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  1. Kingsmills

    NoS Cup v Forres

    Decent pricing. Will be good to see some of the youngsters on the fringe of the first team. The first team players will meet each other competitively at least four times this season. Let's stick with the youngsters for this one.
  2. Kingsmills

    Inverness CT -V- Partick

    I plead guilty to being entirely off topic and have given myself a very severe talking to.
  3. Kingsmills

    Inverness CT -V- Partick

    Wynthank conflates greatest ever manager with most successful having been fortunate enough to inherit, by far, our greatest ever squad which, after our cup winning year, he did a great deal to undermine. If John Hughes was a great manager he would have gone on to do great things instead of leading Raith Rovers to relegation among huge dressing room unrest and resentment. Looks like no club chairman in the land currently recognises his greatness. It was once said of JH that he is not as stupid as many believe but equally not nearly as smart as he himself believes. Personally, I think that is spot on. Having said that, I fully accept that I too find it very difficult to be objective about the man believing him to be very largely, although far from soley, responsible for where we find ourselves today.
  4. Kingsmills

    Word Association

  5. Kingsmills

    Ross County - 22nd September

    Back on topic please.
  6. Kingsmills

    Inverness CT -V- Partick

    I honestly don't think that RIG has anything at all against Steve Paterson.
  7. Kingsmills

    Ross County - 22nd September

    Ah gawd !
  8. Kingsmills

    Patrick another 3 points!!

    Storey had a decent spell with us but 'great man' really ?
  9. Kingsmills

    ICT 25th Anniversary

    Perhaps the board should concentrate on getting the basics right first. The chairman is virtually anonymous when it comes to both the fans and the media and legitimate concerns remain unanswered and, thus far, it's far from clear what the new CEO is bringing to the party. The one thing the board has got right is the appointment of John Robertson who might not be a tactical genius but has repaired the hull of a sinking ship and got us sailing, once again, in the right direction sometimes I think despite the actions, or inactions, of the board rather than because of them. Credit to him for also being the one and only current public face of the club a role that surely should fall on others leaving him to concentrate more on football matters. Doug Mcgillivray, David Sutherland, Alan Savage and Kenny Cameron may all have made mistakes but they were all at least prepared to address the media and fans and explain themselves. The present incumbent only seems to break cover yo issue poorly worded statements apologising for mistakes and making hollow promises about doing better in the future.
  10. Kingsmills

    ICT 25th Anniversary

    The best possible way to celebrate our quarter century is to start the anniversary season as a Premiership club once again.
  11. Kingsmills

    Inverness CT -V- Partick

    Far more positives than negatives from that performance. We were efficient and clinical in the first half taking our chances when they came and generally out playing Patrick. When they did get a chance from the penalty spot, it was well saved by Ridgers who seems a completely different player from the one that Robbo had no option but to drop a quarter of the way into last season and who appeared transformed on his return weeks later. So fortuitous in so many ways that OFW picked up his injury when he did. It was inevitable that Patrick were going to come back at us in the second half, they didn't suffer the same sort of cull that we did last year and are still packed with Premiership players. Perhaps we could have defended less deep, perhaps we could have conceded less possession and remained a bit more positive but the fact is, while we always looked like conceding a goal or two we never at any stage, were in danger of surrendering the lead and that against one of the better sides in the division. A special word for the often unfairly maligned, Liam Polworth, worked tirelessly and was man of the match, in my view. I really hope he is fit for the drop to Dingwall next week. Can't fail to mention the officials, they were utterly incompetent again. If it's this bad in the Championship just how bad is it further down the chain. I recall referees in the Highland League being a great deal better than this lot. We really need to look seriously at the way we train and assess our officials.
  12. Kingsmills

    Ross County - 22nd September

    A chance perhaps for some of our very promising youngsters if all three don't make it. The We Are Top of the League and You're No derby. There is no doubt that County are better resourced than us, they have a far bigger budget and a team of, on paper at least, Premiership players on Premiership wages. What we have is the confidence of much better recent form over the past six or seven months and an increasingly bonded team spirit. We need to capitalise on that añd take the initiative from the first whistle and keep the tempo high giving them no time to settle. The two thousand or so ICT fans who will be there outsigning the Jail End have a big part to play too.
  13. Kingsmills

    Patrick another 3 points!!

    Top of the league, unbeaten in the league since April yet some folks first instinct is to look for the negatives first. Cheer up, you could be a Falkirk fan.
  14. Kingsmills

    Patrick another 3 points!!

    Won't be easy but if we win this one we are on the right track.
  15. Kingsmills

    Highland Pride

    You beat me to it. Almost word for word what I was going to post.