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  1. 13 hours ago, ictchris said:

    To be fair to Robbo, he was in the position of needing to get players in fast last summer and we clearly signed people who were available rather than assessing them and making an informed choice.

    Fair point. He did know Alex Cooper though who we all knew was guff before we signed him. 

  2. Why are we having a kit launch and a meet and greet thing at 9am on a Wednesday?  Most people will be at work apart from nightshifters and the unemployed and kids (who kits and these events are mainly aimed at) will be at school?

  3. To be fair, Errea did start showing signs of improvement before we punted them the first time.  Remember Carbrini though?  Good lord, what a shambles they were.

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  4. 5 hours ago, jimmyo said:

    No Pre Season friendlies have been confirmed yet. Message from team manager is that they are looking at the options available to them after putting out tentative enquiries last week. 


    Nairn County lying then?

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  5. Seemingly the mass brawl started after Cowdenbeath's third goal was given after one of their players rugby tackled the Cove goalkeeper.  I wonder type of referee would make such a terrible decision...

    Oh!  It was John McKendrick!  Fancy that...

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