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  1. Kingsmills

    QOS -V- Inverness CT

    We will never have a huge fan base but I agree with you that some public demonstration of faith and commitment on the part of the board would entice some, perhaps a few hundred, fans back and that could make a difference not only financially but in terms of atmosphere to encourage the team at home games.
  2. Kingsmills

    QOS -V- Inverness CT

    Much as he went down in my estimation for his flat cap and flasher coat antics at Easter Road, one advantage we had last time in attracting more fans through the gate the last time we were vying for promotion was the much higher profile we had with Terry Butcher cheerleading very loudly which also helped with attracting lower league players from South of the border. That is not a criticism of Robbo who is a very competent manager and coach.
  3. Kingsmills

    Better Together ?

    I should have added that perhaps Scotland's greatest potential asset is a whole generation of young people who, if the polls are to be believed, have the confidence and willingness, unlike the majority of my contemporaries, to grasp the opportunities and deal with the challenges of independence and build a bright future for themselves and further generations to come.
  4. Kingsmills

    Better Together ?

    Scarlet, Scotland's population is at a record high level and still growing, there is plenty of coal still under the ground and under the sea, enough to last more than a century if we were to want to continue to ruin the planet, fortunately we don't and choose to generate our electricity by greener means of which we are world leaders, we have the largest and most sustainable wild fish stock in Europe as well as the second most successful farmed fish industry in the word and Scotch whisky sales do not generate millions of pounds of income, they generate multiple billions of pounds. Scotland is on the cutting edge of developing wave and tidal energy and has an almost perfect coastline to generate and export it. We are world leaders in online and video game technology, have a healthy financial sector, are home to leading biomedical companies and have a very healthy and growing tourist industry which consists of just a little more than skiing in the Cairngorms for six weeks in a year. That is to name but a few of the advantages and potential advantages at our disposal. If you think that being governed by a far more populous Southern neighbour with increasingly different values, standards and ambitions to your own is the way forward then perhaps Canada should give it a try.
  5. Kingsmills

    Scottish League Three?

    I would be in favour of extending the pyramid system but, for economic and practical reasons, I would prefer below League Two to be tegiinalised perhaps with second divisions for both the Highland and Lowland Leagues. Not in favour of colt teams at all. It won't happen for reasons of insularity and self interest but I would prefer two national divisions if 18 with each team playing each other twice with below that being regionalised.
  6. Kingsmills

    QOS -V- Inverness CT

    I agree. However, I am far from sure that anyone on the current board has the wherewithal to make it happen.
  7. Kingsmills

    ICT Youth Development

    Agreed. Would be even better if we could get a fairer price for them when, as has and will continue to be inevitably the case, they move on.
  8. Kingsmills

    Results / Table - Game 19

    If I'd played my final Joker I could have doubled that..
  9. Kingsmills

    Word Association

  10. Kingsmills

    Better Together ?

    A poor post but, believe me, it is a very long way from being the worst ever made by this particular poster. Still waiting for Lawrence, or indeed any other Unionist, to explain why the best and most appropriate people to govern Scotland are not the Scots or indeed why they consider Scotland, uniquely among small Northern European countries rich in natural resources and resourceful people, incapable of managing it's own affairs.
  11. Kingsmills

    Scottish Cup 3rd Round

    As a further warning against complanency, Edinburgh City came back from being two nil down against Alloa today in the Challenge Cup to draw and eventually prevail on penalties. We need the team that turned up in the last 15 minutes in Dumfries if we are sure to progress.
  12. Kingsmills

    QOS -V- Inverness CT

    So many draws lately have felt like defeats. This one definitely feels like a win. However, subject to the views of this who were in attendance and well done to them for making the journey, is it legitimate to ask why, on the face of it, we only really turned up after we were three goals in arrears ?
  13. Kingsmills

    QOS -V- Inverness CT

    Can someone please ban this idiot, who clearly doesn't know what he's talking about, from posting !
  14. Kingsmills

    QOS -V- Inverness CT

    You were reading the scoreline in a mirror when you consulted your Oracle. There is actually part of me relieved that the unbeaten run has come to an end as, this season in particular, it's been a bit of an illusion disguising, to some extent, the fact that we have settled as a somewhat mediocre Championship side.
  15. Kingsmills

    Game 19 - Queen of the South (A) 17 Nov

    HT; QOS 0, ICT 1 FT; QOS 1, ICT 2 ICT; Polworth QOS; Dobbie Crowd; 1,429