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  1. Kingsmills

    4G Pitch?

    Will 4G not give us quicker download speeds ?
  2. Kingsmills

    4G Pitch?

    While it would have commercial advantages and possibly avoid postponement, I believe that profesdional football should be played on grass so it's a no from me. Hopefully, we reach the cup final and manage to free up a little cash for Tommy to do some remedial work in the Summer.
  3. To be fair, the SFA, have no influence over the cost of travel and food. The semi final is sensibly priced and, for those not able to travel for whatever reason, it is live on free to air TV. I suggest a little less whinging and much more revelling in the fact that we are, against all expectations, in another semi final with half a chance of progressing further against a Hearts side that are not in anything like the form in which they began the season.
  4. Interesting to note that while there were numerous postponement of SPFL matches across all divisions, six out of seven scheduled Highland League fixtures went ahead this afternoon. I suspect that was more due to the players being a hardier breed than the pitches being bowling greens.
  5. Pleased to see that Dunfermline don't have the chance to put any further distance between us.
  6. Which is pretty reasonable for a semi final especially bearing in mind that, right now, the club needs every penny.
  7. Earlier in the week I bet my eldest son that we wouldn't get beaten this evening. I think that technically I should be in a position to collect.
  8. Can we not, for once, give credit for a sensible decision made in good time thus minimising inconvenience and expense for everyone ? We have often been critical, often rightly so, of little consideration being given to fans. Here we have a decision that does give us consideration and still some folk carp and complain.
  9. The postponement is a huge blow to Callum Semple who had a substantial wager on us winning 1-0 courtesy of a County own goal 😁
  10. We had already played a game fewer than Dunfermline and with another weekend fixture rescheduled for the semi final playing catch up with such a small squad could seriously impact on our play off hopes.
  11. HT; ICT 1, County 1 FT; ICT 2, County 1 ICT; White County; Gardyne Crowd; 4,108
  12. Actually not a bad idea, would help us oldies with failing memories to remember which was the cutlery drawer. Maybe he should have his marbles fitted with GPS as he's clearly mislaid them.
  13. Given the timely financial lifeline a final appearance would throw us, I would probably settle for that.
  14. So, it's Hearts. Pay back time for that League Cup drubbing earlier in the season What's the betting that the powers that be once more consider Easter Road to be a fair neutral venue probably with a twelve noon kick off.
  15. On the other hand, we can focus, at least for now, on the fact that we are in the semi finals of the premier knock out competition and have a very real chance of participating in the promotion play offs.