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  1. I've changed my mind a lot on this thread about who I want and why but as we've basically got our new manager I'm delighted! John Hughes could probably do a good job and bring us success but we'll just have to wait and see. Paul Hartley would have been my first choice too but I was gunna get right behind the manager whoever it was and John Hughes now has my backing
  2. Why would Hartley pull out if he's been offered a manager role at the team 2nd in the Premiership and a league cup semi final to look forward to? I mean you would swap Alloa for that surely? Maybe not If he's not interested in coming up North but if not him then the best option below him IMHO is Kenny Shiels or Craig Levein who has basically said he doesn't want it so Kenny Shiels for me (if not Hartley).
  3. The League Cup - Yes The Premiership - No The Scottish Cup - Possibly
  4. I'm saying Kenny Shiels now, I dont think Sutton would be a success IMHO or Robbo but I think Shiels, although he could get us in trouble if he's not careful, would be a good youth developer and a good coach so I'm saying him now. People say that he blew it at Killie but everybody makes mistakes and I think a second chance for him would possibly bring the best outta him. Also with us in the LC Semi he did win the LC at Killie so there's another positive note to look at.
  5. I'm sure he'll be after Shinnie and Draper, maybe Meekings?
  6. Please not Chris Sutton.... Honestly ICT, we really need someone who has experience or plays the style of football we play, not someone who will probably change the whole team about! Anyway where on earth did that deal suddenly come from to become bookies favourite?! This is actually a very good article though: http://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/443799/Chris-Sutton-favourite-for-Caley-Thistle-post
  7. I don't understand that Motherwells Stevie Hammell is always getting a call up (if a replacement is needed) when he is playing terrible ATM and never gets praise by the press when Shinnie is always getting praise, from what I hear, from the national press and he never gets called up, how does that work? He's definitely deserved atleast 10 call ups when Stevie Hammell has but of course Shinnie has got nothing...
  8. Richie Foran "Captain Fantastic" has signed a new 3 year contract! Excellent news and it looks like he's gunna end his career here and maybe take a coaching role in the future. But so pleased with that! :D
  9. I still kinda want Levein but this article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/24946618 Suggests we might get one of these two as they are the first people to be publically mentioned, Shiels has won a League Cup and has a good reputation with the youth developments and that but I'm just not sure if we can afford him getting match bans and getting the club fined as that did happen at Killie. I would like him as manager if I'm honest but just not sure about his attitude and what he says because he wasn't careful at Kilmarnock and it cost him his job in the end so mixed emotions on that one
  10. Do note that this was all recorded before TB left but here is my new away days!
  11. Brill news! Ahah I thought he would of been of to. Hibs if I'm honest but brilliant!
  12. The best gems he's found are definetely A Shinnie and McKay but I dunno about the worst.
  13. I think the Bookies favourite is Levein, works for me!:)
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