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  1. ---------------------------------Fraser--------------------------------------------






    Subs: Esson, Vigurs, Duff, Rooney, Zander, Djebi-Zadi, Duncan

    A nice attacking formation from the start with the possibilty to switch to a 3-6-1 formation and packing the midfield should it need to be done.

  2. I'm well cheesed off at Celtic right now and ICT for that matter. All the other SPL should put there foot down but no they going along with it like a flock of sheep. The ticket prices for these games is ridiculous anyway and the fact the put the prices up for these games just shows that ICT care more about the money than anything else. The OF games are always the ones where ICT need the most support so if anything they should be lowering the prices of these games. Shame on ICT for doing this.

  3. A tactic that used to be quite intersting to watch at ICT used to be when Tokely and Hastings used to go to the wing together and teeing each other up on crosses to swing the ball into the box. It used to work quite well and made ICT far more dangerous from crosses. This seemed to continue up until when CC took control. Did this really happen, or was it just an ICT-related dream I had? They should do it again, and if it was a dream they should do it for real.

  4. finding positions for players just to keep them in the team is crazy.

    I wouldn't put Tokely if the team if I didn't think he was good enough and if played further up the pitch he would be very much good enough. If you want to find a defender that became a striker look no further that Craig Brewster as well as Chris Sutton, so it can be done. And even if Tokely was played in the position I put him in, it wouldn't be alien to him. He plays there most of the time anyway.

  5. Tokely's performance at right wing against Aberdeen was fantastic, though even though he can be a good player, he's too slow to be making these runs up the field from the defence. When he is upfront, his height makes him pretty dangerous at time, something ICT are really lacking at this point in time. Proctor is a far better option at right back though he can also change to be a right winger, and Brew should look at Tokely as being interchangeable too.

    Another good option might be this:





    By the use of this formation, Tokely still has his attacking edge that he has when he goes forward but wouldn't get as puffed out having to constantly run back to the defence and he can use his height to possibly knock the ball onto the strikers infront of him and for headers from crosses during a counter attack. This formation could also give him a freer roam of the pitch, something that could benefit both his play and ICT.

  6. Just thinking about players who ICT signed up to the first team but never played. Steven Watt is an obvious example. Played one game and on the bench a couple of times but seldomly seen all season. Ally Ridgers is another one. Two spells at ICT, hardly ever played, if ever. Tom Parrat might be another one, as is Ally MacDonald who seems to have disappeared this season and that fourth unknown keeper on the 06/07 season line up poster. Does anyone know of any more?

  7. ----------------------------------Fraser----------------------------------






    Subs - Esson, Duff, Vigurs, Zander, Djebi-Zadi, <McBain, Wood

  8. ---------------------------------Fraser--------------------------------------------





    Subs: Esson, Vigurs, Zander, Duff, McBain, Djebi-Zadi, McAllister

    Fraser in goal, with a defence of three. In midfield Tokely at right midfield where he played well last season against Aberdeen, Cowie and Black in the middle with Imrie on the wing. Tokely can also fill in at right back should he need to. Up front Barrowman and Rooney with Wilson just behind. By doing using this formation it gives ICT a good attacking approach whilst also filling the midfield. Vigurs could also replace Wilson on the hour mark.

  9. Also ways a stupid idea to boo your own players. Imagine what'll happen if/when one of these nut cases does this whilst sitting next to McAllister's or any other player subjected to this's family. Disaster waiting to happen.

  10. Fraser

    Tokely Duff Hastings

    Cowie McBain Black Imrie

    Rooney Barrowman Wilson

    Subs: Esson, Vigurs, McAllister, Djebi-Zadi, Sutherland, McGuire, Wood

    Time for a good attacking formation. Fraser in goal, Tokely, Duff and Hastings at the back with McBain pushing back should he need to. Cowie right wing, Black in the middle and Imrie on the left. Up front the three strikers of Rooney, Barrowman and Wilson with Wilson and Imrie being interchangabe throughout the game. On the subs bench Ryan Esson, strikers Wood and McAllister, midfielders Vigurs and Zander as well as Djebi-Zadi and McGuire as the benched defenders.

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