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  1. It was a very blatant and inexplicable error. Not sure I would describe it as 'grave' though. A grave error is one that might result in death or injury. Football, as important as it is, is after all only a game.
  2. The right decision will be made in the end but only by the SFA throwing out it's own rulebook and not out of any sense of justice but only to bring the ridicule which they have rightly been subjected to to an end. It's clear that the system needs to be reformed. There is no reason why written reasons for the decision can't be issued with 24 hours. Why give them effectively a full week to concoct something ? Justice in the end but those charged with our national game are a national embarrassment. Actually, the way this was going viral, they were quickly becoming an international embarrassment. Despite the volte face we still need to see in writing why two of the panel came to such an extraordinary conclusion in the first place. Job only partly done.
  3. We should turn up. We should do our very best to win and have Keatings fully stripped lift the trophy.
  4. Who ever drafted that official club statement spoke for us all and did so very eloquently. Very well said indeed.
  5. In the final season in the Highland League, Caley's average league attendance was circa 340 and Thistle's under 200. So ever if every single regular attendee boycotted the new club the effect would have been no more than three figures. In fact, probably no more than five dozen or so, Mainly Caley, fans stayed away initially and many of them returned as soon as success and entertaining attacking football emerged under Steve Paterson.
  6. More than half of the current population of the greater Inverness area were either not living there, unborn or less than eight years of age at the time of the merger. There are many and complex reasons why we have been unable to sustain a large and loyal supporter base. The most important of these at the moment is that there is a team twenty minutes away playing more entertaining football with better players in a more pleasant and accessible stadium while we are struggling in the second tier. I appreciate that there are those that are obsessed with and very vocal about battles fought and lost over quarter of a century ago but the merger only had a very limited effect on attendances at the outset of our journey as a combined club and the effect now sits somewhere between negligible and non existent. We are unlikely to ever fill our current ground but crowds of three to four thousand home fans are entirely possible for a team playing attractive football in the mid to higher reaches of the Premierhip especially if improvements are made to such things as facilities, car park management, catering and the general matchday experience.
  7. We didn't 'bottle' it. We overcame a very talented and rather highly paid development team of a club with close to twenty five times our income in horrendous weather conditions and in the face of two terrible officiating decisions one of which deprived us of a penalty and a player for a large chunk of the second half and the other of a perfectly valid goal. A little more positively on reaching a national final might not go amiss.
  8. Poor refereeing decisions can and do cost games and on another day rwo absolutely abysmal errors by the officials could well have cost us our place in the final of this competition and a modest but, in our current circumstances, essential boost to our coffers.
  9. Yogi may have presided over the Cup triumph but was also responsible for the start of our long decline and then went on to get Raith Rovers relegated from which they are only starting to recover. His ability as a manager is such that nobody has been prepared to touch him since.
  10. Sadly, it's not just the football pitch where he is clueless and not at the football where he does most harm
  11. Better late than never. This 'tiny oversight' is redolent of the way we have treated half of our potential fan base for far far to long. Hopefully, lessons have, at long last, been learned.
  12. A worthless gimmick. There may be a couple of dozen or so Gaelic speakers in our home crowd, two or three might even have it as a first language but each and every one of them is also fluent in English. If we are really wanting to encourage a portion of the population of the Highlands who might not be regular attendees then announcements in Polish would be more effective and demonstrate an outward looking, embracing and welcoming attitude notwithstanding the xenophobic and insular madness of exiting the European Union.
  13. Or better still. Scotland back in. Only a matter of when.
  14. The explanation is clear and obvious. We have been in the Championship now for three seasons and have lost the best part of a million pounds in each of these seasons. No point in blaming the board who have, in general terms, worked hard to keep us afloat and out of administration and maintaining full time football albeit with a squad much diminished in terms of numbers and quality. The mistakes were made not so much recently but in the immediate aftermath of our Scottish Cuo triumph.
  15. About as bad an idea as it was for West Ham to reappointed Mr Moyes as the manager to oversee their relegation.