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  1. He's a decent player but he's 31 and I'm not sure he's much of a career left to rebuild for.
  2. McHattie isn't the best and unfortunately made two bad errors in the games against United which cost us goals but he has been pretty competent filling in and provides us with some cheap cover. Content for him to be used as a squad player but wouldn't want him starting too many games.
  3. RiG

    ICT Feeder Club

    A Nandos and a dual carriageway to Perth is just what this club needs to really take off.
  4. RiG

    Joe Chalmers

    How was he feigning injury?
  5. Look what happened when the club refused to let Hughes talk to Dundee United...
  6. RiG

    ICT Feeder Club

    That was some outstanding bait.
  7. RiG

    Joe Chalmers

    I'm sure you're a very handsome chap but Martin Woods is utter shite. Ask fans of Ross County, Partick and, now, Dundee. A total haddy.
  8. RiG

    Joe Chalmers

    And that's me now fully convinced this is a troll account. Martin Woods. FFS.
  9. Walsh and Donaldson were offered new contracts a few weeks back along with Ridgers. One of them has signed... I suspect next season will be Tremarco's last with us and a move into coaching will be next. He was telling folk at the end of season hospitality how much he loves the club and the area so I can't see him moving anywhere else really.
  10. RiG

    Joe Chalmers

    I see our supporters on social media are losing their heads over this and suddenly decrying him as a garbage player and a snake. Chalmers certainly isn't rubbish but he also isn't the best player going. Nice set piece delivery (corners over free kicks), some nice short range passing and, erm, that's about it. He's okay but that's as far as it goes. Certainly not worth getting into a "bidding" war with County over him and offering the guy silly money. I trust Robbo to replace him. Vincent has been released by Dundee...
  11. Not read the thread and TBH I don't think I can bring myself to. I'm still absolutely gutted about the result. I felt before the game that if we took the lead we'd have a great chance to overturn the deficit but if we lost the first goal we'd struggle to turn it around and so it proved. We really should have bagged a goal or two before that incredibly harsh penalty decision. Excellent spot kick from Clark but as soon as that went in you could see the players heads drop a bit and I don't really blame them. Poor defending for the United second goal really killed off any lingering hope and the third was just cruel but probably deserved for United. By this point you could see which team had benefited from several days of rest prior to the first leg. Most of the ICT players were absolutely burst by this point - Walsh, Trafford and White were all dead on their feet yet kept plugging away (White especially) and put the lamentable effort from folk like Austin to shame. Plenty of effort but not enough clinical finishing / quality over the piece. It's hard to have another contentious decision go against us in a game against United but over the two games we failed to find the net once which speaks volumes. As has been said numerous times this season we can't continue to pass up chances like the ones we missed on Friday.
  12. If there's one thing you can say for sure about what is being posted on CTO just now saying everything is fine is definitely not it.
  13. Definitely not been forced into this no way...
  14. No idea. I'm not overly bothered about all of this to be honest. if people were as passionate about supporting ICT as they are bleating about stuff like this we would have one of the loudest supports in the country.
  15. Remember Ross County wishing us luck in the Scottish Cup?