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  1. Agreed. We are not short of talented individuals with a bit of money who have an interest in the club. If only they could put aside their personal differences and individual egos we could potentially be in a very good place indeed.
  2. Both men are true supporters with the best interest of the club at heart rather than their own egos and both had legitimate reasons for leaving before that no longer prevail. My only criticism is that they are both men. Like most other clubs in Scotland, our gender balance at board level is appalling. We need very much to engage with the community but we still continue, very largely, to neglect half of that community.
  3. Nothing except arrest the free fall we were in prior to his arrival. Nothing except coming within a minute and one goal of a play off place in his first season. Nothing except reaching the play off semi final last season. Nothing except challenging towards the top of the league and occupying a play off spot so far this season. All on a very small and ever diminishing budget in front of a small and ever diminishing home support.
  4. Sad news. A very talented man but his work lives on. I was fortunate enough to speak with him a couple of times well over a quarter of a century ago. A fascinating person and a firm part of Highland culture. Condolences.
  5. Why on earth can't both those who made the long and ultimately fruitless journey to Greenock and those who attended the event last night be regarded as true and committed supporters ? It seems to me that any arrogance is coming from one source.
  6. Clyde are doing well in their division. Not convinced that we should be giving someone who has been judicially determined to be a rapist the oxygen of any publicity at all.
  7. As a VERY minor shareholder, it has been my intention to attend this evening's EGM. However, I now find myself unable to do so. I would, however, like to look on the positive side. We are in a very difficult financial position. How could we be anything else in the second tier with no major investment and home crowds barely nudging two thousand ? However, whilst it is obviously a possibility in the future if things don't improve, I think that talk of imminent administration is wide of the mark. I think we are in a better practical position now than a few months ago as the result of the resignation of a chairman who clearly was not enthusiastic about the position and seemed to have very little interest in addressing the legitimate concerns of fans or entertaining any of their ideas. Also beneficial, is the departure of a CEO who's appointment was shrouded in claims of nepotism, was clearly out of her depth and caused quite a bit of damage during her thankfully brief tenure. Her successor seems a good deal more competent and much more willing to communicate openly. As for the future, there are two individuals who are wealthy and have business acumen who have a genuine interest in the club but have worked against one another in the past. If they could somehow put aside their differences and work together and perhaps provide, on an equal basis, some working capital at this stage the future could look a good deal brighter.
  8. Firstly, Condolences to the family of the late Dave Chritie who I well remember playing for Jags and for Csley. His time at Clach eludes my middle aged memory. Regarding Scarlet's question. Horatio Cuthbert Fraser who for perhaps understable reasons preferred to be known as 'Roshie' was a Jags stalwart of the 60s and 70s.
  9. I am afraid that I can't let that last sentence go unchallenged. I am no fan of Alan Savage, his political views, or how he has divided our board in the past. However, that statement is just wrong and defamatory. Whatever one may think of the man, he has never said that he is waiting for the club to go bust and buy it on the cheap. People may be anxious and feelings may be running high but there is no reason to depart from the truth.
  10. He had polio. I don't think, however, that the big man ever regarded himself as a victim. It just wasn't in his nature.
  11. I have largely withdrawn from this site but am compelled to add to the tributes to John Beaton. A true stalwart of football in Inverness for decade upon decade. A staunch Caley man who became an equally staunch Caley Thistle man. One of the best who will be missed but never forgotten.
  12. If true, very encouraging news. With White, Keatings, Todorov and young Daniel Mackay, we have the best group of potential goal scorers we've had in years. Remarkable what Robbo is managing to assemble on such a limited budget.
  13. Did they mention which particular Wednesday ?
  14. The town centre or retail park would be better. That might remind some folk that Inverness has a professional football club.