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  1. Trafford's agent said recently he had interest from clubs in Scotland in the Premiership...
  2. RiG

    New ICT Podcast

    That's what happens when you have @alternative maryhill on
  3. Doubt many rumours will come to anything. Everyone is in the same position right now. Very unlikely we will sign anyone anytime soon. I think we are just going to have to wait a bit longer until we know what is happening with the league restarting, No one has a clue what is going on. Entertaining though to hear the players linked.
  4. Stop wasting time on reconstruction that will never go through and find a way to restart the football season as quickly and safely as possible.
  5. RiG

    New ICT Podcast

    "The Christie Legacy" is out now! https://thewynessshuffle.podbean.com/e/the-christie-legacy/ Warning - this is a looooong podcast. Time stamps included if you want to park it and pick it up again at a later date
  6. RiG

    New ICT Podcast

    Well done Jack!
  7. RiG

    New ICT Podcast

    Some of the guys recorded the pod yesterday so it should be ready to go pretty soon. In the meantime cast your vote in the final of The Wyness Shuffle Goal of the Season between Carl Tremarco and, perhaps surprisingly, Nikolay Todorov...
  8. In a sample taken in this very boardroom, a satellite broadcaster found 4 Old Firm games per season! That's not enough! We demand MORE Old Firm games! More Old Firm games!
  9. Lewis Spence seemed like a tidy player last season for County. I'd like to see him sign. McManus has bagged loads of goals for Falkirk this season and seems well liked there. I suspect he will end up signing for them though I wouldn't mind us getting him.
  10. RiG

    New ICT Podcast

    Don't worry I certainly never took it that way and it's good to get an idea of how long folk are likely to listen to a podcast without maybe wanting to pause it and pick it up again at another time. I'm sure we could easily ramble on about ICT for two hours and stick that out but if folk like pods around an hour long that would be pointless. As I say I think around an hour is a good target. Anything much longer than that and I think people would tune out a little.
  11. That press conference / briefing from Johnson was utterly shameful. That Cummings has not been sacked when he has clearly broken the law and somehow retains the support of the Government is appalling.
  12. RiG

    New ICT Podcast

    Not a new pod but we are running some polls to help decide our choice for ICT Goal of the Season! Get your vote in on Twitter! You can see all the goals in the threads on Twitter.
  13. RiG

    New ICT Podcast

    Good to know the timestamps were helpful. If I get a chance I will do some more for the recent pods at least. Cheers!
  14. RiG

    New ICT Podcast

    What kind of length do you think we should aim for? In the past we've tried to aim for around an hour but for the last one we weren't sure it would work too well split up in two parts so I put some timestamps in to let people jump to parts they want to hear. It's a track by therealstevekellky who gave us permission to use it which was very nice of him. You can see / listen to it on YouTube: