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  1. Hopefully I'm wrong but my abacus suggests we can still fail to make the Top 6 Highly unlikely but if we lost our 2 remaining games. St Johnstone took at least 4 points from 6, Ross County beat Hearts and Killie won all 3 of there remaining fixtures we could miss out on goal difference. I think?? Happy to be proved wrong
  2. Some finish. For once we need to celebrate crap officiating.
  3. Embarrassing stuff. Lucky it's not 4 or 5 to Motherwell
  4. Grimm stuff in the second half. Had to turn it off as it was making my eyes bleed. Stark has no chance of getting the job after this. Sadly Shinnie was pretty poor as well
  5. Hardly kicked the ball in the 2nd half but a welcome 3 points Brines was a joke
  6. Very good result indeed. Well played
  7. I too went to bed after the 4th set. Luckily I checked my phone 'just 1 more time' and then went back to watch the final few games.. Delighted he won although I'm knackered now
  8. I had a senior moment - apologies
  9. Given Shinnie is our most likely source of goals moving him doesn't seem the most sensible option! So do we now have 3 left backs?? Blackman looked pretty poor on his debut against Aberdeen. Scored an own goal as well I seem to remember.
  10. Excellent start to the season and easily our MVP How about trying to extend his contract now rather than waiting till next year when it's too late!
  11. Celtic stopped playing after the 4th. 2 consolation goals flatter us after a gutless display
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