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  1. Even though im a caley fan, I want Rangers 2 win the SPL and even I think dundee utd were robbed. Their disallowed goal was perfectly fine, should have had a penalty, add these 2 bad decisions to the 1 goal they did score then it should have been 3-3. :crazy07:
  2. Whats happened 2 deano? the last i heard of him was that he was training with gillingham again or something.
  3. any1 kno where i can find a list of some ICT songs??? coz i would like to join in sometimes haha specially with the ones that are sung in section g lol. or do you guys just make them up as you go along?
  4. oh yeah lol btw i dnt think any1 answered my question lol will there be any chance 4 autographs at Barry's testimonial? i kno it snds childish but i'd luv 2 get a few lol.
  5. I thought they were not on sale until Monday :024: how did you manage to get one so soon ? yeah how the heck did u get 1? lol. im a season ticket holder as well nd i av 2 wait till at least monday
  6. Will there be a chance 4 autographs? i know this sounds really childish but i would luv 2 get a few lol
  7. Alan Shearer? the guy who used 2 play 4 newcastle? or is this another alan shearer tht used 2 play 4 caley? sorry, lol im only 14.
  8. any1 know if this game is gonna be on tv? i'm probably goin 2 the game but ma dad lives dwn in england so he cant nd he's gutted nd he was wonderin would it be on tv or radio or sumfin? i dnt really care who wins this game i just wanna c a gr8 game with some of the well known liverpool players.
  9. :party04: DENNIS! I hope u get a game 2day nd get a goal 2 celebrate although it doesnt sound like ur gonna get a game. :020: I really hope u stay at Caley Thistle and score another few hundred goals :021: ALL HAIL THE CALEY JAGGIES LEDGEND!!! :allhail:
  10. I wanna know what happend 2 our old song "Bring it on home" If u can't remember it, here's the link Do u think we should use this song at all our home games???
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