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  1. It may be galling to be unable to compete with a team from a suburb of Aberdeen but I don't see how a well run, well funded and relatively well supported club making their way up the league system is in any way ruining the game. Much better to have hungry and ambitious clubs in the lower reaches of the SPFL than the likes of Cowdenbeath or East Stirling who for too many years were content fo bumb along the bottom in deteriorating grounds secure in the knowledge that there was no hole in the net they could for though. Now, at long last, there is a route for ambitious and well run non league clubs to make there way along. A long overdue breath of fresh air let into a stale and crumbling former closed shop.
  2. Not too disappointed. Curry didn't bring much spice to our attack.
  3. Very competent and professional performance yesterday against a team with twice our budget and the best possible reaction to last week's setback against Arbroath. Realistically, we are now in a battle for second spot and it's impossible to overstate just how important it is that we retain that place. History shows very clearly that teams occupying third or fourth place in this division have little or no chance of prevailing in the play offs due to the extra effort of the two extra games. Second place gives a chance and has been good enough to achieve promotion more than once. Whilst a cup run would be a bonus, all efforts must now be on retaining second place and giving ourselves a chance of promotion. It's no exaggeration to say that retaining full time football in Inverness may depend on it.
  4. Whilst there are obvious practical and commercial advantages of artificial surfaces, professional football should only be played on grass unless and until the characteristics of the two surfaces are far more similar than they are now. As far as the serious problems that our friends and neighbours from Merkinch are now faced with, we should do what we can to help them and if that means a bit more work for the ground staff and playing on a poorer surface for a few weeks then, in my view, that is a price we should pay. Despite our recent difficulties, we are a large commercial undertaking with a seven figure turnover whereas they are a struggling community asset linked to an area of town with more than enough issues already. I, for one, am very pleased to see our CEO articulating the club's willingness to help if we can.
  5. He had been ill for some considerable time. He was, as has been said, the mainstay of that wonderful double title winning Jags team of the early 70s. He may now sadly be gone but he leaves us Jags fans of a certain vintage with memories that we still cherish nearly five decades on.
  6. Credit to the de facto Prime Minister Dominic Cummings. He has somehow persuaded swathes of working class people in deprived areas of the North of England, Wales and the Midlands to vote for a Conservative administration that is even more driven by extreme right ideology than Thatcher to get them out of an institution that probably wasn't on the radar of 90% of them four years ago. The very institution that created the welfare, employment and environmental rights that the new government will, without doubt, now strip away and they will be the very people who will suffer the most. Turkeys and Chritmas indeed! As for your new Lib Dem MP, she probably has a sporting chance of being party leader !
  7. Steady on. I doubt that we will end up with as many as 55 seats and we certainly won't gain 50% of the vote but we will win the election in Scotland even more overwhelmingly than the Tories in the rest of the UK. Scotland is an increasingly different place and, although this is in the short term, an appalling result, it does, without doubt, bring independence a step closer and re entry to the European Union which the UK will now inevitably leave and probably on the most damaging WTO terms.
  8. If that exit poll is remotely accurate then the United Kingdom is sailing towards disaster. Time to concentrate all our efforts on preparing the lifeboat.
  9. The day of what is effectively the Brexit election has arrived. What an outrage that well over two million EU citizens who have lived in the UK, often for decades, and contributed immensely have been disenfranchised from a plebiscite that will effect them more than most. Ditto sixteen and seventeen year olds. No coincidence that neither of these groups are likely to be voting in their droves for a Tory party that has abandoned any pretence of moderation.
  10. Or, they make excellent Christmas presents.
  11. Agreed. I would be sorely tempted to scratch from the competition in protest were it not for the fact that that would rightly be seen as hypocrisy given that we have effectively inserted our colts team into the Highland League thus compromising the I integrity of that venerable competition.
  12. Agreed. We are not short of talented individuals with a bit of money who have an interest in the club. If only they could put aside their personal differences and individual egos we could potentially be in a very good place indeed.
  13. Both men are true supporters with the best interest of the club at heart rather than their own egos and both had legitimate reasons for leaving before that no longer prevail. My only criticism is that they are both men. Like most other clubs in Scotland, our gender balance at board level is appalling. We need very much to engage with the community but we still continue, very largely, to neglect half of that community.
  14. Nothing except arrest the free fall we were in prior to his arrival. Nothing except coming within a minute and one goal of a play off place in his first season. Nothing except reaching the play off semi final last season. Nothing except challenging towards the top of the league and occupying a play off spot so far this season. All on a very small and ever diminishing budget in front of a small and ever diminishing home support.