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  1. I used to bring flares into football grounds week after week in the 1970s but, as far as I am aware the only crimes I was comiting were against fashion and good taste. Back in the days when the circumstances of my trouser bottoms was twice that of my waist in stark contrast to the relative proportions these days.
  2. A challenging group but one we are capable of qualifying from.
  3. Only a week now until the postponed qualifer againt Ukraine. Usually when football fans complain that the whole World is against them it's sheer paranoia. However, next Wednesday it will be literally true and I suspect that, even subconsciously, the officials will be inclined to give 50/50 decisions in favour of Ukraine. It will be a hard fought encounter with Ukraine understandably motivated like never before but, whilst every single one of us has huge sympathy for that benighted country, we need to put that aside and be just as motivated. Great compassion and support for them
  4. That's another fine mess that I've got into...
  5. I largely agree with you apart from PPV. I don't think this has had a huge impact on either our home crowds or travelling support and does generate a net profit for the club. More importantly, it allows those who live too far from Inverness to make regular attendance practical those elderly fans and others with mobility issues and those who are ill to share the action live with their fellow fans. I doubt if the football authorities will agree but I personally would love to see that facility continued and enhanced.
  6. One was a bit like Stan Laurel and the other one a dead ringer for Oliver Hardy.
  7. I have to disagree. Anything that leaves a significant number of other fans uncomfortable or even frightened can never be a good thing. Football needs to be welcoming and inclusive to all and conduct like this, even if it does entertain and amuse some people ought not to be condoned.
  8. His former club Blacburn Rovers would be a good option.
  9. Great to see the new format. I was getting heartily sick of being beaten by Hearts at Tynecastle. Would be great to to make more progress in one of the major cup competitions than we seem to have in recent years.
  10. For what it's worth, I disagree with those who suggest that Rooney was wrong to celebrate his goal so enthusiastically. These days players often have a dozen or more clubs in the course of their careers and, in my opinion, only owe loyalty to the club that they are playing for at any one time. Rooney was fully committed when he played for us and we miss him badly. However, he has been a St Johnstone player now for a number of seasons and a very influential one at that. He is perfectly entitled to celebrate with his team mates and in front of his own fans without intending or showing
  11. Well done to her and to you. It may not be what she might have been expecting but I am sure that she will find a visit to the Balmoral Stadium a much more pleasant experience than being abused and pelted with goodness knows what in the away section at Ibrox.
  12. Absolute idiots. Silly young boys demonstrating that they have a lot of growing up still to do. If I was a St Johnstone fan I would have been cringing with embarrassment at these thoroughly juvenile but still, for some, very intimidating antics.
  13. Me too which is why in my post I come down on the side of keeping him on. It would have been a different story if I was asked 6 weeks ago.
  14. Congratulations to caleycallum but, even more importantly, thanks yet again to Gringo for his time and effort, a marathon effort this season, to allow us, even those of us who always come nowhere, to have a bit of additional fun throughout the season. Greatly appreciated Gringo.
  15. A very worthy cause and a practical way of showing appreciation to a great club servant for over a decade all to frequently blighted by injury. We may in all likelihood never see Aaron on the pitch again so a perfect opportunity to say goodbye, if goodbye it is and allow him to leave with some very well merited boost to his finances.
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