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  1. We win 2 and Falkirk lose 2 we are safe. Chances of that ...................slim Lets get support in numbers - we simply cannot go down. We need support, noise and everything behind the team 5 years in the SPL, big games have been won and lost. We need everyone together now more than ever Lets get behind the team in numbers Who is up for it Show your support in any way you feel you can Let the march begin!!!!!
  2. Just picked up my daily record, check out the back page - It's brilliant!!! What a fantastic idea to get the 'Big 4' publicised by a national rag Well done Terry - your a great sport and clearly passionate about getting everyone behind the team!!!! Let's spread the word
  3. I agree entirely, but its's great to get a win, nothing wrong with being optimistic though, it's been difficult to do that of late!!
  4. Delighted to take 3 points from Hibs this afternoon boosting us up to 9th in the league. Whilst not out of the woods by any stretch, and forgive me for being so pleased but following our recent run of form and following last weeks disaster today was a huge result for the club. Could this be the turning point?, we have been here before but maybe, just maybe,this week with Falkirk on the ropes drawing today against Hamilton another 3 points on Wednesday could boost us up the league into a safer position. Come on boy's do us proud and not make today's great result a one off and roll in
  5. Good shout, football income alone if things don't go your way in the cup or you have a disappointing league position is not enough to make the books balance in a SPL football club. More and more clubs up and down the country are looking at non football ways to raise cash and if on the way they can give something back to us the fans in the form of events then it will make for exciting times ahead. I wish the commitee all the very best and look forward to seeing what Kenny, Les, Mike & Darren come up with. p.s. No other business could survive on being open for 19/20 days a year,
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