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  1. I'd be lying if I said I knew a lot about this guy but he played a lot of football for Alloa last season as a CB and he didn't get booked that often. Suggests that, even for 20 years old, he's very good in timing his challenges to void giving away too many fouls. Alloa fans were hoping to get him permanently so for us to bag him on a 3 year deal after turning down other clubs seems like an excellent piece of business. Looks like a big lad. Here he is scoring a late equaliser against Morton last season:
  2. Some good news for the youth set up... https://ictfc.com/ictfc-academy-update?fbclid=IwAR0RqPLvTFzuu1gJC0snDivaaPMAPjYT4AZi3ack3mPUSDAFCYg5i0w8RVQ
  3. I'd be happy even with a transfer rumour or two to tide me over until October.
  4. That seems awfully low considering the figures banded about previously. Is that definitely all of the costs associated with the Progressive level of Project Brave?
  5. RiG

    ICT Feeder Club

    Alan is thinking of Jamie Lindsay who left County for around £250,000 (rumoured).
  6. https://www.falkirkfc.co.uk/2018/09/19/chairmans-question-answer/ Maybe those costs don't include any contribution from the SFA or they are costs after any SFA contributions have been taken into consideration?
  7. RiG

    The season ahead

    That game is a sure fire pick to be moved to Friday night for coverage on BBC I reckon.
  8. The delivery estimate was "late July". https://ictfc.com/2020-21-home-kit-available-for-pre-order-tomorrow AFAIK there has been no update since then.
  9. I seem to recall figures well into six figures being mentioned to meet the "Progressive" level of Project Brave. Falkirk talked about costs running to around £470,000 so they scrapped it without hesitation. It's of course far too early to determine whether it's a success or not but it certainly seems like an expense the club can do without right now.
  10. Has anyone claimed that she had eliminated the virus?
  11. Interesting to hear Hart talk about Brewster having heart rate monitors on the players all the way back in 2008 (or thereabouts) and yet recently Polly had said that he was surprised at the step up in the off the field stuff moving from ICT to Motherwell who had the players all set up with heart monitors and GPS. Whilst sticking this stuff on a player isn't going to make them better and win us the league it seems strange that we have "regressed" in 10 or so years in this area whilst other clubs make strides forward. The bed sheets story was excellent
  12. Yes. Ayr literally signed their first two players a day or two ago and Raith have signed one player. No one cares about Partick. We'll sign players in due course possibly after the arbitration issue is settled. Plus, we don't play until October so there are two months for Robbo to bring players in.
  13. RiG

    ICT Feeder Club

    County are extremely fortunate to have a sugar daddy who just write blank cheques to offset their losses each and every season. Throwing money at things is very much "the County way" no matter how much they pretend otherwise. Our losses over the last few years haven't be great but County have lost 50% more money than us in just the last three seasons alone. In the last seven seasons they have lost almost £6 million. If MacGregor wasn't there they'd be absolutely nothing but whilst he is bank rolling them get used to our players happily moving over the bridge some an extra few hundred pounds a week. Not many folk would turn down that kind of offer.
  14. The full kit is in the article.
  15. Read the article and you can see the full strip. There is also a competition to win Sean Welsh's boots right at the bottom of the story.