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  1. Poor effort this time. Nobody will bite.
  2. There will be a number added and the special anniversary game need not necessarily be pre season. The fact that we are beginning to publish them already is further well one evidence of improved communication and PR.
  3. Dundee United host St Mirren this evening in the first leg of the play off final. Although it sticks in the throat, Hoping for the Arabs to prevail. A team with much more money than us and a competent manager. Would much rather be facing St Mirren four times next season.
  4. The best way to deal with Dundee's disgraceful conduct is to do what we did in 2010 and beat them to the title and to promotion.
  5. Just voted in the European Parliamentary election. Very much looking forward to doing so again in five years time.
  6. We were ultimately disappointed but, with a third place finish, play off semi final and Scottish Cup semi final all on a shoestring budget, I think that's very harsh.
  7. Very pleased to see the club make such a clear and unambiguous statement so quickly. There is no doubt that communication, or lack of it, has been a serious issue for a long time but that seems to have improved greatly since the arrival of the new CEO. Whether or not that is a coincidence, it is a very welcome development and credit wherever it's deserved.
  8. I should have clarified that it bodes well for us. I would be delighted to see Dundee "scoosh" the league in precisely the same manner as 2009/10
  9. Plain clothed Mountie ? Isn't the horse a bit of a giveaway?
  10. More money than sense then. Bodes well for next season.
  11. We have a manager and a very competent one at that. Hopefully, the question of our next manager will not arise for several years to come.
  12. Given the gulf between what AS thinks we should be spending and what we can realistically afford, I am more concernedabout his grasp of basic arithmetic rather than grammar.
  13. Pleased with that. The lad can certainly do a job at Championship level and, with another season's experience under his belt, possibly in the Premiership too.
  14. Actually, whilst not blaming the player, I do apportion an element of blame to the club. We were so keen to cash in on the fee from UEFA for his involvement in the Euros that we handed the player the most lucrative contract in our history when signing on fee, salary and appearance bonuses were included. I appreciate that it is easier to speak with the benefit of hindsight but that was a mistake which has cost us dearly with very little received in return.