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  1. Can't be ****** this fine morning :-/

  2. Lazy ass is sleeping :-/

  3. No mention that No Kid sizes arrived, I went in this morning for three kids tops for going on holiday, Raging!! Not the shops fault however why not warn people before, I told the boys I was away to get the new stuff for them..... Gutted
  4. Vodafone unlimited minutes just mean I could sit talking to baby boy and we watched ParaNorman together :-)

  5. Best get my lazy ass up busy day, got to wash the motor, buy some shirts, eat loads oh and Costa Costa Costa

  6. Discovery History 535 I'm so sad lol

  7. Hummmm do I shave for tonight's sesh :-)

  8. I'm having a beats audio loud night :-)

  9. Really good QI the night Mr Fry likes tittys

  10. How lazy, I just phone for a delivery haha I can throw a stone at the magic wok just can't be arsed :-)

  11. Beautiful day thank you for letting me share it with you Dawn Falconer

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