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  1. That is certainly the plan
  2. Many a good day spent in the Innes pre and post match. That's a great photo Scotty. I met Colin and his family in a hotel in New York. As we were checking out they were sitting waiting to check in lol A true gentleman who will be sadly missed by many
  3. That might be a possibility but we are waiting for a date in the first instance.
  4. Maybe you should attend the next meeting to hear the information first hand. The next meeting is to be an open meeting for all fans to attend. We are just waiting for a date for this from the Club.
  5. I haven't had time to do more than flick through a couple of times but what I have seen is amazing. I'm looking forward to having time to have a proper look over the Christmas holidays
  6. Thank you Scotty. This is an amazing record of 25 years of ICT and a must for every fan. It is very much a book of memories of which we will all have played a part. Once again excellent work from our club historian. I for one can't wait to get my hands on a copy
  7. Hi RiG Sadly the event has been cancelled due to the SFA announcement that games should be cancelled. The Trust feel that this event was reliant upon the match and therefore should be rearranged when the fixtures are rescheduled. Please be reassured that all other events, conferences and meetings booked at the stadium will go ahead as planned.
  8. Really looking forward to it. Looking like a great night.
  9. Me and my Dad. See you later
  10. Believe me I'm very aware of the importance of the voting right and where it came from
  11. There doesn't seem to be any resolutions to be voted on
  12. Children's strips were made without a sponsor when it was alcohol companies
  13. Looking forward to a great day out with great people. Who cares if it's an early start, we are going to HAMPDEN for the semi final of the BIG cup!!
  14. Great turnout as usual and 8 players accompanied by Lionel Nessie joined the kids who all had a great night. Thank you to each and every one of you
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