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  1. Ht; ICT 2, Queens Park 1 FT; ICT 3; Queens Park 2 ICT, Samuels Queens Park;McCormack Crowd; 1,308
  2. A Freudian slip. Highland league is a rather pathetic wee dram Much reduced in quantity when Glen Mhor and Tomatin were removed from the blend.
  3. That looks like very well balanced team. I used to occasionally watch Cove in the Highland park. Hard to believe that they are now in the Championship.
  4. Congratulations to the club for getting closer to promotion than for many years.
  5. I agree that Covid is far ftom gone and we are likely to have players self isolating on numerous occasions. However, so are every other in the division After such a positive start, is there really any merit in activity going in search of potential negatives?
  6. Some may say it was 'only" Albion Rovers but that was almost faultless and building on our previous games therr is increasingly much to optimistic about.
  7. Do you think that those who founded Albion Rovers couldn't decide on a name so in the end went with both?
  8. HT; ICT 1 Albion Rovers 0 FT; ICT 2, Albion Rovers 1 ICT; ICT; Samuels Albion Rovers; Wilson Crowd; 1008
  9. I can't remember the last time I was enthusiastic about the group stages of this tournament but I am increasingly so this season.
  10. I hsd always thought that the first permanent set of floodlights in Inverness were installed at Grant Street in the mid fifties. I know that Kingsmills didn't get theirs until 1970 and were officially inaugurated at a midweek friendly against a strong Celtic XI with a sprinkling of Lisbon Lions when I was helped over the wall into a packed ground to see the Jags win 2-1.
  11. It's very easy to tell when Boris Johnston is lying. It's whenever his lips move.
  12. That's 2 wins in games we would probably have drawn last season.
  13. Now that Daniel McKay is back and Roddy Macgregor is fully fit again we have, on their day,two of the most creative players in the division. Hopefully, the forwards can take advantage of that creativity.
  14. We made life unnecessarily difficult fot ourselves in the last 10 minutes but Livingston are a decent Premiership side and there are increasing grounds for optimism. Early days but so far so very good.
  15. Win, lose or draw, a goal or teo would be very welcome.
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