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  1. What a great team performance! well done all the lads
  2. Following Sportsound on radio just now and the comments from the prevoius compliance officer, sounds like Josh will be hard pushed to avoid not missing the final, if this is the case will be utterly gutted for him & the team. Apparently John Collins was in a similar position for Scotland. http://www.thefreelibrary.com/I%27m+no+hand-ball+cheat%3B+Says+JOHN+COLLINS.-a061328561 John Collins admitted yesterday that it was a penalty when he handled on the goal line to stop Holland scoring. But midfield star Collins, given star rating in Scotland's battling 0-0 draw with Holland at Villa Park on Monday, insisted: "I didn't do it deliberately. "It's my job at corners and setpieces to guard the back post, and that's exactly what I was doing. "The ball bounced up and definitely hit my hand, but it appears the referee didn't see what happened, despite the Dutch claims for a penalty. "It was purely involuntary. I didn't stick out my left arm on purpose. "You just don't have time to think in the heat of the moment. The possibility that the referee might send me off for deliberate handball to prevent a goal being scored never entered my head." Double standards as usual, we need to fight this all the way.
  3. The Black hanger is still there. Well its steel frame is. Back in the early 80?s I worked for BCP Architects and one of our clients was Macrae and Dick, we did a lot of work for them all over the north. One job was to convert the hanger into a furniture warehouse, we stripped off the black cladding and built offices & toilet accommodation. A 2 metre high concrete wall was built around the base of the hanger and the roof and upper walls were re-clad in brown steel sheet. From the google street view it looks like it?s been refurbished since then, but I?m sure it?s the same building I worked on. Highland Quality Construction are currently using it.
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