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  1. Was also at the game today.

    Mantis your assessment was spot on.  The only thing I would take issue with was your comment on Imrie.  Thought he looked up for it, keen to get involved and showed some very nice touches.  Think Cowie and Imrie are both better than they showed today because when they get the ball in space they should be a bit greedier and drive forward themselves as opposed to looking for a square or backwards pass.  All about confidence because they have the ability. 

    Marius would be top drawer if he had a right foot and a bit more pace.  He worked a number of opportunities today but needed too many touches.

  2. Think he served the club well and was the ultimate professional by all accounts.  Feel Brewster must shoulder some of the blame for his departure.

    I heard back at the start of September after the Hibs game at Easter Road that Brewster had sat down with all members of the squad and that Rankin was told he was not fancied for a first team position.  He was then told in November that the club would look at offers for him.  This was also made public.  Can you really blame Rankin for selling his house and feeling his future lay elsewhere given we are the only SPL side in the Highlands. 

    He will be a big loss for the club as demonstrated by our dire performance on Saturday without him.  The midfield had been looking good but Brewster seems to have shot us in the foot.

  3. Not only was performance poor today, but style of football was dire.  Too many long balls to Bayne and long throws from Munro predictable and ineffective and make our possession a 50/50 ball every time.  Even at the kick off we launch it forward like a rugby start and give possession away straight away. In contrast I don't remember Ma-kalambay once kicking from hand.  

    Bayne flicking the ball onto no-one doesn't work and when it comes to his feet he can't control it.  Marius can control it but when isolated his lack of pace means he is quickly outnumbered and robbed of the ball.  I thout the 4-5-1 worked well when we got players like Rankin and Cowie close to Marius quickly.  Not impressed if this is how Brewster is going to send us out to play.  We play our best when the ball is on the ground. We have midfield players who given the opportunity are better than the long ball game.

    Where was Wilson today?  He too can cope with playing the ball on the ground and can make things happen.

  4. Disagree - I think our performance  today demonstrated how much we will miss Rankin if (and given his absence today it looks like he will)  he does go.  Rankin and wilson are players who can change games, looking at the bench today when we were 2-0 down  it was a struggle to see who could come on and make a difference.

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