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  1. Hughes as a manager is a loser .. Falkirk, Hibernian, Hartlepool .. why oh why did we have to have him when there were other suitable and available candidates. There is only one way we can now progress and that is downwards. His ability to manage players once a slide in form begins does not exist. He is one of the most prolific bullshitters in Scottish football and his ability to analyse situations is very poor .. you only had to listen to him on Sportsound. Goodbye the dream, next season it will be a scrap against relegation.
  2. The Scottish football authorities deserve all the criticism they receive .. they have no thought or consideration for fans who attend their games. To postpone a game in April two less than two hours before the scheduled kick off demonstrates how little if any thought was given to travelling fans of both clubs. The Met Office Invent forecasting system has a site for the Caledonian Stadium in Inverness. The forecast last night was for heavy rain from 02.00 hours until 10,00 hours this morning, followed by good drying conditions, a rising south westerly wind and sunshine. By midday t
  3. The current situation with the Caley Thistle team in the SPL is the most obvious sign of the decline and pending fall of what used to be a well managed organisation. The inability to deal with the poor football performance illustrates the situation in the boardroom. Where is the clear direction and determination which used to be evident ? The relationship between owners and board has disolved and each is suspicious of the other whilst all the time the ship sinks. The forthcoming stay in Division One will be a long one. Any Chairman worth his salt would examine Brewsters tot
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