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  1. I would certainly welcome Billy, at least on a short term contract until the end of the season. However, whatever portion of his salary we were paying would have to fit in with our current, much more limited, wage structure.
  2. After Peter Lawwell's half hearted and belated apology for Celtic's ill considered trip to Dubai, Neil Lennon has undone any good and lost any goodwill created by his latest outburst suggesting that one of the two most privileged clubs in the land is being discriminated against. A little self reflection and a bit of humility would not go amiss.
  3. Watching the Leicester City v Southampton game. Those Southhapton shirts are frighteningly reminiscent of the tops one by the Peru team who kicked off Scotland's humiliation at Argentina 1978.
  4. Like much else, the focus has changed because the nature of the virus has changed. These celebrations were ill advised in the Autumn they are downright dangerous now and easily avoidable.
  5. The football authorities, both north and south of the border, have been reminded by their respective governments to limit contact between players especially for goal and victory celebrations. I was interested to hear Derek Mcinnes among others responding by suggesting that it was unfair to expect players to do that as it was 'normal' and 'instinctive' for players for players to want to celebrate together after a goal or securing a win. Well, it's both normal and instictive for me to want to embrace my nearly 90 year old mother when I see her but I have managed to refrain from doing s
  6. I don't think that the Championship should be suspended. It may be harsh, we are living in strange and difficult times but if a club has an outbreak it is almost certainly because someone has breached the rules somewhere. In these circumstances, if the club have at least 14 players Covid free then they should be obliged to play. If not, the match should be forfeited 3-0 to the opposition. That way, the league can be played out and there is a huge additional incentive for players and other staff to rigorously adhere to the rules which will also have a general knock on effect to t
  7. If County are offering the use of their testing system then we should bite their hands off to accept. Right now, we should accept help whatever the source. That said, I still think that Roy Macgregor's hypocrisy remains breathtaking.
  8. Well said. We need to get our priorities right. Watching live football, especially ICT, is a great pleasure. However, right now, there are far far more important things to focus on.
  9. Congratulations to Brora Rangers who came from behind to beat Camelon Juniors away to progress to the third round. There reward, assuming the competition can resume, a home tie against Hearts or Stranraer.
  10. When people were calling for fans back in grounds such calls were entirely legitimate at least in low level areas. However, the virus has mutated into a far more infectious strain which needs far more rigorous measures and there are now, for the time being at least, no areas of mainland Scotland, or anywhere in the United Kingdom for that matter, which can be considered low level.
  11. A great shame for Dave, the Marine players and, most particularly, the fans, that this event had to take place behind closed doors. For the fans and for all but one of the Marine players this would have been the biggest and most important day in their footballing lives.
  12. I think the grant will be closer to £300,000 than £500,000 but should still help with completing the league season.
  13. As it stands, our league season continues. I fear that you may well be right about Leagues One and Two and below.
  14. Having to play with a weakened team is the very least punishment they should receive for their selfish, arrogant, dangerous and ill considered trip. As usual though, when it comes to the Old Firm, the football authorities will almost certainly bottle it.
  15. No real surprise and probably the sensible course of action.
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