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  1. The rules are not difficult and publicised more widely than anything else in recent times. Nor are they particularly intrusive or restrictive. It is no hardship to wear a face covering in a shop for twenty minutes, health workers were far more uncomfortable PPE for ten hour shifts and just how difficult is it to stand six feet behind the the person in front of you in a queue? We all have the right to be cavalier about our own health and wellbeing but these idiots who are selfish or stupid or both, have no right to gamble with the health of society at large.
  2. A talented and versatile young player with bags of potential on a lengthy contract. What's not to like about that piece of business?
  3. At last.A post surely everyone can agree with.
  4. In common with Mantis, I too seriously considered closing this thread and I agree that some of the posts are not only embarrassing to read but are disgraceful. However,I remain, on balance, of the opinion that the thread is a valid one and, for now at least, the thread should remain open for reasoned debate.
  5. The debate is a valid one which relates to the club and how it or individual players or other members of staff will want to react to a serious and ongoing contemporary issue which, not just football but all professional sport is acknowledging now so, in my view, the thread should remain. However, if any contributor breaches site rules with unacceptably inflammatory or racist posts then, be assured, appropriate action will be taken. I think that I have made it abundantly clear that, from a personal perspective, I believe that at least one poster is sailing very close to the wind in that regard.
  6. Congratulations to Harrogate Town for winning England's National League play of final and, next season, playing league football for the first time in their history. They join Northampton Town and Wycombe Wanderers in being promoted, through play offs through leagues that had otherwise been abandoned. The same option was available to the SPFL which would at least have added a bit more fairness to our truncated season but, as always short sightedness and narrow self interest prevailed over fairness and sporting integrity. For what it's worth, I would have made the same point even if ICT hadn't finished the season in a play off position.
  7. I remember visiting the Islands Hotel in the late 1970s with my then girlfriend and ordered a pint of Export for myself which was not an issue but when I then went on to ask for a Bacardi and Coke for her, was met with the response 'we don't do fancy cocktails'. I am struggling now to remember the name of the formidable proprietrix.
  8. Communities get 'overrun by rats and other vermin' Communities do not get overrun by decent human beings who are our friends, neighbours, doctors, nurses, restaurateurs and perform many other positive roles in our community. Once again, I respectfully invite you to reconsider the phrasing of your post. If your point is that Inverness and the Highlands in general is not particularly ethnically diverse then that is undoubtedly true. Mores the pity in my view but I fail to see why that, in any way, is relevant to the debate.
  9. I think that the red dot that I have given this post is the first that I have given this year but I make no apology for doing so. I did consider hiding this thoroughly offensive post but I would very much prefer that you chose to reconsider and rephrase.
  10. I agree. BLM have become politicised in the UK in a disturbing way. However, the gesture of taking the knee is not exclusive to that organisation and is a gesture of recognition that people of colour have been oppressed and badly treated and discriminated against for centuries and, disgracefully, continue to be so. I hope that our players do take the knee before each match this season not to show support for the BLM organisation but to demonstrate solidarity with the black players that have served us so well over the years and the BAME community locally, nationally and world wide generally.
  11. Looking increasingly likely that the stubborn intransigence of the UK government means that we are going to end the transition period on 31st December with no meaningful trade deal. Brexit was always destined to be a self imposed cultural and economic disaster but to have your mind closed to keeping the perfectly satisfactory status quo for at least another year in the midst of a global health and economic crisis takes it a step further to sheer ideologically driven financial and cultural lunacy.
  12. Yes. I know that the truncated top league has been about since the seventies. I am long enough in the tooth to remember thinking what a bad and short sighted decision that was at the time !
  13. I entirely agree. When Scotland had two large national leagues the national team were constantly successful and competitive. Ever since the introduction of ten or twelve team divisions the number and quality of youngsters being brought through has diminished to the detriment of both the clubs and the national team. Reconstruction is sensible and long overdue. Unfortunately, however greed and narrow self interest means it's unlikely to happen.
  14. You don't seem to have grasped the reality of the situation. In normal times, of course developing youth should be a priority but these are very far from normal times and it is likely to take every penny we can muster just to get a first team squad capable of completing the season and, with any luck, being competitive. Even on the figures you quote, which are highly dubious, you are suggesting that we have a turnover in the region of three and a half million pounds. This season it is most unlikely to be even half of that. Our single focus right now is to survive and, hopefully having done that, we can focus on other things that may be desirable but not essential.
  15. The provisional date for reopening sports stadiums with fans, albeit in limited numbers, has today been announced as 14th September. Every chance that at least some of us will be able to cheer the team to the 2020/21 Championship title.