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  1. But they havent got their own songs - they borrow chants from the Premier League - even from teams that they claim to hate. And they are not Belgian - and half of them think that they are English and half of them think there is a feckin nationality called Antwerpees. We will probably be listening to Bubbles, followed by Marching On Together, followed by Blue Moon, Walk On and there may even be a wee rendition of Engerlund. Mind you to be fair it looks as if the Antwerp Government has officially greanted them permission to have future generations officially turned in to English footba
  2. "Your nephew heard me snore" is a Flemish traditional, duh.
  3. Nope, it's Hans-Peter Lehnhoff, a german player from our legendary squad in the early ninetees. He's now the teamanager of Bayer Leverkusen.
  4. I forget the funniest picture. There were a few riots afterwards, nothing serious, just a few brawls between police and supporters. Riot police are pretty agressive in Belgium. Anyway, notice the guy bottom right :008:
  5. kk Probably never. It will just be pay at the gate as they are only friendlies. Would be suprised if there was more than 1,500-2,000 at the games. Hmm, yesterday we clashed with our city rivalsfrom the first division in a pre-season friendly... and we won in front of 13 000 supporters. 8 new players and they were all outstanding. Legendary victory against our biggest enemy ;-) Unfortunately one of our players broke his leg pretty bad I have no idea how many of us are coming to scotland, probably a few hundred A few pictures of the match with a very special ex-player,
  6. http://www.wijzijnantwerp.org/forum/viewto...0&start=220 this is the thread where you can post something the match the bottom right button ("bevestig") means add reply. "voorbeeld" is preview.
  7. It's true we're a bit of a sleeping giant. We played the Uefa Cup final in Webley in 1993, but it all went downhill from there. We're the oldest club in Belgium, this year we celebrate our 130th birthday. In good times we still have a massive crowd (Belgian standards). (this was a match in the play offs in second division) The Falkirk visit last year was fun, but the club announced it just a few weeks before so not a lot of fans made the trip. Bristol and Hull was total madness :023: Oh yeah, we have a **** team.
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