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  1. There is nothing quite like the buzz of a Saturday morning when there is football to go to. Especially when the team is on such a rich run of form.
  2. As did we a few weeks before. All to play for in this title race and we are right in the mix. The best placed we have been since relagation, very probably on with our lowest player budget since then.
  3. Pleasing to see that Kilmarnock could not emulate us and win at Gayfield. Even more incentive to win tomorrow and restore our three point advantage over the team that must still be most people's favourites for the title.
  4. HT; ICT 1, QOS 0 FT; ICT 2, QOS 0 ICT; Sutherland QOS; Connelly Crowd; 2,094
  5. I will settle for having scored at least one goal more than them when the final whistle is blown.
  6. Kingsmills


    With free entry, hopefully a few hundred will be tempted along and, for those that can afford it, a pound or to in the buckets will go a long way to help fund the team.
  7. I suspect that the losses for the year to May 2021 will be greater as the entire financial year will be Covid affected. However, with the staff being furloughed for much of the time and minimal match day costs our expenses will also be much reduced and we will also have banked the fee for Daniel McKay so the losses will not be that much more. Great credit should go to the board and CEO for steering us through these financially choppy waters on a reasonably even keel while still managing to put a competitive team out on the pitch.
  8. It will be like signing two new players for Rothes.
  9. Intrtesting to see that admission to the terracing was a shilling which, accounting for inflation, is about £7.80 in today's terms. Pretty good value for such a high profile glamour match. That said, when I first started going to the football in the 60s it was still only 2 shillings to get through the 'boys and OAP's' gate at any of the three Inverness grounds. Perish the thought that any girl or woman might want to go to the football.
  10. He may have had his issues but what an amazing footballer and a wonderful character. Always my favourite half of the Saint and Greavsie partnership.
  11. There is a really interesting atricle on the BBC Scotland website today describing the occasion when a Spurs side described as 'bristling with international stars' was humbled 6-3 by a Caledonian and Thistle select at a 'packed Telford Street'. Sorry, I have been unable to make the link work for some reason but it's well worth a read.
  12. Slightly disappointing but not the worst result. The Pars were always better than their league position suggested. We are still top of the league and still unbeaten. Our next two games are against QOS and Hamilton Accies and the important thing is to put any disappointment behind us and focus on taking 6 points from these two fixtures. If you had offered me top of the league, unbeaten and only one goal conceded at this stsge in the season I would have rushed to accept.
  13. Not sure about goals for Caley but I will happily settle for a goal for Caley Thistle for each of your good luck posts.
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