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  1. The measures put in place by the UK government in an economic sense are broadly welcome. However, they are not as generous or as comprehensive as similar measures put in place by the Rebublic of Ireland, Denmark and Norway all of which have similar populations and resources as Scotland and all of which through having control of their own borders, have very significantly lower death rates than the United Kingdom. What on earth makes you think that an independent Scotland with full control of the fiscal levers and border controls, would fare any less well than our similar European neigbours ?
  2. Just to be clear, unless you have missed the vital recent public health advice. If you have any doubt at all about your fitness to drive through failing eyesight, it is vital that you drive a minimum of 30 miles to the nearest popular beauty spot, preferably on a public holiday which also happens to be your wife's birthday, get out of your car and sit by a pleasant water course for a minimum of 15 minutes and then drive back to where you set off from. You must also have a vulnerable young child in your vehicle.This is particularly important if you should, under no reasonable circumstances, have been at the point of departure in the first place.
  3. Appalling but sadly not surprising. Typical of their elitist arrogance and the disdain that they have for the ordinary people and the huge sacrifices and restrictions of their own rights and liberties they have made during this pandemic. The only reason that Cummings Johnston Hancock, Whittey and countless others caught the virus in the first place is their reckless disregard for their own social distancing rules from the very outset.
  4. Four more days and these draconian conditions that we have all been living under will start to slowly ease. It will be a slow, long and sometimes stuttering path on the road back to some sort of normality but we have been provided with a path, perhaps not the path we would have chosen but a much clearer and safer path than at least one nation of the United Kingdom has been provided with. The reason we are now able at last to embark on that path is not mainly down to our political leaders who have made mistakes but again not nearly as many and as reckless mistakes as the political leaders of one nation of the United Kingdom and, sadly, the United Kingdom as a whole but due to the fact that we the ordinary people, have been sensible and considerate of and compassionate to others and have as a result, spared the lives of countless of our fellow Scots. If we, or at least the great majority of us, continue to act in such a responsible way and follow the new rules and guidelines, whatever they may be, we will continue to save lives and Hasten the day we can get back to something like normal. Well done to everyone. It has been long and hard but we are getting there.
  5. Maybe slightly harsh on one of our cup final heroes but absolutely agree on Stuart Morrison.
  6. Absolutely agree. With the exception of Hearts, every other team in the division is likely to be in the same boat and, if past experience is anything to go by Hearts might take a while to adjust to the drop. An opportunity to refresh and renew as well as the very necessary cutting of costs. I feel that we have often been guilty of bringing in fairly average players in the past as the expense of promoting and developing local talent. Now, out of adversity, we might have an opportunity to do just that.
  7. My post was more of a hope than an expectation. I am expecting Hearts to lodge a legal challenge with maybe Partick and Falkirk joining in. There remains the outside possibility that rather than getting involved in lengthy and expensive litigation, the SPFL might agree to a temporary expansion of the Premierhip which, from our point of view would be excellent but still only a distant possibility. I would not rule out the ridiculous and unfair fudge of temporarily increasing the Premierhip to thirteen teams with one team being idle each round of fixtures to cynically buy Hearts off. It is the Scottish football authorities we are speaking about and Hearts are part of the establishment.
  8. The SPFL have now agreed that the Premiership season should now be concluded on a similar basis to the other divisions with Celtic being crowned champions and Hearts relegated. I have no difficulty with that. Although not ideal it does have a certain fairness. The important thing now is that we draw a line under this season and put all the rancor and divisions of recent weeks and all clubs work collaboratively with the appropriate government agencies to try to work towards starting next season in some manner that allows clubs to survive. Season 2020/21 is not likely to start on schedule or in a normal fashion but if everyone pulls together it can surely finish in a much more normal manner come next May or June. Being able to do that depends entirely on the all concerned focusing firmly on the future and putting the hugely damaging and embarrassing recent past behind us.
  9. Yes. It says that we gave at least some consideration to the interests of other clubs and to the integrity of the competition. The only two reasons that league reconstruction is being considered at all is that Dundee appeared to be gullible enough to fall for the bribe and that the team at the bottom of the premiership is one of the 'elite' clique. Were it Hamilton, St Mirren or Ross County at the bottom it would not still be being discussed at all.
  10. It's not going to happen. Scottish football can't agree on anything. Especially, they can't agree on anything that makes sense and, since league reconstruction makes particular sense at this time, it won't happen.
  11. I think at least part of this is to do with the optics. The Rangers are, often with very good reason, widely disliked and distrusted in Scottish football. Generally speaking, I tend to dislike them and certainly distrust them myself. However, even the worst and most corrupt of organisations can sometimes be in the right and, in this instance at least, the Rangers seem to have a very valid point. Something certainly smells but because, at least partly of who is asking for the enquiry many are resistant to it and we are in part at least, being vilified by association. It is a great pity that this enforced hiatus could not be used as an opportunity to dismantle completely our tainted, incompetent and distrusted administration structure and start afresh based purely on sound administration, good marketing, fresh thinking and sporting integrity. Sadly however, the corrupt, inept and self interested forces in control would never allow that to happen as a result of which our game will eventually emerge in as unfair and mismanaged a state as ever. A missed opportunity.
  12. No surprise. Some may be disappointed, some may even be horrified or at least purport to be. However, we need to draw a line under this NOW and work together as best we can to save our sport.
  13. We issued a long and detailed statement which clearly set out our views and position which I believe was the right thing to do. I am less convinced that we should now be indulging in exchanging 'tit for tat' retaliatory statements that will almost inevitably result in a juvenile descent into farce which will do no good to anyone in the long run when cooperation rather than division will be increasingly important.
  14. Many will disagree with the opinion of the new poster, on the limited information available to me I certainly do but he or she is as entitled to air their views as anyone else as long as they remain adhere to the site rules that apply to all of us. The new poster may or may not have an agenda. That is for each of us to judge for ourselves.
  15. What a sad indictment of all that is wrong with Scottish football that, even in this time of unprecedented danger and crisis, that our clubs are so divided, divisive, paranoid and self interested and our game so negligently administered that we can't, just this once, act and pull together for the common good.