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  1. Really want to say yes but my head is saying no.
  2. Love this thread. Bringing it all back to me. The Columba was a regular haunt then The Tryst.
  3. Yes, suspect you are right. He was in the post office and is probably nearly 70 now. Don't think IHE is quite that vintage!
  4. He's hardly impartial. Can't contain his joy when celtic score! Don't even care just delighted with our comeback!
  5. He's hardly impartial. Can't contain his joy when celtic score!
  6. Come on! We can do this! Would love to shut Murdo McLeod up.
  7. Think you are talking about my uncle Ken. He was at the IRA and was Caley goalie for a few years?
  8. Absolutely on the money. Fair report of the game. Something looks seriously wrong with Foran though. Definitely needs rested until it's sorted. He looked in trouble everytime he touched the ball at the game yesterday,
  9. Love it. Brought tears to my eyes!
  10. TBH, we really haven't had to relly on him those last few games. No disrespect Ryan Bit short sighted me thinks. Ryan Essen has more than proved his worth this season. He is an excellent keeper, probably best in the sfl. Only Tuffey is comparable. Had Butcher not decided to play Fraser in the last few games last season we may well have stayed up.
  11. 5 points - Rooney for his first half performance. Chased everything usually with good result. 3 points - Foran, looked hungry and up for it throughout. Some fantastic defensive headers towards the end of the game. 1 point - Duncan. Just edged it from Hayes or Proctor.
  12. Just me and my husband, kids have other plans. Can't wait.
  13. andyp85


    Thanks Blackie for some fantastic memories. You've given your all to ICT over the years. We'll certainly miss your passion. No one can have doubted your commitment over the past few years. Just don't know how we are going to replace you? All the best with the Jambos and maybe a Scotland cap?
  14. I thought Odhiambo looked good when he came on. The time he had was just too short. Did he not provide the cross for Duncan's tame shot? If that had gone in it would have been a fantastic piece of play.
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