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  1. I was initially in a bit of a panic when I read that Hughes had joined our coaching staff !
  2. Because the Mods are content for it to be there 😁
  3. Welcome back to the Highlands Josh. Brora have signed an excellent defender who can perform a useful spot of goalkeeping when required!
  4. We will just have to agree to differ on the impact of introducing a little additional capacity for a short period of time.
  5. The suggestion is only to utilise the West side on a very temporary basis to get a few more fans in while restrictions remain. That won't alter the status of the ground in any way.
  6. What a 'venomous" post. If we can recruit a locally based Premiershop quality player to our promotion campaign for next season I am sure that the vast majority of fans would welcome the post and get fully behind him.
  7. If both are prepared to sign within our wage structure they would each be very positive additions to the squad and our target of automatic promotion. If they have indeed had offers from us that shows a welcome and encouraging level of ambition.
  8. The first game back was against Dunfermline and, although there was a very decent crowd, it was nowhere close to being 'filled' He is not talking about spending money on permanently increasing the capacity but merely temporarily utilising the West side of the ground to get a few more in on a short term basis during these times of restricted numbers. In my view, a very sensible suggestion.
  9. The arrangement with The Blades had about as much substance as BJ's 'oven ready' Brexit deal.
  10. Maybe someone should remind the CEO that we don't have and have never had tiers in Scotland. More fundamentally if Hampden can operate in the next few days in Level 2 at 25% capacity, I would be very disappointed if the guidance doesn't allow us at least that proportion of fans if we are in Level 1 or below at the beginning of next season.
  11. Very good signing. If he can stay free of injury he would be an asset to any club at Championship level. Hopefully, the first of a series of positive announcements between now and the end of the month.
  12. The new head coach was confirmed less than a week ago. No need to panic just yet.
  13. Which is probably why nobody is blaming him for taking it.
  14. Can't blame him. A decent player for us but we have lost far better and more influential in the past and replaced them.
  15. Maybe he was learning how to erect a tent, tie knots, tighten a woggle and make fire by rubbing two sticks together.
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