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  1. HT:1-0 FT:1-1 ICT:Doran Hibs:Boyle Crowd:10,021
  2. HT:1-1 FT:1-1 ICT:Walsh Dun.utd:Shankland Crowd:7089
  3. HT:1-0 FT:2-0 1st ICT:Doran 1st Opp:Trouten Crowd:1776
  4. HT:0-1 FT:1-3 1st ICT:Storey 1st Opp:Forrest Crowd:1841
  5. HT:0-1 FT:0-2 1st ICT:Keatings 1st Opp:Trouten Crowd:996
  6. HT:1-0 FT:2-1 1st ICT:Doran 1st Opp:Hemmings Crowd:4579 1st Yellow:Trafford
  7. HT:1-0 FT:2-0 1st ICT:Doran 1st Opp:Donnelly Crowd:1996 1st yellow:Donaldson
  8. HT:1-1 FT:2-1 1st ICT:Doran 1st Opp:Nisbet Crowd:2009
  9. I took part in this game but received no points, only just noticed
  10. HT:1-1 FT:1-1 1st ICT:Keatings 1st Opp:Cole Crowd:2399 can game 22 be checked, I took part but received no points
  11. HT:0-1 FT:0-2 1st ICT:Keatings 1st Alloa:Trouten Crowd:1011
  12. HT:1-1 FT:1-1 1st ICT:Walsh 1st Opp:Hemmings Crowd:2320
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