involved. Anyway, changing the KO time for the Scottish Cup final because of a match in another country sums up the tinpot nature of the game here.
  13. There is absolutely no chance Deas is with us next season. Not that Dodds can do much about that. I'd expect Allardice to be away as well but perhaps that is less clear cut.
  14. RiG

    West Stand Roof

    I think it would be better if they were in North Stand but other supporters have complained about them there so they feel there is no other option for them but to try and start something in the West Stand.
  15. Big preview of the match this coming Saturday on The Wyness Shuffle podcast featuring input from the Falkirk Daft podcast. Have a listen!
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