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  1. Children's strips were made without a sponsor when it was alcohol companies
  2. Looking forward to a great day out with great people. Who cares if it's an early start, we are going to HAMPDEN for the semi final of the BIG cup!!
  3. Great turnout as usual and 8 players accompanied by Lionel Nessie joined the kids who all had a great night. Thank you to each and every one of you
  4. I could go on the Saturday but didn't think I could make the Sunday but now have the whole weekend off so making a weekend of it. Looking forward to it
  5. I'm so very sorry to hear this news Scotty. As you know we have first hand experience of this particular cancer and within the last 12 months I've lost my Mum and Uncle to different forms of Cancer. You are right to be positive as it is a very treatable type of cancer as long as you get checked and catch it before it spreads. Unfortunately Dave was in denial and refused to go to the GP (quite a problem with men in general) and once diagnosed it has spread significantly. I can't emphasise strongly enough that you must get checked. Your health service in Canada is amazing and I'm sure you will receive the best treatment going. Thoughts with you and your family but I know you can beat this xx
  6. L_G

    Hearts Game

    They are selling tickets
  7. Please check your junk mail folder. We have double checked and an email was sent and not returned. Your application will be considered along with the other two very shortly. Thanks for your support though
  8. More than happy to sign your nomination. Send it through
  9. To be fair the same may be applicable in reverse. There was an opportunity for those who wished to vote against the board to make public their thoughts but none were forthcoming. I just hope that those who voted will be standing for election next month
  10. Charles firstly the board is not self appointed Not sure on what grounds you think court action might be necessary. I once again note that you are not a member and never have been so your interest in this really amazes me. The board are well aware if the timescale required to hold the meeting and the email Davie mentions was purely a matter of courtesy and the meeting will be confirmed and due notice given
  11. And I have return train tickets for sale for only £35. Leaving 10.45am
  12. I spoke to Supporters Direct on Friday 16th and we are working to implement a plan within the constraints of the board. The lady we are dealing with left for leave on the 16th but she was able to give us clear advice. I've checked and no date was agreed for the EGM as I personally have to contact the members who didn't take up the offer of renewing membership. I was asked to complete this by the end of January so the EGM would have to be after then. Sadly my Mum passed away last week which has not allowed us to have a board meeting but this will be arranged as a matter of priority and following that meeting we will be in a position to make a statement regarding the way forward. Rest assured wheels are turning. Have a great Christmas
  13. Caley Jags Together are currently working closely with Supporters Direct regarding the way forward. We will be happy to share the findings just as soon as possible but rest assured we are aware of the implications of the current situation and will work hard to ensure that the voting right is protected.