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  1. I used to have a bit of a soft spot for Clyde until they signed someone judicially determined to be a rapist and then went on to make him club captain.
  2. I really couldn't see the point in taking such a promising and talented young player and then using him so sparingly, especially when others were struggling for form or fitness.
  3. Definately weakens the squad but I suppose that is St Mirren's prerogative.
  4. Hoping for a performance to match the second half of our last home game against Partick. Definitely not a repeat of the first half.
  5. Which is a pity because, before that negative attitude permeated down to the dressing room, the players clearly did as did most of the fans. Such negativity can be so damaging and it must be particularly soul destroying for our talented young players just not getting an opportunity.
  6. I am willing to bet that, with 20 minutes to go, almost none amongst us was in any way confident that we would hang onto the points. That in itself speaks volumes about where we are just now.
  7. Our best chance of promotion since we were relegated and week after week we continue to blow it. So frustrating. Looking we will be playing Rangers in the league next season and Cove doesn't even have a decent chipper.
  8. To those who have suggested that those of us who have been critical of players and management in recent weeks are too negative, is it being to negative being boiling mad at throwing away a hard earned lead against the worst team in the division yet again ! Or, would you prefer that we were out of the play off places as well as the automatic spot before venting our frustration and disappointment because, at this rate, that is the direction we are heading in.
  9. ..and is nobody entitled to disagree with you ?
  10. Not at all the religious type so I will be praying for neither but will be hoping that you fully recover with no serious ill effects and if we can get three points to cheer you up and ease your isolation that would be a very welcome bonus.
  11. How about giving them a chance before condemning them out of hand.
  12. HT; Dunfermline 0, ICT 1 FT; Dunfermline 0 ICT 2 ICT; Sutherland Dunfermline; O'Hara Crowd;2,890
  13. Logan Chalmers made his first team debut for Dundee United at 17 and was thought then to have huge potential but seems to have faded since and, for a forward player, has a poor scoring record. Hopefully, we will grab his time in the Highlands as an opportunity to revive his fortunes.
  14. Time enough to think about a squad fit to compete in next season's Premiership if and when that becomes a live issue. Right now we need to focus on having the players to compete over the next four months to give us the best possible chance of getting there and we are probably still two short.
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