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  1. HT; QOS 0, ICT 1 FT QOS 1 ICT 3 ICT; Todorov QOS; Shields
  2. I have no wish to diminish the efforts John Robertson has gone to to benefit our club over the last four years but it seems apparent now that the interim management team are getting something out of the players that he was failing to.
  3. ..and mine. Another confident performance. Shane giving up his day job and reverting to full time football was a gamble for him and for us but one that is increasingly paying off. In his current form he is unlucky not to start but a wonderful asset to bring on from the bench. It's increasingly apparent that the fact that the start of our timely run of form coincided with bringing in Billy Dodds is no coincidence at all. Pity Dundee got all three points but, if we continue to play like this we won't have to worry about what other teams are doing.
  4. HT; Morton 0 ICT 1 FT; Morton 1 ICT 2 ICT; Storey Morton; Oliver.
  5. It was great to beat our rivals in the cup on Friday but this game is far more important. Vital that we get 3 points this evening to maintain our momentum towards a promotion play off place. Much much more important than a cup run as welcome as that is. We will probably survive another season in the Championship but would almost certainly be further diminished by it. For as long as a return to the Premiership is a possibility we need to be firmly focused on it and the players need to be every bit as committed this evening as they clearly were on Friday.
  6. Away in every round of the competition but with the 4th and 5th round draws now complete, whilst we are in no position to be complacent there is a realistic route to the semi finals. Even without the income from gate money, the TV and sponsorship money from that would be a very welcome boost indeed in these troubled financial times as would the boost to morale and confidence which might well translate into the continuing improvement of our league form. This season is now shaping up to have some real potential with some wind billowing in our sails after spending the first three quarte
  7. Happy enough a tie that we are perfectly capable of winning if we play as well as we did on Friday even if St Mirren's defending isn't as atrocious as County's was.
  8. It's amazing how, over the years when we are a lower division club playing a top division team away in the cup we come away with a 1-3 victory. That said, if County continue to defend like that they won't be a top division club for too much longer and, if we continue to play like that, we might not be a lower division club for too much longer either.
  9. He'll be decidedly less happy when he leads the Tories into third place.
  10. I have to profoundly disagree. It's not a slight pity, it's a great pity 😁
  11. Well deserved but credit to all. What a team performance. Never been a fan of Billy Dodds. Rapidly revising that opinion.
  12. I actually think the team can afford to relax a bit for this game which may take some pressure off and help the performance. The neutrals will be expecting a reasonably comfortable home victory so the pressure will all be on them. Would love to be in Dingwall but at home with the BBC Scotland Channel and a couple of beers will be fine for now.
  13. And, as for AS, he's not the Messiah. He's just a naughty boy !
  14. I am a complete stranger to Facebook Twitter and any other social media unless Caleythistleonline counts as such.
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