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    He's contracted until 2021.
  2. 5 points for the fans who stayed to the end 3 points for Bobby Mann and Paul Ritchie coming for a pint with us before the match 1 point for Scotrail as my train actually ran on time for a change
  3. RiG


    I don't think you know what a "bite" is.
  4. The year is 2042, ICT have just lost to Albion Rovers and on CTO fans discuss the game and wynthank reappears to remind everyone what a mistake it was to get rid of John Hughes 36 years ago.
  5. It's extremely rare that I'll leave a game before full time irrespective of the score but when Arbroath got their deserved 3rd goal I had no hesitation in walking out of the ground. A truly disgusting performance from ICT. All the plaudits go to Arbroath who were excellent - every loose ball they were first to it, any time we had the ball they shut us down and any real chances that were created in the game were from the team in maroon. ICT got what they deserved - absolutely nothing. That performance wasn't even worth booing at the end.
  6. Last orders in the stadium bar have been 1430 for some time so, even though I think that is still stupidly early, it makes sense not to let people in after you've stopped taking orders for drinks (and food).
  7. If we're going to play Storey please get him up front rather than on the wing where he isn't that effective.
  8. RiG


    Suppose that's one way to reconnect with the fan base...
  9. Dreadful game. Absolutely mind numbingly awful attempts at football from us. Long thump forward seemed to be the order of the day which got us the square root of fuck all. Bizarre that we persisted with this for so long. Is Welsh the only midfielder we have capable of getting the ball down and playing a pass? Not sure what happened with the opener. Our defence all seemed to stop and claim offside instead of playing to the whistle and McHugh finished well. If he was offside then it's a bit crap but at the same time that's extremely naive of us to just stop and assume we'll get a decision. Well taken goal from Curry to bring us back into it. After that it was mostly us with the ball creating nothing of note before a Donaldson brain fart let McHugh in again and he finished well for the second time in the game. Whilst a draw was probably a fair result I'm finding it hard to feel too hard done by despite losing. Far too many players off the boil at the minute (McCart has looked a shadow of the player he had been after his public rinsing by Robertson after Partick) and our approach to the game was brutal. If I type any more I'll just get angry. Nowhere near good enough. Heads gone etc...
  10. I'm not saying the Norseman is from a bygone era but I seem to recall the jukebox demands old style £1 coins if you want to use it.
  11. The North Stand almost overflowing with fans in one of those shots. Shame so many have drifted away.
  12. Driving will be your best bet. Otherwise train to Glasgow then get a return to Dumfries then head back on one of the late night Megabuses to Edinburgh once you get back to Glasgow.
  13. Quite incredible that we didn't win that game today yet at the same time it would have been quite incredible had we actually won it because we were absolutely dreadful. Really well worked goal for Alloa after only a few minutes. Some neat build up play down the ICT right saw the ball worked into the feet of Buchanan and quick as a flash he dispatched a curling shot past a static Ridgers into the net. We were almost back in it when a Storey cross, the one good cross he put in all day, found MacGregor only a few yards out but his header was right at MacDonald and he pushed the youngsters effort away from danger. Most of the first half was ICT struggling to create anything of note whilst Alloa defended in numbers and presumably pissing themselves at how bad our attacking play was. Second half was basically an overload exercise as ICT went forward time and time again but with precious little to show until Tremarco latched onto a loose ball from his own corner which had only been partially cleared and he sent a glorious shot into the top corner of the net. Five minutes from the end it looked like we were heading for the top of the league when Tremarco crossed for White to bundle in a header from close range (similar to his goal v Partick) and that was surely going to be it. At least it was until McCart had another brain fart and dallied on the ball when defending and instead of sending it back to Ridgers or clearing it up the pitch he played it out for a throw in. The following long throw was flicked on and Trouten stole in at the back post with Curry asleep to grab a deserved share of the points for Alloa. Donaldson and McCart were really poor today. Despite not being put under much pressure their balls out of defence were absolutely rotten, Donaldson especially, and often set up chances for Alloa to break on us. Storey was poor again and had one decent cross from the flanks. He isn't a winger and struggled there at Partick so why we are persisting with him there is bizarre. MacGregor struggled to create much of note in the middle as Alloa packed the midfield and sat deep. There was zero creativity in the ICT side today to break them down and it would have been very harsh, though thoroughly pleasing, had we won that game. With Queens getting a superb result today and Morton possessing an excellent home record the next couple of games are going to be a lot more difficult than they might appear on paper.