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  1. RiG

    Thistle v Thistle

    Any word on Walsh and whether he might be back for this one?
  2. In between people resigning, horrendous looking accounts and talk about our Scottish Cup Semi Final we have a pretty important league game coming up tomorrow night against Partick Thistle. We've been pretty rank against Thistle this season despite bagging two wins. The match in November (?) was a real smash and grab with only a Walsh wonder strike the difference between the sides (plus some excellent keeping by Ridgers and a piss poor penalty). But recently we turned in a shambles of a performance as Partick coasted to a 2 - 0 win in the Highlands though we were missing some of our key players. A win would be really welcome especially as Dunfermline have found a bit of form recently and are now ahead of us in the table in 4th spot though we do have a game in hand. Anyone heading along? If not you can tune in on BBC Scotland
  3. RiG


    hislopsoffsideagain meets Narey's Toepoker
  4. I just got an email saying tickets on sale to ST holders Monday 25/03 and general sale on 27/03. Prices are... South Stand: £30 Adult, Concession £15 East Stand: £20 Adult, Concession £10
  5. Got to agree with Mantis here. I'm expecting Hearts to take a pretty heft support through. Maybe not the full 20k but not too far short.
  6. RiG

    Semi-Final Poll

    The semi finals were always going to be lunchtime kick offs. Just be glad that we're in one again and also that it's not on the Sunday.
  7. Easy win yesterday. Despite Queens being on a bad run I still expected us to stumble a bit here so it was a nice surprise to see us easily secure the three points save for a pretty shoddy opening to the second half. Very well taken goal by Doran to open the scoring. I see some reports have stated it was a poor backpass but I thought it was an overhit through ball from one of our players (clearly I wasn't paying that much attention). Anyway, Doran did well to get onto it and round the keeper before finishing well from a pretty tight angle. I thought he might have taken it too wide but he did well to squeeze it in (oo er). Mckay got the second when he met a corner and found the net via a big deflection off his marker. We should have had a third goal when Polworth saw his shot turned wide and then from his corner McCart (I think) headed against the bar and White shot over. Queens seldom threatened but they were much better after the break and we were fortunate not to concede at least one goal with Ridgers denying Dobbie, Dykes and then Dobbie again as we struggled to get going again. Gone was the nice crisp passing play replaced by hurried balls lumped forward to no one in particular. Only Doran seemed to have the intelligence to try and get the ball down on the ground and start knocking it about again. Once we did that we started to gain a foothold and should have extended our lead when Welsh and the Polworth again shot wide from distance. Great performances from the likes of Doran, Polworth, McCart and Tremarco. Ridgers didn't have too much to do in the first half but made three terrific saves to maintain our two goal lead in the second. Had one of those gone in who knows what might have happened. Those fans up from Stoke were interesting to say the least. One seemed to have had an altercation with one of the young lads on the turnstiles and got chucked out, followed possibly by another one. Then some other guy came back in demanding everyone leave and got into a fight with an ICT fan who told him to fuck off. Then they all left. I bumped into them at the station heading back to Carlisle but fortunately managed to them on the train and at the changeover at Carlisle. Strange mob.
  8. Just use a proxy site to get round any area restrictions.
  9. From a very selfish point of view Easter Road would be great. 8 second walk for me but I completely understand why many would want it at Hampden especially, as Gregor says, if one semi final is played there then the other should be as well. Personally I think only the final should be played there but so long as they come to a decision as quickly as possible then I am sure #CaleyAway will make every effort to get there.
  10. RiG


    If you accrue three bookings up to and including the quarter final games you're out of the semi. If you accrue two bookings up to and including the quarter final games these are wiped and you go into the semi on no bookings.
  11. Great to see folk so up for a trip to Hampden again (as they should be) but don't forget we've got a load of equally important games coming up in the league so let's get along to TCS or to some of the away games between now and mid April to get behind the team.
  12. One thing I had not realised until Tuesday was just how quick the United attack is. We were looking pretty stretched trying to stop their counter attacks. Pace is not something we have in a lot of our team so Robbo may want to think about how we combat United on the break when he picks his side. That was certainly when we looked pretty vulnerable the other night.
  13. Bear in mind though that with it being a Sunday there might be more folk using it than normal. I got there about 1915 on Tuesday night and it was approaching capacity. There are a fair few parking spots on nearby streets as well so you should be fine.
  14. Catherine Street car park is about 10 minutes walk from the ground and is free.
  15. Indeed, I'd be delighted if we were in their situation. They are very lucky as you say.