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  1. Kingsmills

    Game 28 - East Kilbride (H) 19 Jan

    HT; ICT 2, East Kilbride 0 FT; ICT 4, East Kilbride 0 ICT; White East Kilbride; Longridge Crowd; 1,404
  2. Kingsmills

    So WHAT do you know about Kilby ?

    Terrible when the ICT family lose one of our own, especially so tragically early, Let's applaud until our hands are sore and fill the ground with love and condolences for her family and loved ones. Might not be possible for tomorrow but a bucket collection for a charity of her family's choosing might be another fitting tribute.
  3. Kingsmills

    Favourite cup memory?

    The very fisrt Scottish Cup tie ever to be settled by a penalty shoot out.
  4. Kingsmills

    January signings

    It's not about quantity, we have plenty of forwards on the books, it's about quality which was not easy to find when we had a Premiership budget and is even more difficult to find now.
  5. Kingsmills

    January signings

    A blog blow to our promotion prospects.
  6. Kingsmills

    Inverness Caledonian football programme required

    There was me, when I saw the title of the thread, thinking you were looking for something much older.
  7. Kingsmills

    Favourite cup memory?

    Great thread allowing us all a wonderful walk down memory lane. Scottish Cup has been by favourite competition since watching Thistle 'giant killing' Queens Park at Kingmsmills all of half a century ago. Never, even in my wildest dreams, did I then think I would be at Hampden watching a team from Inverness win it.
  8. Kingsmills

    Favourite cup memory?

    Coming back from being 3-0 down at home against Ayr United to win 4-3 was good. A typical Pele performance. However, that was probably topped by beating East Fife in a replay at Methil just because with a couple of minutes to go, their arrogant player manager Steve Archibald subbed himself so he could take acclaim from the fans for their narrow 'win' a situation we then remedied within seconds before going on to win.
  9. Kingsmills

    Next Season

    There may be a few decent prospects in the Highland League but the quality there is not nearly what it once was. The league have lost big sides in Caley, Thistle, Elgin, Peterhead and even County. They have been replaced numerically but by generally inferior sides from generally smaller communities. That sad fact is amply demonstrated by the fact that Highland League sides hardy ever take league scalps in the cup these days and are quite often beaten by junoir and Lowland League sides, something that would have been almost unthinkable in days of yore.
  10. Kingsmills

    January signings

    Probably have to wait for the Scottish Cup quarter final 😁
  11. Kingsmills

    Next Season

    He may not have achieved promotion to the then SPL but the team that achieved that was largely assembled by him and played with an ethos and team spirit installed by him.
  12. Kingsmills

    The Liam Polworth Enigma

    That was disgraceful and, despite our diminishing crowds, the TCS would be a far better place without those idiots in attendance.
  13. Kingsmills

    The Liam Polworth Enigma

    All players are replaceable but we are a better team with Liam than without and I am in no doubt that our prospect of promotion would be diminished if he goes.
  14. Kingsmills

    So WHAT do you know about Kilby ?

    The sort of complacency that saw both Thistle and Caley take many a league scalp when we were in the Highland League. A cup run would be a great boost to the fans, the players and, perhaps most importantly, the coffers. We are in no position to take anyone for granted.
  15. Kingsmills

    January signings

    Tried and tested strikers cost money which we don't have. Remember, Robbo was a great and prolific forward himself and may be sees potential in this signing. If he does sign we all need to give him a chance. As for your constant criticism of White, just who scored to secure three points for us yesterday ?