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  1. If the Jambos get past Partick we’ll have the opportunity to wipe out the bad memory of the 5-0 drubbing last time we played them. Yesterday was a massive confidence boost for our squad, starting to play like the Caley teams we have loved over the years. What a great moment for the long-suffering Arron Doran. Man of the match.
  2. All the best Scotty. Greatly appreciate your openness and call to the lads to be prostate aware. Not to mention all your great work for the fans over the years. Long may it continue !
  3. Looks like flight to Bucharest then bus/train to Giurgiu. No cheap flights to Bucharest from Scotland I think. I wonder if the club will charter a plane ?
  4. Tremendous news and what a contrast to Terry & Mo's misguided ambition. Richie knows what he's part of and how much more there could be to come. First things first: revenge for the 4-0 drubbing on Saturday. Richie's commitment says a lot to the rest of the squad - stick together and see what we'll achieve.