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  1. When you were DJing, it was no doubt pish. The only software for DJing I have is Rekordbox... which only selects the track to the deck required... ps 4 deck. If you read the question, it said PRODUCTION software, dick. Different between Mixing software and production software. also I am currently on spark fm as we speak http://sparksunderland.com/radioplayer/ I have also been supported by Tiesto, Jacob van Hage, Shawnn and Pauly van Doorn with this track http://www10.zippyshare.com/v/78256797/file.html Also I don't use sync buttons and don't bother with any alignment t
  2. Actually its between 2100 and 2300 every Thursday on www.realcityradio.com This is my djing set-up with TWO 500 watt speakers and all my equipent costing over £2000 ... then i have production software and hardware. www.facebook.com/swebster.music Also if anyone is looking for a DJ for party's.... hello!
  3. still feels like **** :/

  4. anyone want to get me a lucazade sport? I have no power to do anything :/ think I might be ill!

  5. Facebook is boring tonight! Nobody to decent talk to! Mehhhhhh!

  6. im such a loltard :/

  7. just seen the rota and iv got tomorrow off... BOOST. Spring Cleaninf my room tomorrow :)

  8. Call of Duty.... how i missed you :')

  9. absolutly raging how cadbury heroes don't have 'dreams' anymore!!!

  10. some people have no respect for other peoples property!!

  11. I'm a big gay yellow bear

  12. Let the drinking commence!

  13. I love tomato sauce

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